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Hmm now that I think about it, it might be because of Particles2D (the sparkly effect thingy). Were you able to ever see a sparkly effect on the ground?

Yes, I collected many shells, and even the broken ship/boat got many axes and a wooden stick. I was able to chop the trees, but didn't have any use for them yet. I was able to see like 3-4 statues. The special effects/sparkle effects were present on the ground, around the statue, etc. I will try to check the game tonight and see if I get the same problem or another one.

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Aaaaa I'm so confused 😭

The game always runs in my computer just fine. I'd prefer if it were also crashing in mine just to make it easier to bugfix... Btw, what is your PC spec? Hmm it might also be because has coding practices of mine that cause memory leak... What is your RAM size?

EDIT: I found some errors on my end... not sure if it relates to your crashes, but I'll fix those in version 1.03 and hope for the best (?) lol

My RAM is 16 GB. processor 11th, I don't think the video card would make a huge difference (since the graphics are not that demanding) but it is the latest. My RAM is the average. Well, tonight, I will check it out and tell me if I get more bugs :D

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Mine is 16GB, so that's probably not it... I've uploaded ver 1.03, which at least fixes crashes during loading save file and some NPC schedule error causes random crashes too (every error results in random crashes which makes it really hard to pinpoint 0_0). Hopefully it reduces the frequency of your crashes X"D

If you can, when you re-test, could you run the game through command line so that it pops up the complete debug log?

Type cmd on the explorer bar like this, press ENTER, it should popup a black box

Then type "start BaradiseEscapeWindows1.03.exe" or "start BaradiseEscapeWindowsDemo1.03.exe" (without the quotation marks) depending on the version you're playing.

There should be many scary lines popping up there, but it's the complete log of what's happening back-end. Hopefully during the crashes, there will be better hints to be found there.