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I should be able to! Let me sort out a build & throw it at a tester tomorrow to make sure that nothing breaks and I'll get back to you when it's live :D


Yes! No DRM in any of the itch builds.

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My suggestion would be checkboxes for common bulletpoints, with fields for adding additional information. I'd avoid including a "severity" or judgement call on those bulletpoints - "Sexual Content" instead of "Explicit Sexual Content", since details are often highly circumstantial.

We'd end up with "Violence" (chosen from bulletpoint) - "Contains one instance of low fidelity gore" (entered by developer into a text field).

Would also, for accessibility purposes, suggest including a highlighted checkbox for flashing lights/photosensitive epilepsy.

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As a team of 3 with no savings on hand & using our revenue to help keep ourselves afloat, the unanticipated lack of income puts us in a pretty crappy situation :/

Why was there no communication from itch about this? I fail to see why I'm finding out about it from idly browsing the forums rather than say, an email sent to creators.