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Physical only if you back through here, digitals also get credits if you back through Patreon. Yeah, game is only released here and not Steam.

Ok, that's a relief ^w^

Check this page again, the "estimated" release date is written at the top of the game. The copy will be distributed via

How is it not working? Can you elaborate?

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Do you have screenshots to showcase the problem? (because the game works fine for me even when I change the protagonist's name & birthday)

Haha ;D

Thanks for spreading word about the game~

Ah, I'll take a look again. Probably mistakenly used "Ban" instead of "[name]" (code for displaying changed name). Glad you like the demo so far.

Ah the white flashing during the milking scene, is it? It shouldn't be too hard implementing such an option.

Oh, right, nice catch.

Since demo only lasts until Spring 14, you probably don't have enough time to increase your Social to the next rank.

Glad you're liking the demo!

Thank you, hope to create even more BL games in the future <3 

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Don't click from here. Go to the, scroll down to before comments section, there is "download Banana Ranch demo" there.

No, it's a free download (You gotta scroll down a bit and find the line with "Banana Ranch Demo")

Yeah, if the funding doesn't exceed certain goal, Hunny the bunny will be in the game as NPC instead. Creating one route is costly, after all.  If there isn't enough funding for it, I can't make it.

Yaay ^_^

Happy to hear that you're liking the demo so far! XD

No, it's the funding goal ^^

No, it's a planned feature if the stretch goals are achieved, where you can see the other love interests' romance building up (kinda like Harvest Moon's rival system). 

Each love interests will still be romanceable (again, if stretch goals for them are achieved ^^)

You're welcome~

Just sent the download link manually to

I think's mass e-mail sending is bad in general with hotmail e-mail addresses (lots of backers not receiving the download link because they use hotmail e-mail addresses too).

You should have received an e-mail with download link from if you preordered the game back when $48.99 still get the artbook.

What is your purchase e-mail? You can  send it to if you don't want to put it here.

It's planned to be on the same Patreon page. So, it's gonna be monthly reward (after stories episodes) + accumulated reward at the end of campaign period. 

You can pledge however much you want, but the game copy will probably be at ~$30 accumulated pledge. Accumulated pledge is total amount you pledge during the campaign period. For example, you can pledge $10 for 3 months and get the game copy.

Yay \^_^/

I might open pre-order later on, but that will be when the game is closer to completion! ^^ 

The game is still in very early phase of progress right now.

<3 <3

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The campaign hasn't technically started, but it will be on =)

Well, he's topping both public and patreon poll, so it is confirmed that people are thirsty for the shark boi 😆

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You can immediately remove the pledge afterwards via Patreon if you do not want to be charged the next month (no need to cancel it via your CC / Paypal)

For now, I don't have any plan to set up another page (to prevent databasing complications 😵). For people who are averse to it because of the monthly thing, they can probably buy the game directly once it's finished instead.

You'll get free copy the same way as usual Kickstarter works! In above example, both backer A and B would qualify for $100 tier (which usually contains: free copy of game, artbook, and even physical copy!). More details about rewards tier will be posted on the d-day, but yeah, you will definitely get rewards like usual Kickstarter goes =) (I'll edit the post to add more info about it)

:3 :3

It's basically Animal Crossing with gay animals as the town citizen x"D

:3 :3 Glad to hear you're excited for the game! ^_^

Glad to hear that! Hope he meets your expectation in the game too ^_^


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Well, you'll probably be disappointed again then. I'm not really part of the camp that thinks all tops need to act very... toppy? Being top or bottom is only about who's getting it in the ass for me lol. Sadistic bottoms & masochistic tops exist. In my opinion, tops can still get all hot and bothered. Then again, it's only my opinion, but that's how I'm going to implement it in my game (just in case you're hoping for something different, this game's probably not for you) ^^

Yay, glad to hear that! The dress-up system will be more enhanced than Seiyuu Danshi's, in that the clothing will actually show up on the character sprite =D

They're gonna interact a lot since they're all part of the ranch team xD