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Hi, thanks for playing the game. We'll be releasing a new game to replace this game next year which focus more on life simulation aspect.

If you refer to the trading card, search trash bins in condominium, flat or apartment. Make sense to do this during weekend as you'll have lots of free time. Refill mood by playing games on your desk or drinking coffee at the office.

Her desk is next to Zach. Zach's desk is next to your desk. If you couldn't find her in the office, she probably getting sick so wait the next day.

We haven't implemented the part where you can supply shotgun shells for her + find the ring. Upcoming update should have content for that.

Open map screen. There should be an empty barrel located on top left of map area. Go to the barrel. You should be able to interact that barrel.

Hi, thanks for your interest. We don't have budget to pay for Mac PC & iPhone /iPad which is necessary to port the game to iOS version. In addition, porting to iOS can take lots of time which we can otherwise use to add more content to our existing games.

Comfy stuff is the sofa opposite of the big TV in the spa.

Just do work as normal. There should be scripted event with the assassin but you should be OK.

Talk to Phill (entertainment department) & do what he wants. At some point, he'll ask you to meet at Sushi Haven restaurant at 8 pm. There are 2 important choices that you need to make when you talk to him at the restaurant. The choice will lead to 2 different paths (good or bad ending).

Hi, the instruction should be to find Indian community. They can provide food to the safe house. Hint that we can provide is hacker. Find the hacker & he might know someone who has connection to the Indian community. However, he will only reveal the info once you've reached friend status which you can earn by doing task for him. It's very grinding task so if you find it too much, you probably can skip this quest from Damien.

Hi, you're asking for support to story mode which is only available to paid version. Send e-mail to with e-mail address that you use when you purchase the paid version through itchio & we'll reply your question.

Hi, from where did you know about Niobe? You will not know about her name unless you already talk to her in the sewer. The game through checklist screen will ask you to find a drug pusher in the sewer. If you climb down to the sewer, you'll meet a female with red jacket. Talk to her & then you'll know she's Niobe. The person with blue jacket is just a drug addict. He doesn't serve any important role. You can ignore him.

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Niobe is the drug pusher in the sewer. From Dream city map, tap drug icon to climb down to the sewer. Niobe wears red jacket so it should be easy to find her.

For current update, you should be able to talk to her at the safe house but she'll not give any task. If somehow dialog screen for her doesn't show up, maybe there's a bug. Upcoming update should contain a lot of tasks from her so right now you probably have to wait.

Ok, you seem to have enough blood bags but currently, the game will check just 1 slot. If one slot doesn't have 4 blood bags, the game will assume you don't have enough blood bags. Upcoming update should be able to fix this problem.

For temporary solution, you need to empty one of your soap slot. You can do this by taking a bath at your home & then wait 15 minutes. Keep doing this to deplete the soap. Each bath consumes 10g soap so this might take awhile. Once you have an empty slot, go to the clinic to buy again 4 blood bags in a single go.

Hi, can you post screenshot of your inventory? When you have at least 4 blood bags in your inventory, talking to Prenny (sewer lady) should bring special event.

Hi, you need to visit Naomi at her condominium unit during midnight for 4 times. After 4 times, there should be instruction to talk to Damien to report your finding.

Hi, to complete the game, you need to replace the current manager for either Team A or B & that requires you to complete objectives for either Illegal Substance storyline (Team A) or Murder In Office storyline (Team B). You can refer to the checklist screen to keep updated of the progress.

You must join either Team A or B & once you've solved the storyline by removing the manager, there should be option to replace them during department meeting on Tuesday. The secret to get highest work contribution is to only work when healthy to keep within 100% work productivity which means if you get sick or wounded, go to your apartment & sleep at bed to get healthy.

You can also experiment with mood as low mood makes you work longer thus improving work contribution but too low mood makes you unable to finish daily task to get money.

Hi, you need at least 400 job experience points to get promoted to CEO. This is equivalent to working for 400/5 = 80 days which is roughly 80/5 = 16 months. So, it usually takes more than 1 year to become CEO.

You get maximum 5 job experience points every working day if you arrive on time + finish the job.

You can check your job experience points by first going to the work building & then tap/click info button on top right of the screen.

Grinder is used as ingredient to be used with lingzhi mushroom  or crimson root to make the mushroom or root into powder. The powder can then be used to cook tea with hot water.

Flour is only used when you do cookies baking session with Sarah at her apartment. We might implement more recipe related to flour in the future. If you have any suggestion, we might be interested to listen.

As for grinder, you need to unlock modern stove (3 gems) through Customise Home screen. Once you unlocked modern stove & put it at your home, there should be grinder below hot water on cooking screen.

Hi, are you sure you're asking on the right game? There's no flower in the game.

If the game asks you to find CDC truck, keep looking for news through Dream City Observer about CDC. You'll find hint there. As for day's meal, it's too detailed to put here. Go to our Facebook page & read recent posts. We put walkthrough on sandbox/survival mode in those posts.

Go to the basement. Check map for details. Once you're in the basement, search all the rooms. You will trigger something if you walk to the right spot.

If you give the document to Darius, peacekeeper force from Capital city will come around Nov/Dec. This is easier option. If you give the document to Ryuku or you don't complete the task, rouge force will liberate the city. Take note we're still developing content so details might be different in the future.

If you update to the latest version on, you should now be able to find the mushroom in the forest. If you have the Play Store version, wait for the update in mid March. The dresser is the cabinet in your home that you use to be able to change your cloth which you can unlock from Customise Home screen. 

You can find him in the sewer. The entrance is the manhole in front of the port.

Give us proof that you bought the game. Send e-mail to your e-mail address that you use when you bought the game. You're asking support for story mode which is part of paid version.

If you read the PDF, you'll find the answer. It's as simple as that. 

DC Office: Love Edition has been cancelled unfortunately due to budget/money problem.

If you bought the full version, there's PDF walkthrough you can find inside extra folder, if you download Windows version. There's also PDF walkthrough file you can download from game page.

Hi, you need to attend business department meeting in Tuesday. Make sure you have the highest work contribution in the whole department (easy to achieve as long as you complete your daily task everyday). During the meeting, there should be option to nomimate yourself as the director if you're already manager Team A or B.

You can find Damien at condominium after 10 am. Normally you should talk to Damien first & he'll give a task for you to record infected behaviour which you'll write it down in a journal (check Document & Voucher screen). Naomi is infected. Every time you visit her condo unit, you'll record her weird behaviour.

Jim is the shopkeeper at the pawn shop (money sign on Dream city map). You might already talk to him when you caught Britney trying to sell her stolen jewellery.

You can find another note by searching brown sofa/couch by the big TV.

Hi, you can actually earn Sofia's trust by getting her secret from Britney (caught her stealing from co-worker but choose to keep it secret). Your biggest mistake is you choose to enter Entertainment department. The game will only let you remove Rafael from his position if you choose to enter Business department. That's why Jiu will not offer you the DVD even though you have the money ($4000) because you don't belong to Business department.

At this point you probably need to restart the game and choose to enter Business department (Team A or Team B).

Hi, you can find the note at the flat. Refer to this screenshot.

Hi, Katherine's room is the small room inside the office where Martha & Joe is working. After 10 pm, if you've noticed Martha is still working, go inside the small room. Refer to this screenshot.

Hi, living partner is only available in sandbox mode. Right now, if you're playing the female character in sandbox mode, you can have Patrick as your living partner. Do task for him (just visit him at the city park after midnight) & there will be chance for him to ask for a date. Later, he might propose during the date. You'll engaged to him and you'll get married to him after the apocalypse is over (after March 2009).

Once you get engaged to him, you can visit his home & do many activities as if you're at your own home. However, we haven't yet implemented this visiting part on current update. Upcoming update next year should be able to address this issue. If you're playing male character, the living partner is Cecilia (theatre) but we haven't implemented dating part yet. This will also be addressed in upcoming update.

Hi, we managed to recreate the freeze bug. We'll patch the Windows version today. Keep an eye for the update (version 1.580).