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I think there was a bug preventing the marriage proposal prompt. I'll need to fix that.

You can try using the old save, if it loads up then it should work fine. On the other hand, if you have finished Finn or Moocha route, you get to enable cheats during the new playthrough which should help a bit (Finn's one gives you 100,000 G immediately for example). Hope that helps!

It's fine! I'd feel demotivated if the feedback was like 100% negative but if it was a mix of positive and negative then it wouldn't be lol.

Yeah still lots of bugs. Ver 1.0.3 has fixed most of those random crashes at least. Are you on that version?

Hi there, currently no Discord server available (there was one made by not me, but it was deleted I believe)

Yeah, that's a bug indeed. I'll get around to fixing that later.

You don't interact with animals. Instead you use weapon to hit it like you do for enemies.

You can only save via the statue.

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No jump and climb. Just basic movement using the arrow (for keyboard) and joystick (for controller) and use tools, save items, interact etc. There should be a somewhat input helper in the game to indicate what actions you can take and which button to press. I plan to make it possible to rebind control, but it's not currently possible in this version.

I tested using PS3 controller but any Xbox controllers should also work.

Interact with any watery area to drink and have a bath, but you can't drink sea water.

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Mine is 16GB, so that's probably not it... I've uploaded ver 1.03, which at least fixes crashes during loading save file and some NPC schedule error causes random crashes too (every error results in random crashes which makes it really hard to pinpoint 0_0). Hopefully it reduces the frequency of your crashes X"D

If you can, when you re-test, could you run the game through command line so that it pops up the complete debug log?

Type cmd on the explorer bar like this, press ENTER, it should popup a black box

Then type "start BaradiseEscapeWindows1.03.exe" or "start BaradiseEscapeWindowsDemo1.03.exe" (without the quotation marks) depending on the version you're playing.

There should be many scary lines popping up there, but it's the complete log of what's happening back-end. Hopefully during the crashes, there will be better hints to be found there.

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Aaaaa I'm so confused 😭

The game always runs in my computer just fine. I'd prefer if it were also crashing in mine just to make it easier to bugfix... Btw, what is your PC spec? Hmm it might also be because has coding practices of mine that cause memory leak... What is your RAM size?

EDIT: I found some errors on my end... not sure if it relates to your crashes, but I'll fix those in version 1.03 and hope for the best (?) lol

Ah, I'm not sure why ^^; Might be because the new engine requires slightly higher requirement for PC spec (the graphic card)

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Hmm now that I think about it, it might be because of Particles2D (the sparkly effect thingy). Were you able to ever see a sparkly effect on the ground?

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Does it say "Baradise Escape Windows Demo 1.01" on the zip file? (And is there "Press any button to continue" on the logo & sliding CG screen?)

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In initial version there was a fatal bug causing Mads initial cutscene to be deleted if you have slept in the cave near him. It should be fixed now but you have to (unfortunately) redownload the new version and restart the game to meet him (immediately go to left area from the initial beach). I have also tried fixing meter going missing after sleeping. Could you try out new version and see if it works? Yeah survival should be balanced more 😓

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The rest of characters are harder to find but Mads is only on the left area from initial area where player is spawned. BUT in initial version there was a fatal bug causing Mads initial cutscene to be deleted if you have slept in the cave near him. It should be fixed now but you have to (unfortunately) redownload the new version and restart the game to meet him (immediately go to left area from the initial beach). 

Can you help me go to the appdata folder and send me the log files? (all the text files there)

Should be in C:\Users\[your_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\BaradiseEscape\logs

Really want to fix the bug but have no idea what's the cause 😓

BTW, are you on Windows or Mac? Really confused as I could go to that area without on my computer :"D Really need to develop better ways to log cause of bugs...

Hnnghh really no idea on where to begin debugging lol. Do you mean you can't press button to exit or did you get stuck to a weird spot causing you to be "stuck" and can't move?

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 I couldn't teleport back to the other ones and the game told me that I haven't found other waypoints which was not the case. It seems like I can only teleport to the waypoints I found once unless I interact with them again? 

=> This is not intentional. More like bugs. But I'm not sure if this is exclusive to Mac version or if someone on Windows have the same problem, I'll need to look into that further. Did you load save files between the two teleporting times?

EDIT: I've found the cause of this bug!!

As for the meter, yeah, good point... Should probably make it run much slower.

Currently it's not so intuitive, but you could grab the game log files from here:


It doesn't discriminate between game logs and errors though, but that should be able to narrow down the issue.

Any keyboard button would work, but it is not possible to skip the first few seconds. I should probably change something about that as many seem to be confused of it and thought the game froze 🤔

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I'm so confused of the many bugs. Which area was it when the game closed by itself?

Windows or Mac, btw? Also, if you were to leave starting beach before the day change to day 2, did it crash? (am having trouble fixing the bugs 😓)

Do you mean the game keep crashing as soon as the time changes to 00:01 or did it occur after doing something? Which map were you on when the crash occur?

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Press any button on your keyboard to continue after like 3 seconds have passed (after logo animation has ended)

Windows or Mac? Is it crashing or you can't skip pass the initial logo? (In that case, you need to press like any button on keyboard after the logo animation has finished)

Thank you for liking my games 😊

Yea $60 get fanbook as well (but fanbook isn't released yet so currently there's no difference in the two)

Eh it's fine. Different strokes for different people lol.

Do you mean the game keep crashing at exactly 1am day 2 or did it occur after doing something?

Do you remember which items? Might be problem with the inventory data.

Haha 🤣

For the time being, I'm planning to continue raise funds through Patreon. Probably will start making a monthly update beta access available (I feel like it should be feasible to start adding content updates each month).

Probably will release two versions at once, with free demo being limited in in-game days.

There's no in-built function like in Renpy, but I did make pseudo screenshot function for my own purpose (but very rudimentary one, so the previous screenshot file will be overwritten when you press 's' again)

The April one was really outdated at this point. I have since basically recoded / rewritten the game in a whole new engine. New beta will (hopefully) be released end of this year!

Probably released both at the same time, with demo limited in in-game days kinda thing.

Target is to release by the end of this year (aka just 2 more week-ish, gotta speed up so I can stuff as many scenes as possible xD)

Slipped in the words mentioning that in the last paragraph)