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Meyaoi Games

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16 for Toru, 16 for Shuu. I forget the number of general event images. 3 endings for each character. 

Eh, you can't actively search for fighting.

Birthday is celebrated by a special scene instead of giving present (different guys, different scenes)

If you pre-ordered it, then yeah, you'll get the game when it is "officially" released.

These news are only regarding beta. Beta access is different from full game.

You'll still have access to full game. Since you pre-ordered early, you got a cheaper price.

Beta isn't the same as full game. Beta access is given to people who bought the game at minimum 48.99.

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I can't say. I don't want to jinx myself (because that keeps happening). If you don't want to wait, please do not pre-order / just ask for refund. To ask for refund, e-mail support@itch.io.


The game hasn't released yet. 

You can send e-mail to support@itch.io to get refund. 

When it's done. 

It can automatically update if you have the itch app. 

1) No, it's partial voicing

2) I can't say. I don't want to jinx myself (because that keeps happening lol)

3) I have found the artist for the game :)

I think that might be because of a bug...  Will reupload new version soon. It should trigger in a few days after he said he would find the right place (as long as you have bottomed for Shuu at least once) 

You need to be lovers with Shuu before fireworks festival to get his fireworks festival event.

Demo only has ~ 3 weeks of gameplay, you can't become lovers with anyone.

Just spend time with him during the day and it will increase everytime you get new scenes. 

Full heart gauge and full star bar (newly introduced in newest build) 


No. Foreplay mode is when you have become lovers with the guy. You can't become lovers with the guy in demo.

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As you wish, for each love interest.

He can both top or bottom. 

It is not coming out in June. There are still 2 more routes to clean up and voice acting to take care of. 

Feed the pet you want a total of 30 times and you should be able to adopt it (each day you can only feed once) 

I will get back to this issue once I get back from my trip. It is kinda difficult to stay focused when I can only sneak in working time for 30 minutes max ^^;

New build is up. This fixes issue:

1) Shuu april fools event

2) Shiba's missing clothes issue

Nothing's decided yet. I'm working hard everyday to complete the game, but it's taking much longer than expected. Please do not pre-order if you don't want to wait (or just request a refund if you do not want to wait).

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Yeah, been 20 days for my oldest payout as well. And I've got 13 more pending :/ (sent a mail to support as well, still waiting for an answer). It doesn't usually take this long so it gets worrying. 

For those who want to report bugs, please send e-mail to meyaoigames@gmail.com instead of commenting here.

Wow, I feel so stupid now. ^^; Mixed up the date and month (4 in day instead of month).

Gonna upload newest version soon (Also, I'm fixing this in airport, so yeah... I might make more stupid mistakes lol)

Oh, didn't realize that. Will move the scene a day faster.

That one's already fixed in latest ver tho.

Oh, I see. Will upload new build soon.

Also, apparently there's a bug with Shuu's dating that causes it to not increase any love point (Which is why it's near impossible to get his confession event. Will fix this in newest build as well.

Should be fixed in latest ver. Need to redownload. What do you mean by glitched into Shiba? 

Thanks for the report. Should be fixed in the latest version (Windows build 30, Mac build 29)

It is a bug. It should be fixed in latest version, but you need to restart from before you become acquaintance. 

His facial expressions are intended to be comical tho. Also, bugs have been fixed latest ver.

Yeah, but it's not really "tidy from bugs" ^^:

Fill up bars only. The confession scene / important scene itself happens during the weekdays daytime (I probably should make in game tips regarding that..) 

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Just uploaded new build of the beta, tweaked the variables a bit to make it easier to get closer with the guy. Also, the status change ("friend" to "crush", for example) will only happen if you trigger certain scene, instead of relying on the love point value. Hopefully this reduces confusion.

You can get confession scene with Toru, though. Just keep spending time with him.