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Yeah, it has been fixed but not yet re-uploaded (want to wait until the proofreading is done as well)

If you go to sleep, and continue until Seiyuu Award, you should still be to get his ending.

Nah, you can use other method to. E-mail is just the easier one. 

Did you get a scene with Shuu's uncle at the restaurant? The adopting pet scene is after that.

Weekend is only Sunday. You can go outside on Saturday.

Can you send me your save file to

Welp, gotta change the date... I thought it was on weekdays xD

I think that event should be triggered when number of sex >= 7

If I may ask, when did you start playing the game? (because while the saving randomly transferred to foreplay bug should be fixed, old save files will still be affected).

The only way to move forward is to just continue through the foreplay mode (the days will be rolled back several days usually) and re-save there. 

It is a known issue with old game version. However, even if you update to latest version, the save file will still wrongly redirect you to foreplay mode. To continue, just play until the end of foreplay mode. You might find that you need to replay some days in-game.

It is fixed, but already-corrupted save file won't be fixed. Just play the foreplay mode and replay the last few days. 

The two scenes were mixed up in previous version of the game (so if you top, you become bottom instead). Latest version should fix the issue. 

Mini update: Fixing bugs in the "skip days" feature + several minor bugs reported.

When number of sex >= 7, make him wear cat costume and the scene will trigger.

There will be an official guide, but... it's not done yet x"D

  • 4th: I think you just have to use kiss him on the lips three consecutive times during foreplay mode
  • 6th: When numberofsex >= 5 and he's a dom, give him a blowjob three times in a row during foreplay mode
  • 12th: Can't have pet, spend time with him in the restaurant after becoming lovers with him
  • 15th: Give him blowjob three times in a row during foreplay mode

I found a minor bug causing that. For now, on the day it vanishes from current audition app, go to the agency to take the audition once again.

I think that's a CG you trigger if you top Hikaru on fireworks festival, then losing the next rock-paper-scissors after that (after foreplay mode section)

Oh, gotta fix that soon... The skip feature is still so buggy ~_~

Hey there, the answer is "ponpon". 

Also, to get a lover, you need to spend time during the weekday as well (don't just go on dates on weekend with him) 

Contact me via with your save file, please (the one in your "saves" folder)

I believe downloading the newest version should fix that bug (save file will still be there)

Could you tell me when you last downloaded the build? Thanks! 

I'll update with the fixes soon.

You should re-download instead from the original download link. app doesn't always work.

Hey there, you can re-download the game. Even if you delete the previous build, the saves are still retained in your new build.

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That's an issue that is in earlier build. To continue playing, just ignore whatever error there is. (press "ignore") 

(For your next playthrough, it is advisable to use latest build, however) 

Oh good point. Will be added in next build.

Mini update: There was an error whenever you try to practice your charm in front of the mirror in previous build, if you have that version of the game please re-download. 

Skipping days function has also been added, but 99% untested (I only ran through it once). It is only usable after you've gotten at least 1 guy's best ending.

Yeah, I can't be held responsible if players end up missing events because of it tho xD

1) Yeah, if you become his one night stand, you can't progress further in his route.

2) Bring him to love hotel. Next time you meet is at a certain job (there's a new job around December or so?)

Hello there, what is the error message you encountered? Do you remember?

Yeah, newest build should fix name changing to None, but if your name is already None, it can't revert back to original value.

Performance tweaks suggestion are fine =)

I just don't want to add anymore features to this game because at this point, there are too many features to the extent that some are not polished enough ~_~ 

I'm not gonna add anymore feature to the game, though. This feature is added because so many people are asking me about it (because the game's a pain to replay and too time-consuming).

Yeah, the plan is definitely to only allow skipping after you finish a guy's best ending at least once xD 

Hmm, I'll try and see if I can code it better to allow for special day to still be triggered.... 

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It is not really a bug. I'm not sure why people find his route that much harder even though the condition doesn't differ much from the other guys... (I'll try lowering his condition in next build tho).

This might be of help to you:

There is no doctor scene with Shiba. It is an exclusive scene for Shuu. 

Oh, will fix soon. 

Nah, it is not a planned thing as well. I'm just saying "for now" because I might change my mind about it later.