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Winter Wolves

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Yeah I think you can play it :)

Hmm I have no clue honestly! My guess is that could be currency conversion or something? Maybe due to the payment method? I think maybe using Paypal doesn't have extra charges, while other payments could have them? It's the first time I heard of such an issue since I'm selling games on itchio :O

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Hi, sorry about that, have you tried asking itchio guys? From my control panel I see a recent purchase and it shows $24.99 to me. So not sure what happened?

Hah, interesting bug. Of course the upgrade should be hidden while in the rewards screen. Thanks will fix it on next update :)

You're welcome thanks for letting me know

Ah lol thanks, going to fix it :)

OK no worries. I was just curious to know what made you stuck. Glad you liked it! :)

Ah damn forgot to check the sprites (I fixed the speaker names but forgot that).

I might add an option to have the fedora on/off since some players didn't like it, I should find a space in options to put that :P

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Thanks I think I know what it is, I've made an update just now and I believe it should fix it :)

If you still have the save in which you're stuck could you send it to me? I think should have worked without restarting!

Weird it should work, just going in the hub and back to the map should enable them! Let me know if still doesn't and will take another look, but I tried with the save Vellawulf sent me. Thanks

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Hmm could you send me the save so I can check? they're in the installation folder in a subfolder called saves/ , numbered by page-slot. Thanks :)

Forgot my email is

Thanks! Order has some pretty tearjerking stories too. My favorites of that group are Mercurio and Kraken :)

BTW I'm also considering to add a hint game directly in-game, which people can turn on/off in options or something. So will probably add that in next update :)

Hi, glad you liked the game :)

And I've finished the guide, I posted in my forums here:

If I can find a way to have spoiler tab like in my forums I'll post it here too (I want people to be able to click on single stories so only if they're stuck).

Fun anecdote: I added the beard on purpose because so many people asked for a bearded protagonist in my games (there was never one before) XD lol!

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Hi, unfortunately removing the beard is not possible since I'd need to change also ALL the romance CG (if was just the character sprite that would be possible).

I'm going to update the game page with this information now, I didn't think it was a big matter but better tell people before they buy.

I know there's an user who said is working on a mod to make this possible (which means they would manually edit all the images). If they manage to do that I'd be happy to include it in the game.

You're welcome!

The game soundtrack in MP3 and several wallpapers of the game (this is valid also for all my other games).

Hello, no this game is SFW, no explicit sex.

I think should be 1.3.4 or something, it should be displayed on the main menu. This is a game from 2012, I last updated in 2014 I think when I put it on Steam. For the recent games there's a changelog.

Haha thank you!!!

Yes, is in beta so there might be some bugs (albeit the game is a plain VN so probably just typos) but the content is all done, all paths/romance CG are finished.

No the two main characters are only friends, sorry :)

I have done  that, 1 row 1 key each, and was working but recently has stopped to.

Just to show what happens. Users see this:

however if I go in my control panel, it seems there are plenty of keys available:

Thanks, if was just one user might have been random but I got really a lot of emails in last weeks. Also a reminder when you run out of Steam keys would be a nice feature to add :)


in recent weeks I had a lot of buyers complaining that they didn't get any Steam key. I have checked and ALL my games should still have 100+ unclaimed keys. How is this possible ?? They should be all getting the keys. Thanks

There's optional NSFW texts, and naked images of girls touching each other.

Well then clearly is some bug on itchio side since I just added them. Maybe email me at so we can sort things out :) thanks

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I have added them for Roommates and Loren, but for Planet Stronghold I'm pretty sure the keys amount isn't an issue:

I forgot that I put so many keys years ago. Can you try to see if Loren / Roommates give you the Steam key? Otherwise looks like an itchio bug of some sort!

Hi, could be that they're finished, I'm going to add new ones shortly! Thanks for letting me know :)

In the options screen there should be the text "Suggestive Content" and you can enable or disable it (I think by default is censored).

It's longer than my last two releases (Hazel and At Your Feet), 120k words and has a lot of branching so you'll need to play it several times to see everything.

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Yes the choice in this case if you want to pursue Grace is to pick the "less damaging" choice. I might change it though if needed. Note that you don't need to have max relationship to end up with a certain romance at end of the story.

As for search for Grace choice, yes I removed it and in practice now always shows in the main plot so it always happens since was causing plot-holes later if you never apologize to her. Hope it makes sense :)

Thanks, I just updated the game a few hours ago to 0.7.6 so that bug shouldn't happen again :)

No it's still beta, so there could be some bugs. There's all the content though :)

I'm going to change the title to beta so people know it's not  final yet.

Yes like all my games :)