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Mobile games on itch

A topic by PuffDragon created Jan 26, 2018 Views: 4,110 Replies: 6
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Hello there

I'm new here and don't understand how the iOS and Android games integrate into itch.  Could someone explain or point me to a post on this?  it seems if I download an iOS game it will launch in a browser.  What happens if I have purchased the game on iTunes - is there any link?



I'm not sure how iOS games work yet, but from my experience with developing an Android mobile game, it's as easy as downloading the .apk and sending it to your phone via adb or your preferred file transfer method. You can also directly download the file from your phone. But again yeah, not sure if it's the same for iOS. 

I also know that there are playstore integrations, a game page can have links to those.

Thanks for your response, but unfortunately it doesn't quite answer the question of whether there is any integration into itch.

My apologies, but could you elaborate a bit what do you mean by integration into itch? What are you trying to achieve? 

See that previous post I got from leafo:

You can reference the google play store on your page (assuming you have your game on both & the google store).  From itch you can download APKs straight from the site to your android phone/tablet and install the games that way.


There are a handful of different ways to integrate a mobile game into your page. You can choose what works best for you

  • You can provide direct links to google play and app store and we'll show a button on your page
  • For Android games, you can upload an APK file. Someone on their phone can download and install from our website.
  • For games that support HTML5, you can upload it like any other HTML5 game, then select "Mobile friendly" on the projects edit page. People will then be able to play the game directly in their phones browser in fullscreen when clicking a play button.

I think the fact that there are so many ways to do it means we should put up a guide about this!

Thanks so much for clarifying leafo.  That's exactly the explanation I needed.  Sorry if my question was unclear - I'm new to itch.

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