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Hm, not sure, it shows up just fine for other players. When did you download the game? 

Just send via e-mail:

Take your time. I just haven't received similar report in the past, so I'll need to see the exact error message to help the issue =) 

Can you show the screenshot of the exact error message? 

You need to see the poster at the mansion lobby (there should be a poster around July, with fireworks images)

No food play. Cute, I think you need to purchase & read a book (title is... "100 ways to become cute", I think)

Fanmade guide:

Will be fixed soon-ish.

Targeting December release for now.

Hey there, you can just re-download the game files. Save files will still be retained.

I forgot to add the condition for those two, I guess. It shouldn't be possible to date two at once. 

Just backup the "saves" folder and you should be fine. What OS are you using? In Windows, the "saves" folder is present in the base game folder. 

Oh, thanks for pointing that out.

You probably need to replay the scene again (by playing older save files or things like that). The scenes were moved to different labels to make scene replay work, and the game probably still thinks you haven't seen those labels. 

Shiba's bad ending is if you picked the wrong choice during his last choice in the nearing last scene. 

Mini update:

  • Restaurant bug
  • Using older save files should no longer give you error during underwear picking scene

It is because you're using older save files. The changes made in recent update was too much it broke the save files, I suppose.

The only way to fix is by starting a new gameplay / downloading some additional files (namely, the underwear images that were moved to another folder). I'll post some instructions tomorrow-ish, I guess. 

When did you last download it? Latest version should also enable you to replay endings from ending list screen (the only visible change).

It's because you're using an older save files.Try re-downloading super latest version (I tried modifying some codes to make it hopefully compatible with old save files)

Mini update (still called version 10), but the files have been modified a little to add these changes:

  1. Fixes a freezing bug when buying books in bookstore
  2. You can now replay "endings" via the ending list screen

Well, the suggestion seems easy enough to implement. I'll get it up in next update probably (along with the bookstore bug)

In that case, deleting "cache" folder might prevent that error from happening in current save file. 

Can you help me try if you start the game from beginning then changing your underwear, does the same error persist? For some reason or another, it is working fine with my computer. Odd. 

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The error doesn't appear in my computer 0_0 

Did you update it via app or did you re-download the whole zip?

You can update by re-downloading the game (saves are carried over)

Which audition?

Only digital version for now =)

I'll include it in next update (but it might take a while before it is uploaded, since I need to do another round of testing which can take a week since the game is too long)

Latest build hasn't been re-uploaded yet because I changed so many things and need to re-test to ensure I didn't break something lol. 

DMMD is different in that it is a pure visual novel without any gameplay element, though. It is not possible to implement such a thing, especially considering most events in this game  aren't time-bound.

Oh right, you also need to have visited maid cafe on a date with him before that. 

Yeah, it is part of the story. They will finally ~fuck~ after fireworks festival which is at 28 July. 

It is kinda hidden, but basically, you need to take the cross-dressing job when Toru is at the agency. You then need to win the job. Then, after you become lovers, if you have maid costume with M size (Haato's size) then you can get the scene... if I remember right. I'm not in front of my work laptop right now.

Yeah, it has been fixed but not yet re-uploaded (want to wait until the proofreading is done as well)

If you go to sleep, and continue until Seiyuu Award, you should still be to get his ending.

Nah, you can use other method to. E-mail is just the easier one. 

Did you get a scene with Shuu's uncle at the restaurant? The adopting pet scene is after that.

Weekend is only Sunday. You can go outside on Saturday.

Can you send me your save file to

Welp, gotta change the date... I thought it was on weekdays xD

I think that event should be triggered when number of sex >= 7