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I have to play all again after this update? Or how do i load my save to newer version? And what is that option where you can place passwords? Where i can find them? Patreon?

I cant find the "perfect route guides" from the page and the link. Somebody can help me?

The discord sv invite code send us to a GTAV Roleplay DC

The discord link of the Game is wrong. It send us to a GTAV RP server.

When i leave in mid game.

I have played a little more and a little late I realized that the save files do not work at all, you can save the gems you got but the coins are lost and the time played goes blank, that is, at 0:00:00 and although when you enter you have the gems and the explored map will not appear in the file.

The tutorial has a bug, when I finish the first nsfw scene with the lizard the tutorial resets but I get stuck in the same place. In previous versions I remember there was one more animation but you can't progress. 

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Jajajaja! Me alegro muchísimo con esta noticia.
Tus ideas me parecen muy geniales para añadir, Tu idea sobre una pelea contra Puro me parece muy prometedora y en especial en ese final y si con viveza te refieres a mas interacción con los personajes o mejor diseño de mapa es interesante. Alguna otra persecución como la de la bola de pelos de la biblioteca o el león serian buenos mini-bosses.Pelea contra la dragona del nivel de los monstros de látex negro podrían ser buena idea como boss. En ese espacio para añadir mas enemigos podrían entrar los dragones o sombras gato.
Me gustaría que agregaran algunos easter eggs como la del gato en el balcón, alguna pelea con armas contra el Dr.K (spoilers)ya que en uno de sus niveles en la versión Special presenta un francotirador.  Agregar un seleccionador de niveles estaría genial también al igual que uno donde puedas ver que finales desbloqueaste. Y que tal un final secreto? Como en el Changed original.
Me gustaría saber si hay algún Patreon de Sygamer o Teff, me encantaría apoyarlo.

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Este juego es realmente es hermoso, divertido y muy entretenido aunque muy dificil aunque eso es la mejor parte, disfrute cada segundo de la actualización. Si es que ya no se actualizara mas yo seguiré apoyando tu trabajo y esperare con ansias tus proximos titulos! Algo que me gustaria es una especie de "seleccionador de niveles" que desbloquees luego de terminar el juego al 100% o algo asi, es algo tedioso tener que completar todos los niveles denuevo si quieres repetir algo.

Thank you very much.

It is the previous free version. 0.8.2

JAJAJAJAJ Alfin que alguien que habla español hace un fangame en español, mi habilidad en el ingles ya se estaba terminando. Asombroso juego, la dificultad es grande pero vale la pena. Ojala no solo sea un "corto juego" pero si lo sera igual siento que quedare satisfecho.

I have an older version completed. I have to play again from 0?

how many DOs! Art is in the game? I only need number 11 and I don't know if there is a number 20

thanks but I had to do it randomly because it's bugged and all the statues look to the same side.

Anyone knows how to solve this puzzle? I cant find the hints, i did everything in my mind.


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I must ask if after finding the big wolf you can no longer advance in the game? Im stuck rigth here.

Anyone knows how to solve this puzzle? I cant find the hints, i did everything in my mind.

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I can't find the answers for the puzzle that is on the left inside the sanctuary of the goddess. Could someone give me a hand? Also if the secret triforce amulet does more than just make glitter fall from the sky

That's a relief, thank you so much for letting me know!

It is a shame that so much time has passed since they gave signs of life, I finished the demo and I am somewhat sad about the inactivity and I would like to know what the reason is so I do not stay with doubts in my head. And also I can not find his discord to look for more track out there. And even more, the beautiful music of the main menu still leaves me stunned by its beauty and I still want more of this story.


When I get to the beach with the fox, he just lets me choose the option to "have fun" instead of "resist". Does anyone explain what happens? Or is it a bug?