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Predation is an adult 2D pixel side-scroller action game in development currently by Horned Lizard Studios. · By HornedLizardStudios, Tib Averus, Samantha Lockwood

Found any bugs? Post them here! Sticky

A topic by Tib Averus created Dec 14, 2021 Views: 2,297 Replies: 29
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Developer (2 edits)

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for trying out the short teaser build of the game! It can still very much be rough around the edges, but we wanted to release to get as much info from as many different players as we can, with different hardware too!

If you found a bug, or something unusual that you think isn't right, please post it here and I'll look into it as soon as possible!

IMPORTANT: If you include a bug report that has a crash, instability or anything similar and not a feature bug, PLEASE provide more information other than "it crashes". When the game crashes, it will give you an error message, please paste its message in here. If it asks you if you'd like to copy the reason for the crash, please do so, and paste it here. If it's a Win32 error, please type the error in your post or paste a screenshot so I know exactly what the issue was. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do anything with your report, as I have no means to reproduce the issue and I cannot hope to fix it without knowing what hardware the issue happened on. Please at least include:

  1. Your OS
  2. Video card make and model (All of them if you have multiple ones)
  3. Processor make and model
  4. Total amount of RAM installed on the system

Thank you,


The game crashes when i try to view the game over screens

the game crash when i try to go in the gallery

the game crash when i open gallery(and byaway how to play the game)


Please include your hardware specifications, otherwise I cannot help you, but based on your desktop, I would assume you have a laptop. The game doesn't support integrated graphics cards, you need to open the nvidia control panel, and force the game to use the nvidia card instead of the integrated one. If your laptop ONLY has integrated graphics, then I'm afraid the game won't work with it.

how do i start the game? ._.



If you downloaded the Windows version, you need to extract the zip file, and find the "Predation.exe" file, and click on it twice.

If you downloaded the Linux version, please extract the zip file, navigate to the folder inside your terminal, and run it by typing in ./predation

Hope you enjoy the demo!

is not that, I open the game but just can go to gallery, Im stuck on tittle screen because i cant find any "play" button

but thx for attention ;3


As the readme and in-game reading suggested, this game is just a gallery demo, as we're still working on releasing the full version of the first level, but the build is not ready yet.


Not sure if its a bug or just my laptop being bad but in the demo stage I can't jump high enough to reach the second platform unless I turn off the advanced lighting 


This is actually my fault as I forgot to calculate things based on Delta time, this will be fixed once the full patch comes out, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Im having a problem, the game on start up scales normally but as soon as the warning screen pops up it descales and I can't click or resize it at all so then I'm stuck :(

Windows 10
AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
AMD Radeon RX 6600

The problem is with V key, which should work as a block. It works correctly in the test room but not in a chapter 1 game mode and I dunno why


Greetings, that's because the new player isn't implemented in the actual game yet. 

the game crashes every other screen change,

Windows 11 22h2

AMD RX 460 4GB edition (NOT 2GB edition)

AMD FX 8150 Eight Core (<-- that's part of the name)

8 GB RAM (1x8) + 16 GB Pagefiles

Before we go under door that suppouse to crash food despencer ther 1 enemy walking, he cant hurt us but we can. Door that leads to crashed train

The discord link of the Game is wrong. It send us to a GTAV RP server.

there is one part where after you get passed the propped open security door and then climb up unto a ledge to go over a pile of rubble but there is a knocked over vending machine on that ledge that that the game won't let me jump over even if i double jump it just completely blocks me from moving forward


This is unfortunately a known issue on older / weaker hardware, its recorded as one of the main issues we'll be fixing ^^ thank you!

The game crashes when I try to enter the boss room

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I was playing the game normally and then when I got to the first boss and opened the door the game crashed before it got to the loading screen for the boss also I know you said to include the error message but I didn't get one

On Public Build 2_0_7
If an enemy does 2 animations on the player after being knocked down (ie: knocked down, animation, don't get up, another animation), the enemy sprite won't join the animation properly and will simultaneously be standing there and engaged in the animation.
The J key to self-knockdown works even while knocked down, which is a hilarious mode of traversal but also a way to escape animations with multiple buggy consequences, including having two player sprites visible. (One under control, another locked in animation)
Combining these two bugs it is possible to get knocked down, then escape during the second animation with the self knockdown. Now there are two copies of each the player and the enemy, but the standing enemy sprite will be completely idle, leaving the player free to beat the tar out of them until they disappear without a death animation.

Also (felt worth making a separate post)
I was fighting the bunny-guy boss, and used the syringe to heal right as my toxin meter filled out, causing the screen to go black but not causing a game over. I could still hear game audio so I just mashed attack buttons and eventually it skipped to the final victorious cutscene. (I'm not sure if I was simply invincible during this bugged black-screen state or if I just got really lucky)

How do I enter the game? I'm using the windows version and when I open the game the warning pops up but I don't know how get past it and into the rest of the game, I can' find a play button and I also can't seem to make the game go full screen.


Can you tell me what version of the game you're playing on?

Version 2.0.7


That version is severely out of date, we put up the new engine version today which we'll be updating every week, I'd suggest looking into that one ^^

Thank you

it wont let me play says my driver is out of date and i updated it