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Where did yoyu get the error? app? Try downloading the base game without the itch app.

For now, planning to wait until after all are coded in.

It says account suspended when you click the Twitter link? Are you logged in to your Twitter account? 

Thanks for the notice. 

What is the error message? 

Do you use antivirus? It's a common problem that antivirus false alarm deletes the game files which causes the game to not play properly. Or, there's a chance the game isn't downloaded properly as well, but the error message should occur during unzipping process. 

The build version is seiyuudanshidemo 1.0. You're playing demo version? You are not supposed to be able to even go on dates with Shiba with demo version...

Hi there, you should have received a link to claim your purchase. The link is sent to the e-mail address linked to your account. If you have trouble finding it, feel free to contact me via e-mail ( and let me know the e-mail address linked to your purchase. Thanks! 

Replay from beginning if you want to use cheats. 

There are cheat codes, unlocked once you have gotten at least one best ending. 

Hello there, do you remember which CG of Shuu it was? (the page number?) 


No, it's not yet added.

Already sent out. 

Thank you ^^

Whoops, nice catch. I'll need to update the PDF soon ^^;

Ah, I see. I usually do around 10% discount. Be sure to check my twitter since I usually post about discount announcement there =)

Ah, it's definitely the download issue, I believe. Can you check the zip file and see its size? If it's less than 900mb, it's definitely failed download issue. 

Can you try using app to download the game? (It might help in downloading the game)

Hi there, the game will likely go on sale during next winter the earliest. I do not like big discount as it feels devaluing to the game, so it likely won't be a big drop, though.

Hi there, it won't be possible since the save files are likely deleted when you erased everything on your computer.

Hi there, did you make sure the download was completed successfully? I think the download was incomplete, and thus displaying such an error message.

I think it's during the fanmeet event (around December, you'll get notification about upcoming fanmeet if your fame is sufficient)

You will unlock either CG 12 / 13 depending whether your Tocchan's top or bottom.

Yeah. If you confess at that time, you confess first. If you wait it out some more (while continuing to increase his heart stats), the guy will eventually confess. This applies for all, with the exception of Toru-chi'route (in his route, both him confessing / you confessing is in 1 scene).

Spend time with him at VA school after buying the "costume". If you have topped him at least once before, you'll unlock the scene.

If you keep spending time with him after going out, you will eventually get event in which Shuu asks for your opinion :) 

For Kei route, you need to be friends with Hikaru and see the first scene first (first weekend after becoming friends, if I remember it right) 

You can send me your save files to and I can fix it for you (they're in your "saves" folder)

Alternatively, you can just play through the foreplay mode (just "ignore" every crash message there), and you will be returned to probably several days before that.

You need to make him end Magical Ponpon and win Seiyuu Award.


You need to make him end Magical Ponpon

Choose same choice as when you get best ending, but do not win Seiyuu Award. 

No, the wallpaper system is scrapped from final release. 

Hey there, Tocchan doesn't have CG during fireworks festival, you two just go there to hang around. Fireworks CGs are only in Hikaru's route.

Hi there, do you have the latest version? Also, what OS are you using? Does this happen everytime you raise your charm or is this just a one-time thing? 

There is this: (but no CG guide)

I think that's the vibrator scene one? If I remember it right, you need the beaded vibrator (from the guy at the shrine), and for Toru to be a top.

I've been getting ignored by the one in charge of the voice, so... might need to re-cast or something 

No, you don't have to do that if it's already working now (chance of it happening again should be rare)

I don't get why that same bug still persists, though, I thought I was already finished with that bug :| Time to do some bugs-squashing again, I guess lol.

Do you have the latest version of the game?

If yes, can you try sending me your save file? That randomly-jumping-to-foreplay bug should have been fixed, but it might still affect it if you use older saves to continue your play through.

Top one: Finger Shiba 3 times during foreplay mode (fingering his asshole)

Bottom one: You need to make Shiba have bottom orientation, then during partner's initiative (when his image pops up), there is a random chance of Shiba licking MC's finger, which will unlock the chibi.

It'd be nice to have the recording of it, actually! You can send it to whenever you have the time to.

Okay, checked the CG gallery this time. To get that one, just choose to let Toru-chi top during your first night with him.