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Payout taking forever?

A topic by Winter Wolves created May 22, 2018 Views: 4,750 Replies: 21
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I have a payout in review since 20 days, another since 12 days. Is it normal ? Before I don't remember having to wait so long.

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Edit July 2018: I've archived this topic because it is not for general account support. This topic has been open for quite a while, the reasons listed here may or may not be applicable to your account. Your payout may not be delayed: it takes time for us to process payouts. We do not give specific payout dates because payouts are reviewed by humans and the time to payout may be affected by many factors.  If you are concerned your payout is delayed longer than normal then please contact support. We appreciate your patience, we process payments for thousands of developers. Thanks

Some sellers are having payouts being delayed for a bit since we're changing how we do tax reporting stuff in the backend, if you haven't already you can reach out to support and we'll keep you up to date on progress. Sorry about the delay (and not great communication), we're also getting caught up in some GDPR implementation stuff so things are being delayed a lot longer than anticipated.


I've sent an email to support but no reply yet. The oldest payment is in review since 23 days, and since I have 4 more pending, it's getting a bit worrying as you can imagine... before I had to wait maximum 7 days. Hoping to get some news soon. Thanks


Sorry, the implementation is taking longe than expected, it should be arriving this week. Thanks for your patience.

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Sorry about that, I'll check with the person responding to support tickets. The same issue stands that I mentioned above, we're updating some tax policies and and it got delayed because of GDPR work. We should have it out real soon.

Also, the way our forum system works, you replied to the topic poster so I don't get notified for posts like this. Feel free to reply to me directly next time so I get notified.

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Yeah, been 20 days for my oldest payout as well. And I've got 13 more pending :/ (sent a mail to support as well, still waiting for an answer). It doesn't usually take this long so it gets worrying. 


Sorry about the delay. The person responded to support tickets must not be following up, I'll check what's going on. The same issue stands that I mentioned above, we're updating some tax policies and and it got delayed because of GDPR work. We should have it out real soon.

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As a team of 3 with no savings on hand & using our revenue to help keep ourselves afloat, the unanticipated lack of income puts us in a pretty crappy situation :/

Why was there no communication from itch about this? I fail to see why I'm finding out about it from idly browsing the forums rather than say, an email sent to creators.

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Your account isn't affected by this. I see the oldest pending payout on your account is around a week old, which about lines up with our average payout time. Sorry for the confusion. You should be getting your payout shortly.


Same delay.Payout pending from 28 days ago.

I had submit the tax infomation. But it is not generate anything.

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Not to sound like a broken record. I understand things take time but I do have a payout that has been pending for 35 days. I did submit a ticket and never heard anything. Would be great if you can look into it and get me an approximation on when this will be completed.

Thank you!


No replies anymore?

Pending 32 days.


48 days,now...oh my god.

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Your payout is delayed for fraud review, we responded to you in another thread.

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If the payout clears then it will be sent to you. If it's deemed too risky and likely fraud then the payments will be refunded and reported to credit card providers. Please check your email for follow up.


OK, from what I can understand from the situation, it seems that is having cash flow problem. I myself have pending payment exceeding 2 weeks.  I've been selling on since last year and what I've found out is not many people is willing to pay for games on This is the real problem - not enough money to move around the platform. People need to be motivated to make their first purchase. Once they've reached that threshold, they might be willing to keep purchasing in the future.

Do we have a solution to this? Of course, there is. It's about time enforce something to keep the money flowing. Everyone that want to upload games to must have bought at least $5 games before they are given permission to upload games. I don't have statistic but if there are 100,000 uploads right now which might comes from let say, 40,000 developers, that could mean 40,000 X $5 = $200,000. This kind of money is enough to sustain as the money goes to developers themselves. This should improve cash flow as well.

Even Google Play Store pose $25 lifetime fee before developers can upload something and that money goes straight to Google but in this case, $5 goes toward developers and some cut to  

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I'm not associated with so I don't know their financial situation but if you have to deduce from available clues and hint, something is definitely not right.  Only leafo can explain the situation as he has the missing details that all of us doesn't know. When people are not given enough details, they tend to speculate. That will lead to people assuming the worse.  Maybe things are not as bad as it looks. Who knows?


This is not true, they are incorrectly speculating.

OK, from what I can understand from the situation, it seems that is having cash flow problem

This is not true at all. This topic has been open for quite a while, and so the developers who have posted may have payouts delayed for various reasons. Many people filled out the tax form incorrectly and we've canceled pending payouts from developers so they could confirm their information about re-open the payout request. There seems to be some confusion about this though.

I do think your idea of having a seller fee be a requirement for someone to buy a game. It's unlikely we'll do something like this though. The amount of money it would be insignificant compared to the revenue generated from regular sales.

Paid,at 2018/06/27 16:00

the same problem, I am new here, that happens often?



Payouts generally take around 1 week after they are requested. The amount of time taken may vary due to other factors such as additional fraud review or the volume of payouts we are currently processing in our system. Thanks for your patience.

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