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Meyaoi Games

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Partially voiced. The game text is huge (300.000 words++) and it will be very costly and time consuming to fully voice it. 

Yes, it works. Download the Win&Linux version one =)

Yeah, definitely. I mean, we are already offering refunds right now for late release date. If we are not planning to finish the game, then we will definitely open another refunds opportunity (not that I'm planning to not finish the game tho, lol)

Nah. You will not get H scenes in the early months, only after becoming lovers (which is at least May-ish? Haven't properly tested it yet so might change).

Well, I certainly don't want it to be delayed again lol, (I mean, who wants that?) but I can't promise either.  Game development is rough and there might unpredicted trouble during development. 

If you don't want to wait, you can ask for refund and just purchase when game is released. 

The release date has been moved to June 2018. More details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/11313010/seiyuu-danshi-english-bl-yaoi-dati...

The release date has been moved to June 2018. More details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/11313010/seiyuu-danshi-english-bl-yaoi-dati...

Address? Sorry, but I don't understand why it would affect you buying the game as this is a digital-only purchase :o

I will post another update with new release date announcement + ways to get your refund.

Yeah, there is still time as the game has a high chance of getting delayed :{

Dress up code is super messy and is prone to error (coded it when I was a noob with a trial and error method :p), will recode it later on. Thanks for bug reports!  

Thank you for kind words <3 <3 <3

Thank you, <3

You need to wait for the game to be released. It is called pre-order for that reason :)

(Please do not pre-order if you don't want to wait at least until December 2017)

Est release date is Dec 2017.

Not entirely sure about that. It might be better to contact itch.io for the right answer.

Glad to hear that! For survey, it is intended that way so we can see which aspect people like the most and which people like the least. So yeah, if you like all aspects, pls sort them by which aspect you like most :) 

Some of the merch (dakimakura, mousepad, T-shirt, physical copies) will be sold again when the game is released (for exact place to sell it etc, I'll think about it later, still got the game to concentrate on! =))

Est. release date December 2017.

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For Patreon ($20 tier, min 2 months), will be sent through e-mail. For itch.io, will be sent through itch.io :) (I think itch.io will send download link through e-mail as well)

Did you play from the start or continue a savefile (from old demo)?

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I think it's a problem from itch.io. I will try to contact them.

Can you show me screenshot of the error?

You can't get Hikaru & Shuu's number in demo yet :p

For Shiba, just spend time with him until your relationship status reaches "acquaintance" (check via fudanshi dude in park) and trigger scene in VA school to get his number.

Current estimated release date is Dec 2017 :)

Yeah, I've noticed that bug. Will re-upload new version soon.

Glad you like the demo!

Yeah, I haven't coded in the expressions and character graphics in that scene yet :p

(I didn't think people would get to that scene xD)

Yup, pls send it to our email meyaoigames@gmail.com! :)

Did you download the extended demo?

(bcs the error page displays Seiyuu Danshi Demo 2.04 which is the previous version of the game)

Can you send the pic you took? (if it's hard for you to post in forums, you can e-mail me at meyaoigames@gmail.com)

Hm, actually this demo ends on 15th February, so that shouldn't happen.

Did you do any particular thing the night before? (During my playtesting, I experience that too, but it happened so randomly I couldn't find the cause.)

To decorate choco, go to restaurant on 13th February and talk to the restaurant owner! You'll then be able to make homemade choco and decorate it :D

And yeah, it is fine to pre-order in another computer. As long as you login with the itch.io account you purchased the game with, you should be able to download the full game in any computer you have :)

Can you show screenshot of the exception traceback?

During the Sunday, you can't exit your room, but you are able to invite the guys on a date (with the button near your phone).

Or, is there no button at all in your screen? If yes, that's probably a bug that needs to be squashed xD

Need help with the game? Please post your questions here :D

Created a new topic Feedback and Comments

Enjoying the demo? Want to say something to us? Let us know! :D

Encouraging comments and constructive criticism are always welcome and is a necessity when my motivation hits a road block.

Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please report all bugs that you encounter here :)

Haha, it's okay. Maybe you just accidentally skipped the text since you have read it once before =)

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He's in shopping mall the first time you go there. And is always there until 16th January. If you go to shopping mall (before 16th January) and don't find the scene in shopping mall, that means you already get the scene.

I have checked the code multiple times, and the thing you mentioned shouldn't happen.

Are you sure about that? Because I have tested it again and while you indeed can meet Shiba again, the dialogues is different. If you never help him, the producer introduces you to him instead.

Private forum access is now available as digital add-on for $15. If you are still interested please contact me via e-mail: order.meyaoigames@gmail.com :)