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Regarding Lacey ending, Jill (the writer) told me: "To unlock Lacey's romance ending, you must choose "Stay at your station", otherwise you get Lacey's friendship ending even if you've maxed out her stats and ignored Noah."

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Thanks for the feedback will check the gallery.

As for the "high school first kiss style story", remember that this is not my story, I only helped the writer finishing it so I didn't want to  force anything. My upcoming games have all optional adult content :)


The "rescue quests" can be done only after the first full moon (there should be a pop-up message in the game warning about this). So don't worry, a few days after the first raid in N'Mar it will show up.

The reporting on is very good, however it's missing what I believe to be a basic feature, that is total sales by period. I can know how much one game sold in a certain period of time, but unless I missed something obvious, you cannot know the total money made in last week/month/year etc.

I think should be a useful addition to the analytics tools :)

Hi, I have a question, I looked around but can't find an answer (even if I'm pretty sure it's a common question).

User bought base game for X. I have added content that requires X+$2 to unlock. Can user just pay the difference and not the full amount again? Since they already paid for the base game? Thanks

Yes they're not compatible. Also the Android version is censored, while this one is not. I recommend the desktop version over the Android for sure!

Uh you're right, I thought there was zero fees but checking the site indeed is not like that anymore! Strange I think must be something they changed in the last couple of years...

I just got the email about the new fees. I am fine with it, but I only wanted to point out regarding the new Paypal fee, that I believe it's possible to have 0$ / no fee when sending paypal payments, through the "mass payment" system. I know because the vendor I was using before and others use it, they were from USA too, and I always got the payment without any fee.

Not sure how it works exactly but I think worth investigating, since paying a fee of $20 each payment when it could be avoided could be annoying :P

There should still be a demo here (the game was updated after that):

You can just email me and I'll send you a new download link (or Steam key) :)

Ah OK, your system seems good then!

Why not use existing rating system like the IARC?

developers like me who have their game on Google Play could just re-use the rating they already have (it's required on Google Play) so it would be instant.

*** SPOILER! ***

During the scene where you become a vampire, ask Zachary and Valery to go with them, triggering an early "game over".

Ah yes I'll delete the other two. This was made with a very old/custom version of Ren'Py and the only one working is the Windows one.

Ah OK sorry if I misunderstood :) As I posted in my forums in this specific game I think allowing full customization to the character might have been the cause, since for a writer (even if I didn't write most of the story) is much easier to write if you have a specific character with past history than trying to write a story that fits both an human, elf, dwarf, etc. Under this aspect I think it's honestly too hard to have a game with a gameplay like open world + full character customization and also write a very compelling story (since I'm limited by the gameplay/system). I feel only if I'll make again VNs for example like Bionic Heart I can concentrate fully on the story without being constricted by gameplay. Thanks

Well, I'm sorry that you didn't like the game :(

I'll try to answer quickly to some points:

- "stop caring about the art". You might not believe it and you're free to not believe it but I put a LOT of effort on this game. So if you think I just made it quickly without passion you're wrong since I even wrote myself 1/3 of the game (with a proofreader help of course). Probably this is worse for you since if a game I put so much passion is so mediocre (in your opinion) then I'm doomed lol

- good storytelling or good sales: who said are independent? since I'm on the "other side" of the fence and I know exactly how much each game made I can tell you that you simply CAN'T have good sales with bad storytelling. An exception could be SOTW where there was so much RPG gameplay that some people might have bought it for that, rather than the story.

- you mention you follow me from Heileen times, and I thank you for that :) however I am wondering... you say that I am always declining, I can't believe you think that Heileen series had better writing than this game, right?

- Zachary and Valery are liars. THEY say they're centuries old ;) Remember how they're lying to the main character of Cursed Land about why they're helping the whole time? That is just one of their lies, not a plot hole.

As I said I'm sorry that you didn't like it - my goal is to make stories that people like (maybe even love but probably that's asking too much). However you can imagine that as author, I need to view the whole picture. I had a lot of people tell me all different things: SOTW is much better than Loren, Loren is much better than SOTW. Cursed Lands is my best game, more than Loren. SOTW is better than Cursed Lands. Insert any other combo here :P

So I have to accept that I can't make a game that everyone will like and for sure depending on people's tastes, some will like certain games and others will like other games. But I acknowledge when I didn't do a good job, when for some games I never got so many positive comments or when sales weren't that great (QoT or Amber for example). If you criticized those two games I would have to agree sadly. But this one? It's got a lot of praise/positive reviews, and it's doing better than all the games released in last 6-7 years. Especially in a indieapocalypse climate like this one, it doesn't happen randomly, believe me :) Thanks

I can understand but since my latest two games were always in the top 10 sellers, I would expect to get some priority considering the amount owed...

I've a payment on hold since 25 days and I get no answer from support. This is getting a bit worrying (also considering I have 4 more payments pending!!!)

I've sent an email to support but no reply yet. The oldest payment is in review since 23 days, and since I have 4 more pending, it's getting a bit worrying as you can imagine... before I had to wait maximum 7 days. Hoping to get some news soon. Thanks

I have a payout in review since 20 days, another since 12 days. Is it normal ? Before I don't remember having to wait so long.

Thanks will fix it on next update! :)

Ah lol, this was never reported during beta. Thanks, will of course fix this on next update :)

Yes, here on there's the version with both censored/uncensored content :)

Please check this thread in my forums (usually after trying those things, it works):

That could be the reason, yes. I thought it would work to be honest, but the demo might be slightly outdated vs the full version (which is always the most updated version).

Yes, but even the censored part is nothing omitted, only the romance CG instead of being full naked, the characters are still dressed. That's the only difference and maybe a few lines of texts describing the scene (I don't remember exactly now).

Buying here you also get a free Steam key, so you get both versions in any case :)

Got it, thanks will take a look!

Ah another thing, the bug is in the full game or demo? the demo version is older so it might still have that bug, I need to update it. Thanks

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Can you send me the save before it shows up? You can find the savegames in a folder called saves in the install directory. Thanks!

More detailed instructions on how to send a save here:

Yes if you have a mouse with mousewheel (third button) clicking it hides the text box, or simply press H key :)

I think also using client would work, but glad you found a way! :)

That's strange since demo and full are basically the same code. However Mac has many problems recently, check this thread in my forums:

OK got it, thanks :)

A specific example:

- I do maybe a beta/alpha/pre-order for a game and set the full download for $10

- people buy that for $10

- after X months I raise price from $10 to $15 (as often some developers do) as the game gets near completion

Question: people who paid $10 will still get access to that item? or they need to pay the difference ($5)? or they need to pay again $15? It's not clear to me how this works :) thanks

Check this guide in my forums:

Email sent!

Yes just email me and I'll give you a working link :)

I think if you use client it would be easier (if I understand correctly what you do).

If you already purchased it before, the demo here on works like it was before. Otherwise you can contact me by email and I can send you a link or even a Steam key if you prefer.