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Winter Wolves

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I think I replied to you by email, let me know

OK thanks I know the writer read the comments too, so I'll let him decide how to handle this.

I see thanks for the explanation. Shouldn't be a problem to change it since I searched for the word asian and is used 5-6 times only (referring to Rika) in the whole story so it's a simple change :) Thanks

Can you explain better? Why makes you uncomfortable? (as non-native English speaker I don't understand)

I'll let the game writer know anyway :) thanks

Cool glad you liked it!

Strange, I'll take a look at it. An user made a good guide in my forums BTW:

I replayed the match, it doesn't explain the average indeed so I'm going to add some explanations, but the picture doesn't go away immediately unless you click the mouse? To be clear is this one I'm talking about:

Glad you liked it. About the relationships, that's the point of those games not? I mean it's how it works in VNs in general. If you save often (not every choice but like every game day) is rather easy to go back and pick other choices to change the outcomes.

For volley, I thought it was already explained in the "match screen" itself: it shows the relationship and does an average, and it must be of the required level for the match. Or something wasn't clear? thanks

Thanks, as I said in public since this game wasn't written by me and is very different from what I usually do, feel free to send feedback. Some people got put off by the strong language, so I might consider tweaking it  slightly before Steam launch. It's still a beta after all.

Yes of course, like all my games :)

It is Lakadema

Ah don't worry, a scene will automatically trigger in a few days! You only need to wait but you didn't miss anything.

Either my forums or here is fine, I check this place too :) thanks

(2 edits)

He should be a simple soldier, since the sergeant have green suit (Rumi now has it).

Good, maybe I'll also add another rollback enable during the main scenes.

Strange, I disable it during combat because otherwise leads to bugs, but after a fight it should work again. Maybe try to do a combat and see if works? Otherwise need to ask Ren'Py coder since I'm not sure why that happens!

No problem, you're welcome. However I should point out that doing so you miss a lot of early dialogues for each character (since they refer to specific events in the main plot). I'd recommend maybe to replay the game in VN mode if you want to play different routes.

Yes you can start as "single" and then romance anyone, including the original love interests, not just the new ones.

Thanks, yes I think it's likely related to the gym reset attribute thing, I'll take a look!


you can either install itchio client which works the same way as Steam, keeping all games you own updated, or in your account you should be able to download the updated .zip (but honestly is better to use the client since it's all automatic).

Maybe check the FAQ here like this one:

In the latest version there's an experimental VN mode already! :)

What do you mean? Did you get the romance CGs? For the scheduler the important is to take breaks to avoid stress going to high and trigger the mindless rage bad ending :)


send me an email ( with the details of the original purchase (maybe email/name is enough) and I can send you an updated version.

Thanks for the saves, but trying from the first two saves, the quest was always completed successfully, so I'm not sure honestly how you ended in the 3rd situation! :O

(1 edit)

You can email me the saves at thanks! I probably will only need the first but just to be sure send all three.

If you can send me a save before the quest it could be helpful! The saves are located in the saves/ subfolder in the installation directory.

I have fixed that bug in the latest update, can you try to update to version 0.6.53 and start again? it should work now. Thanks

Awesome! Yes luckily the kind of games I make work even on very old PC - I have a 10+ years old PC with Windows XP and they still work fine! :P

During the beta for sure not, since with the new Catalina OS would be impossible (I don't even have a mac anymore myself, so on every single update I should ask someone else). Once the beta is done I'll think about it but unfortunately it's unlikely I'll have Mac support again in future games after their crazy new requirements. It's rather simple to install Windows or Linux alongside MacOS though (you can dual boot).

I was hoping that there was some solution/workaround like already happened in the past with Gatekeeper (when 99% of user simply ignored it otherwise no software would work again) but so far I haven't heard about anything.

However: if you have a previous version of MacOS, the mac app is actually inside the bundle so you should be able to run it unzipping the .zip file. Basically download the .zip file, extract it, and you should find a Planet Stronghold with an icon that should work (unless you have Catalina).

Sorry about the inconvenience :(

Thanks, yes is a bug since in VN mode the kill count doesn't increase, will need to do a custom fix for that! Thanks

All the romance routes are done, I'm only waiting for chapter3-4 from editor and then everything should be ready!

Hello, unfortunately I cannot since Google banned me and I have no longer access to anything, so I can't even verify if you owned the games :( I am sorry but it's not my fault, they revoked my access a day from another without warning. If it helps, I often do big discount sales on Steam or itchio. Thanks and sorry again

I'm afraid I don't know what else to try, I asked the coder and he told me that the only way would be to reinstall the game, sorry about that (this is also a reason why I'm not going to do more mobile versions in future, on PC this would have been pretty easy to fix).

Yes I'm not sure if deleting would also delete the progress :( nothing on screen responds to touch? or for example you can change the inventory/skills screens? maybe try tapping on the arrows?

Strange seems like the character screen is opened over the map. But if you exit the game it shouldn't do this, try maybe to restart the device completely (I don't make the iOS version myself so I should ask the coder if he has any clue).

I need to ask the proofreader, the only thing left is to get the last two chapters texts edited/proofread, then the beta can begin! She sent me a good amount of texts before Christmas, but since the game story is so big will take some more time I think.

No that's the thing, I see all those messages and the user is ALREADY banned. So I cannot ban them, and I have to delete them manually :(

Same problems as before, comment spamming, got about 15-20 yesterday and 10 more today. I am giving up canceling them. I hoped this issue was solved already.

Since the accounts are banned, why not auto-delete all their posts?? I don't want to manually delete them myself!

Sorry I don't understand what you mean ?