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Meyaoi Games

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Haha, it's okay. Maybe you just accidentally skipped the text since you have read it once before =)

(Edited 1 time)

He's in shopping mall the first time you go there. And is always there until 16th January. If you go to shopping mall (before 16th January) and don't find the scene in shopping mall, that means you already get the scene.

I have checked the code multiple times, and the thing you mentioned shouldn't happen.

Are you sure about that? Because I have tested it again and while you indeed can meet Shiba again, the dialogues is different. If you never help him, the producer introduces you to him instead.

Private forum access is now available as digital add-on for $15. If you are still interested please contact me via e-mail: order.meyaoigames@gmail.com :)

Do you mean you want access to private forum?

Glad you like the demo ^^

Glad you like the demo ^^

Extended demo campaign is reached, and the extended demo is in progress :) (working to add more things so you can do even more in the demo)

Current expected release date is December 2017.

For updates, I post an update at our forum every week, but the access is limited to our Kickstarter backers, but I post frequently at Twitter & Facebook as well. And no, it's a one-time payment just as other games in itch.io :)

The full game will last 1 year so you will have lots of time to foster your stats so don't worry =D

(If during playtesting I find that it's to hard to increase your intel/charm etc, I'll make it easier :p I'm just worried that players won't have anything to do by the end of the year)

Glad you like the demo ^^

Thank you ^^

Big thanks ^^

Thanks <3

I've seen your posts in the forum =D

Well, that is his personality. This is not really a self-insert game.

Thank you, that means a lot to us ^_^

I have activated your account =)

What is your forum username? I'll manually activate it for you

(sometimes the e-mail activation doesn't work and I don't get why that happens :<)

It'd be great if you can report the bug here! =)


Wow, that's weird. I haven't heard about that bug before.

Any screenshot of it? (how the text / auditions isn't displayed?). Also, what OS are you playing it?

You can't play this game on iPad. Mac version (for macbook PC) yes, but no iOS version.

Nope. The game is too complex to be ported to mobile.

I think it would be filled with bugs.

Hmm, I think it might be a problem with your internet, since we host the files via itch.io and it should be a quite reliable source?

No :)

Extra menu is disabled in demo :)

Have you used the decorate button to add the computer to your room? In this demo, we have given it freely at beginning of game. You just need to put it in your room :)

(In the final game, you will need to purchase the computer on your own at the shopping mall)

Ah, it's actually advancing. Take a look at the dots "."

If you're pressing enter, the dots will increase. When it's 3 dots it will advance to next textbox. Or easier to check, if there's a mic image at the end of the sentence, that means pressing enter will advance to next textbox. If there isn't a mic image at the end of sentence, it means that sentence is not finished yet and pressing enter will show the next text (in this case, only a dot appears so it appears to not be advancing...)

But anyway, it seems to be causing misunderstanding, so I'll probably just remove those 3 dots thingy lol.

Pressing ENTER and using mouse to click is identical. Both produce the same result.

In which part did you try to advance? (If you mean the chibi animation and such, well, they can't be skipped with either ENTER / mouse).

Ah.... I made a mistake when revamping town map scene.

Will reupload new version soon (but my internet really sucks right now... so it might take a while *sigh*)

The game will be proofread later on when the script is complete :)

Thank you for spreading word about the game! =D

We will sell physical copies upon game release :)

Uploaded Mac standalone version build. Check out the demo section! =)

We will keep it in mind (the explanation about books and foods, maybe will put a tutorial somewhere in final game!)

And regarding the after-lover life, what we're trying to do to make it interesting enough would be:

1) You can already become lovers in half-game. You and your partner's love is blooming, but you don't know all about them. There are things that they're still hiding from you, and the main arc of the love interests itself only start after you become lovers for certain time (not a super heavy conflict tho, this is a lighthearted game :3)

2) There are still lots of events that you can get ONLY after becoming lovers: hot spring trip, ski trip, night dating events (during weekend dating period) to name a few. It's an incentive to make you want to become lovers as fast as possible.

3) Cute stuff like receiving messages every night from your lover

4) Foreplay mode? It will have collectible kinky outfits (cat costume, etc) & toys, which hopefully makes each sexual encounter more interesting. Haha xD

Prices of books and foods is expensive because they enable you to learn "Traits", which will be necessary for certain jobs. So yeah, they're not really meant to be too cheap because you can only purchase each food once =)

For your second question, nope. In this old demo, you can't meet certain casts because you can only meet them starting from Week 3. We'll be releasing new demo next week, so please wait for it! :3

Official Kickstarter release date is Dec 2017 (lots of things to do left xD)

Yay, thank you ^^

I'm not sure yet. Maybe we'll do it, but it would be several months after we release on itch.io / directly to our website since Steam requires various modifications such as the achievements system =)