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Meyaoi Games

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Cheats is already available, though?

Just contact support@itch.io if you want a refund.

You can contact support@itch.io to get the refund.

After the game is officially released. 

No Steam release planned. I mean, this game has a bunch of adult content, it is impossible to get on Steam without some kind of censoring.

At that point, you are not supposed to get his phone number yet. It should be at the VA school, when friendship point is more than 200. People have been going on dates with Shiba, so I don't think it's a bug.

You'll need to refund and repurchase. If you tell me your e-mail address, I can check the price you initially paid. 

There's a calling scene where you talk about your pets. You can play with pets to lower stress effectively. 

No updated content. Just the voicing.

If you want to report bugs, do it via e-mail please meyaoigames@gmail.com, and give screenshot of the the error report. 

Yea, partially voiced. No, beta isn't currently voiced. To check the hours, just play the demo first. That contains around 6 weeks of gameplay and the full game is 1 year. 

Playable. Just redownload the game file. 

No, he doesn't need to be the top, but he needs to be dominant (let him triggers the penetration - either as top / bottom - instead of using the "make love" button)

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Requires Toru to be dominant  and total number of sex >= 5 

You will then get the chibi after you give Toru a blowjob.

Well, the plan is to get it released in 2018. If you want to get the refund, you can still contact support@itch.io, then if they can't process the refund, I'll refund manually via Paypal.

Send an e-mail to meyaoigames@gmail.com for bug reports. The other guys aside from Tocchan (the glasses wearing guy) are playable. 

Yeah, the error will not let you trigger any of his shoppingmall scenes. Gonna fix both issues soon.

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Even during Kickstarter beta access is on a different tier than the game copy one, though. If I give the beta access to pre-order copies, that means people who pre-orders get to play beta with cheaper prices than Kickstarter and that will sure cause another complaints.

Glad you like him :p

Shiba route should be soon-ish. 

Well, it's not gonna be released in two weeks, if that's what you are asking. If you wish to upgrade, you can e-mail support@itch.io to ask for refund on your $29 purchase. Then, you just repurchase at $50.

It might be a bug. Report to meyaoigames@gmail.com to have it fixed.

There should be a new command when you're interacting with TV.

That's the good ending. Same as best ending condition, but you don't win Seiyuu Award.

Can use it on TV. Planned to make graphics for the console, but maybe later.

It should auto-trigger, but only if you have become lovers with that particular guy.

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Twitter.com/meyaoigames. If there's no update there, then there's no update. Updating a character isn't as easy as you might think.

Yeah, just download, extract, and play. 

$48.99 is a beta, allowing you to play until the year ends. Demo allows you to play until 15 February only. 

No, you don't have to. 

Shine quest: Complete yellow haired miko quest, keep the prayer for later. Talk to the guy at shrine. Talk to miko again to pray for him.

Guard quest: Talk to the guard at cinema first (gotta change the 3 kids to feed part tho lol, he should be single...)

Oh yeah I thought you were asking about costumes lol x"D

Hmm... I couldn't really see how this is possible (checked the code and it shouldn't happen). Can you tell me if you encounter it again? (with SS if possible)

Release date is still up in the air. Gonna be released... well, when it's finished (it's a 1 person work, so :|)

Keep spending time with him during the daytime.

Just press "ignore" for now. Gonna fix later. Also, if you encounter bugs, please e-mail instead of commenting.

Check the twitter / FB

No difference, just aesthetic change.

TV currently only has a use in Toru route.

Thanks, really appreciate that.


No. You get traits from: eating at the restaurant, buying and reading the books (make sure to read the books at night)