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Give us proof that you bought the game. Send e-mail to your e-mail address that you use when you bought the game. You're asking support for story mode which is part of paid version.

If you read the PDF, you'll find the answer. It's as simple as that. 

DC Office: Love Edition has been cancelled unfortunately due to budget/money problem.

If you bought the full version, there's PDF walkthrough you can find inside extra folder, if you download Windows version. There's also PDF walkthrough file you can download from game page.

Hi, you need to attend business department meeting in Tuesday. Make sure you have the highest work contribution in the whole department (easy to achieve as long as you complete your daily task everyday). During the meeting, there should be option to nomimate yourself as the director if you're already manager Team A or B.

You can find Damien at condominium after 10 am. Normally you should talk to Damien first & he'll give a task for you to record infected behaviour which you'll write it down in a journal (check Document & Voucher screen). Naomi is infected. Every time you visit her condo unit, you'll record her weird behaviour.

Jim is the shopkeeper at the pawn shop (money sign on Dream city map). You might already talk to him when you caught Britney trying to sell her stolen jewellery.

You can find another note by searching brown sofa/couch by the big TV.

Hi, you can actually earn Sofia's trust by getting her secret from Britney (caught her stealing from co-worker but choose to keep it secret). Your biggest mistake is you choose to enter Entertainment department. The game will only let you remove Rafael from his position if you choose to enter Business department. That's why Jiu will not offer you the DVD even though you have the money ($4000) because you don't belong to Business department.

At this point you probably need to restart the game and choose to enter Business department (Team A or Team B).

Hi, you can find the note at the flat. Refer to this screenshot.

Hi, Katherine's room is the small room inside the office where Martha & Joe is working. After 10 pm, if you've noticed Martha is still working, go inside the small room. Refer to this screenshot.

Hi, living partner is only available in sandbox mode. Right now, if you're playing the female character in sandbox mode, you can have Patrick as your living partner. Do task for him (just visit him at the city park after midnight) & there will be chance for him to ask for a date. Later, he might propose during the date. You'll engaged to him and you'll get married to him after the apocalypse is over (after March 2009).

Once you get engaged to him, you can visit his home & do many activities as if you're at your own home. However, we haven't yet implemented this visiting part on current update. Upcoming update next year should be able to address this issue. If you're playing male character, the living partner is Cecilia (theatre) but we haven't implemented dating part yet. This will also be addressed in upcoming update.

Hi, we managed to recreate the freeze bug. We'll patch the Windows version today. Keep an eye for the update (version 1.580).

Hi, is it possible for you to attach screenshot when the freeze happen so we can better understand the problem? You can actually upload screenshot here.

When you enter sewer to find Norman, you actually don't need to click anything. You need to wait for 2 probable situations:

1) The character will give up (she will say she can't take it anymore). Then, you can click exit button to go back to map screen.

2) She finds Norman. There will be small Norman figure show up on the screen in fade-in to signal that you've found him. The game will consider that you've completed the quest. Don't click anything during this time because in less than 2 seconds, Norman dialog will show up. We want to find out which part the freeze happen.

OK, when your character found Norman, Norman will automatically talk to you. Is this the part you're having problem? Recently we do lots of changes to the game due to sandbox mode. We'll do testing to Windows version today to see if there's gotcha. We'll update here if we found something.

Ok, we'll change it to sound effect when a co-worker refuse flirt.

OK, we'll put that into consideration. Does this means no text to speech for main character like when you interact with no object (there's nothing to interact) or you refer to text to speech when a co-worker refused flirt?

Hi, there's no plan to add more characters. With the latest update 1.49/1.50, we've considered the game to be complete. There'll be no more content update in the future. We have no budget to use voice actors so that's why we use text to speech (tts) for characters. Do you think it's better we replace tts with sound effect instead?

OK, we're glad it's working. When doing ghost mini game, character has scare statistic. If it's zero, she will simply stop doing it. Exiting the sewer and reenter it again seems to reset the scare statistic.

Ok, are you playing Windows or Android version? We've never encountered any freeze during ghost/spy mini game. If character is hungry or tired while in the mini game, they will automatically stop the mini game. Maybe this is the cause of freeze. We'll investigate the issue.

If you want to become CEO and good ending, choose side switch.

It's a long process. If you've mentioned what part you have done related to Juan, we can provide hints.

Hi, you're already on the page of the game. Look for download section.

Hi, you can search Williams's desk. There should be a picture of a woman with Williams. Take note the woman in the picture is not Sharon. She just looks like Sharon.

Hi, you need Sofia's secret which you can get it from Britney. Talk to Britney, investigate her desk (find cigarette box) & then wait until weekend to go to pawn shop to catch her. Then, at the office, choose to keep quiet of her stealing stuff. She'll reveal the secret. Then, talk to Sofia.

Hi, we just push latest update on The latest update allows you to go to public library.

Hi, for current update you can't visit the public library. However, we've been able to finish the remaining story for the sisterhood. There should be an update this week to add remaining story for the sisterhood which allows you to visit the public library. Keep your eyes for the update.

Hi, for the latest version 1.570, there should be Customise Home button in main menu screen (the screen that you see when you start or pause the game). Click the button to go to Customise Home screen. You'll unlock furniture by spending on gem which you can get just by playing the game. Once you've unlocked furniture, there should be home button to put the furniture at your home.

Single bed and bath tub are already unlocked when you start the game. All you need to do is just click home button on both bed and bath tub to put it at your home.

Hi, did you have all 12 cards? When you get the last card, there should be popup dialog telling you to go see Shawn. Did you have the dialog? If you didn't have the dialog, the game will still consider you didn't have all the cards. This might happen if you try to get the last card at 11.45 pm. If you've confirmed you've got all 12 cards but the game didn't ask you to see Shawn, you need to reload your saved game. Don't try to find the last card at 11.45 pm.

Hi, the easiest way is to search trash bin in condominium, flat and apartment. These are the only location where you have a chance to find the card. Take note as you accumulate more cards, the harder it takes to find the cards. So, you probably should this during weekend when you have free time.

Every time you search trash bin, you'll lose a mood. You can recover your mood by drinking coffee at the office (3 daily quota for male & 1 quota for female) or playing games on your desk at the office.

When you search trash bin at apartment's basement, sometimes you can find a bum after 7 pm. Talk to him. He might have a card to sell for $20. If he doesn't have a card, you can repeat the process by exiting the apartment & reenter the apartment to talk to him again.

Hi, we haven't put remaining story for the sisterhood so you can't find the public library. If you're in Team C or D (entertainment department), then you're stuck for the rest of your life because there's no option to get promoted to manager. Your option is to start new game and choose Team A or Team B.

Hi, when you're already in apartment building, you need to check the map. There should be map button on top right of the screen. There's a small room at the centre of apartment. Enter the open door to move down to basement.

Hi, the first thing you should do is not lend money to co-workers because they are not going to pay. Talk to Shawn at entertainment department. He has side job for you to do which can earn you up to $2500. You should complete murder in the office objective by getting Juan arrested. Katherine will reward you $500 for that & she will give objectives to find thief & spy in the office which will earn you money if you complete it. Sofia will reward $1000 if you can earn her trust. You need to find her secret which you can get from Britney. You need to make a choice to keep secret of her stealing stuff from co-worker before she can reveal the secret. You can search trash bins in condominium, flat or apartment for a chance to find porn magazine which you can then recycle it at pawn shop for cash. You can also play lottery at pawn shop but you need to spend several hours before you can turn profit.

Hi, if you're on Team F, then you have no chance to get promoted to director. Only Team A or Team B has the chance to get promoted to director. Do you have save game before you get promoted to executive? If not, then you have to start new game.

The game has a lot of hints put in certain places. All you have to do is just pay attention to these hints. If you just skip text during dialog, then you might miss these hints.

Hi, have you been promoted to executive yet? You need to be in either Team A or Team B to have a chance to get promoted to director. There are quite lots of things for you to do to get promoted to director. We have the game walkthrough you can read on Inspire Games app you can download from Play Store. In the future, we might create PDF walkthrough that players can download from website.

Hi, you can find the last sketch on Sara's desk. She's the one with white-haired and works as the manager in fashion department. In order to trigger the sketch, you need to complete her story. Talk to her to find out she has depression problem. Then talk to Jean, the manager in entertainment department. She will tell abit of story about Sara. Then, return to Sara to hear her story. You can now find the sketch on her desk once she leave the office.

Hi, Zoe is a ghost. You can find her working at her desk from 10 pm during weekday. You can wait until 10 pm by playing games on your desk. Normally, she will not respond if you talk to her but once you get scarf from Carrie, she will have something for you.

Hi, for the current update (version 1.45), we haven't completed remaining story for Sarah so we haven't included public library in the game. We're waiting from writers to brainstorm Sofia's dark secret. Who actually is Sofia? Why she helped Juan in Zoe's murder? Hopefully we will be able to find answers to these questions.

Hi, you've said that you've earned Sofia's trust. This mean you have already find Sofia's secret with Rafael and when you confront her, she gave you $1000. Do you remember you did this?

If you already did, then when you go to Rafael to blackmail him with the digital trace, Rafael can't do anything because Sofia will prevent Rafael from bribing the police. This is how you force Rafael to quit from the agency, with the support from Sofia.

Hi, it sounds like Rafael has tricked you to give the digital trace for nothing. If that happens, then you're stuck in the game as you no longer have any chance to blackmail him again. The right option for you is to force Rafael to quit, not to accept his money.

Do you have any save before you talk to Rafael? If not, then there's nothing you can do except to restart new game and learn a mistake not to accept money from Rafael. As a matter of fact, don't take any bribe in the game if you're given option as that's always lead to horrible result.