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Winter Wolves

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Yes you can talk them only in the places they are at. For plot reasons, many stays in Grimoire (Vaeril, Galan, Dasyra) but the others need to stay in their own places. So that's the correct behavior :)

I sent two emails in past days, did you get them? Thanks

Thanks email sent :)


since I'm a developer based in europe, I need to create an invoice for every payment I get from itch.io by law. The problem is that I don't know the address of the company and I wasn't able to find it anywhere on the site.

I opened a ticket on git but was ignored after 3 months. Since this is a very simple question, could someone please answer me? I was able to find this info for all the other appstores I sell on (mobile, Steam, Humble, BMT micro).


You don't need winzip, from windows 7 onward you can extract .zip files directly from the file system. Or you can try itch.io client that does everyting automatically.

Yup, maybe one day! After I finish all the other games in progress though :)

Created a new topic End of act 1 saves wanted!
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I would like if anyone could send me their saves at END of the current version. I am preparing the next act and I would like to use as starting point to test some saves done by "real players". I have saves myself of course but very often I used cheats to speed up development.

The savegames can be found in the /saves/ subfolder in  the installation directory.

So if any of you played the current CL version until the end of first act, and has a savegame just before the end of it, would be awesome if you could send it to me. Use info@winterwolves.com to send your saves :) thanks!

Thank you :)

It uses a very old Ren'Py version but at least on Windows 7 works fine! I think even Windows 10, probably if you use the itch.io client it works (not sure why but it happened that the .zip download wouldn't work).

Yes there are some cameos from Loren, in particular Karen and Apolimesho.

Karen also has a secret CG to unlock, even if you can't romance her in the game :)

No that doesn't matter, it's because you used a newer version of Ren'Py. The one I used is the same version that's on Steam, and nobody has ever reported any problem. I really think must be the Windows Vista (it's quite old indeed). Sorry about it!

Yes I'm not sure what else could be, the installer from my own site it's the same since over a year and nobody had problems :)

I also have a normal demo with installer on my own site here: http://www.winterwolves.com/download.php?game=HeirsAndGraces-1.0.0.exe

Strange, I just tried here and it works :( What windows version?

I unzipped it on a specific folder though, maybe you could try that? first move the zip in a folder and then unzip it?

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Going to try now and let you know! Are you using Windows, or?

Thank you! :)

Thanks, yes I think having the buy/demo buttons on top would be a good idea. Could also just be a HTML tag/special code in the editor so people can place them where they want :)

HHow can I add the buy/download button at the top of the page? For example like in this game: https://devolverdigital.itch.io/highhell

I couldn't find any information regarding this. Thanks!

OK thanks, for now I'll wait and see if meanwhile the DLC thing is implemented. Maybe before end of year :)

I have the following issue: one of my games has  a DLC. Currently itch.io doesn't support DLCs. I could put the whole game+DLC as single itch.io download, but the Steam keys should be two (base + DLC keys) and that's not supported either.

So in practice I was wondering if either DLC support (with a separate steam key for the DLC) is coming in the next months, or if could be possible to add two Steam keys for each purchase ?

 want to put a collection of games as single product (I don't want to build single product pages since are very old games). It's possible to do that? I mean, like each game having its own directory? I guess the itchio app wouldn't know how/which one to start though (there would be 6-7 different exes in the various directories).

Thanks :)

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Yes, that works, but the problem is that if I resize it to anything less than the original, only the image+button shows. Not the game name, platforms, etc. Would be nice to have more customization options, like remove the thumbnail image on the left for example :)

Thanks, that's a good system :)

IIt would be nice to have more customization options for the iframe embedded button. For example if you adjust the size it will immediately remove the text and only show the image with buy. Would be nice to be able to hide the image only for example. I'm making some tests but with the current widget size doesn't fit my site layout:

I know I can use the javascript API but would be nicer to just use the embedded button :) thanks

Sorry but I couldn't find a clear answer. Question: let's say I do a beta testing of my game with pre-orders. I sell maybe 100 copies. If I add 100 Steam keys later, people who have ALREADY bought it here can get a free Steam key right? it's automatically added for each previous purchase? (for new purchases obviously it works normally). Thanks


another feature that could be useful is having some kidn of permanent bundles, like what happens on Steam (for example a collection of games of the same series with a small discount). Probably you can do it with the normal sales bundles but you need to set the expiration date to like 5 years from now and looks a bit weird :)

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No, how you describe it is fine. That's how it works on Steam too after all :)

Only thing I would also add is list the DLC / buy button on the base game page automatically, maybe below the default purchase options. Thanks



unless I missed something, a proper DLC support is missing. What I mean? Simply, on Steam I can create a DLC for the base game very quickly. Here I can do an extra version with game+DLC, but it's not very practical if for example there are 3-4 DLCs.


base game + DLC 1 + DLC 2 + DLC 3

would be much more convenient if was possible to upload the base game, and then the DLC as separate upload/downloads, so players could buy them individually (maybe some players like DLC1 but not DLC2, etc).

Instead right now the only solution is to make each combination of base game + the various DLC and honestly it's not practical.

In summary having the possibility to upload a subfolder/files of the main project as DLC, like:

gamedirectory/ => upload it as base game

gamedirectory/DLC1/ => upload it as DLC 1, in the itchio app should be possible to download and MERGE the content, not REPLACE the base game

and so on for all the various DLCs. Of course with the download system wouldn't be much practical but that's fine (if people want to download DLC1.zip and then manually unzip it in the game installation folder, well they can always do it).