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Hello Spektor,

Yes I tried to activate in settings menu, nothing happen, so I restarted the game, and the same.

I don't know, maybe because my screen does not have other resolutions available than 2560x1440. And the game tries to "fullscreen" with a lower res.

Does the new version underwater suffers the same problem ? It seems more "polished" than Tachyon on your screenshots.

Can we start the game with resolution parameter/argument in command line ?

Thank you.

The underwater version is stil a WIP, but in the end it is planned to support other resolutions.

The fullscreen option should have worked for your resolution, not sure why it doesn't do anything - as you say.

I guess there must be a bug in there somewhere. :)

And you can't pass the fullscreen parameter in the command line yet.

But you can set the fullscreen to 1 in the Client\Data\GameData.dat file.

But from what you describe - I don't think it will make any difference.

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Hello Spektor,

Do you have any news about the WIP submarine version launch date or beta availability ?
Also, do you have any info about the next space version release ?

I notice that with two players on current 0.8.6a version, when many items (ships, units, ...) are in the sector, a huge bandwidth is necessary (more than 100KB/s). Then the game is not playable for the distant player. Is there any bandwidth optimization scheduled or possible ?

Again, thank you very much for developing a FTL like game with multiplayer co-op.


About the WIP submarine version:

I'm still working on changing the art stile.

No release date is still set.

About the space version releases:

I just released a new version for the space version. It contained an important bug fix.

No other releases are planned in the near future for the space version.

About the bandwidth optimization - this is the already optimized version that you are describing :D