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I was expecting something different, but nice small game no less

I only had a few problems

A  and  B  seems to do the same, so I had trouble picking up the bombs

I could not figure out how to use the chalk, I know I was suppose to draw a circle, but it don't seem to do anything, on;y randomly worked with the key at random

maybe a bug, but some enemies drops crystals even after being defeated one, pretty easy to farm (I don't know what the crystals are used for)

I have to say

being horny for pokemon anime girls is like... 

hanging out with friends and ignoring the candy in halloween 

or spend time with family but ignore the gifts in christmas

I'm possitive some people like that, but there's better occasions for that when there's much better things to focus

fresh run it is then

I thought pretty much all the boars except the one I died when fighting against, no key anyways, inside or out, so I got pretty bad RNG

and there was no more burgers and sodas anywhere, and I was on the last lags, unless I got a per no-hit fight, it was game over no matter what

on top of that, add 4:3 resolution so the controls are off the main screen

the game crashes every other screen change,

Windows 11 22h2

AMD RX 460 4GB edition (NOT 2GB edition)

AMD FX 8150 Eight Core (<-- that's part of the name)

8 GB RAM (1x8) + 16 GB Pagefiles

friendship? two sides? underworld?

no thanks, one fight with Photoshop Flowey is more than enough for a lifetime

I was out of healing items and SP about when you need to clear the area near the very beginning, did not try the pig's drug, decided "screw it, I can't progress it, let some of them defeated me to see what would happen, straight up booted to the main menu, not evem\n a "they captured you for evil reasons" flavor text, what did I miss?

ok, I had a weird semi-working controller mode in this, not even sure it's supported or if I had another program emulating it in the back, either way, it's not working as intented

hello brother!

I have to be honest, I dislike just about everything in this game, almost all fetishes are the ones I don't like

albeit, I could get behind a full-tour update, but I don't thin it will happen considering (what I saw so far) this game is "SFW" or better put it, soft-porn

I might not really keep track of this, but I can at lease acknowledge the effort it's put into it, and how it can make certain people happy, please don't fault me for have my preferences

that game came out of nowhere and hit everyone like a freight train

I hate to bring more bad news, but...

it seems the left stick doesn't work what so ever, I can use the right stick to look around, but I need to walk sing the D-Pad, even though is 2D and that feels better, my finger hurts playing for too long, and even more during the escape / struggle scenes

also, the B button doesn't do anything in gameplay, you could use it to swap between Ice bean and curly bean (I don't know the name(

a minor bug that I also found, is that when you find a new bean for the gun, it won't appear in the menu until you leave the area

yeah, Carbancle was also said to be a Squirrel, so probably not the best intepretation

I hate to be that guy, but I'll have to be that guy and say, Espeon are canine, not feline

Read the part where it says PunPinch Discord - here

They pretty much abandoned it though it make shovelware games

this is like a escape room game in a way

why do you hate this game so much? I think is great,  there's no need to hate it

is the game shelved? was in abandoned?

Only works on chrome for desktop, no firefox, no mobile

where can I send it to? can you DM me you  Discord numbers?

hey! I'm having issues, when I try to launch the game, it stops respoding / freezes after 30 second of loading screens, and the CPU usage always at 98% or higher

I don't care if he rape queen Elzabeth or nuked the statue of liberity,

Seth is my boy and he's too preacious, he can steal water from a desert in Africa and I'd still forgive him if he made a sequel to Amorous

so what?! I don't hate he's a terrorist is he made Amorous that great

but onces they are mingling in the camp, I just don't know who's who I just click a random 'mon and hope is the gender I want, and it only shows on the interaction menu, and once I back oput to the camp, they are roaming around again and I have to guess it again

an ya add a way to tell who's boy and who's girl? I just get all 6 variants and I often click on the wrong gender 3-5 times in a row until I luck-guess the gender I want

yes yes! great! I played many Visual Novels and your art style go above and beyond!it would be very hard to make something that looks so amazing any shorter than 10 month, but you're doing it alone AND you're very busy, you know what they say: the more the merrier! it's better late than never at all

(1 edit)

please don't tell me the game's been shelved and will be picked up 2 years later and rushed to be finished and have a disappointing ending, that's exactly what CarpetWurm did with Thristchasm, I have no enthusiasm for Tailbound after seeing so many unfinished comic in his FA

I know it's hard to make, but I wish there was a nude mode, maybe if you complete the game or through a cheat code?

but I REALLY want to have a "gallery mode" or a "free roam mode" where you can fool around with the enemies and top them without them fainting and have them to top you without damage

I'll probably not pledge on Patreon, but if you put for sale on Steam, I'll most definitively buy it

lower the graphics quality want wait 3-5 minutes for the game to start

did bedplay 1.0.1 update removed Jasonafex?

"don't hate the player, hate the game"

I don't care how much he's a jerk, Squeak Clean and Doggy Licks were great

and Amorous was a MASTERPEICE that cured my depression

so yeah, at least let me have a 3rd character if you're gonna everything about him from eSix

okay, so the problem that everyone is calling "too hard" is that jumping has zero momentum, if the cursor get too far away mid-jump, the player will stop scrolling and fall, and if the cursor gets close enough to keep moving mid-air, it seem like the "player" will colide with the mouse when the player is landing

also: "Python sucks :o"