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can you move the confirm button to be on Q insteas of Z? it's a bit hard to reach Z with my ring finger without bending my wrist, just a personal problem (Wii owner)

>game gets released

>weekly updates with minor tweaks and fixes

>release v1.0 with 3 pokemon

>release v2.0 a month later with little updates and 7 pokemon

>broken update made it unplayable

>revert back to v1.0 and removed all new stuff

"we are unhappy with the current state, we will rebuilt the game version this month"

>no update for a month

>announcements on discord

"we're gonna abandon the game and turn into an indie studio"

>makes heavy indications it will be related to NFTs

>disappears for nearly 5 years after the last announcement

>suddenly announces a v2.0 rebuilt in a new engine

>makes statements against NTF on twitter

watchmojo top 10 anime comeback of all times

I'm unsure still, I am playing in a non-standard monitor 

if framerate is related (very likely it is)  that could be the issue, as if I start holding space any time before or after the prompt appears, it instantly fails

so many games  have this issue with non 30FPS and 60FPS that causes QTEs to be unwinnable

I see,  I'm unsure if it was related to FPS being a little screwy, or some kind of bug, I needed to press space in a very specific part of the animation, otherwise it always fails

I just find a little confusing on to how to proegress

I know this is quite early in the devlopment cycle, but I'm unsure if I'm doing things right or I'm just mashing the keys in a random timing until I can progress

the werewolf in the tutorial? I have no clue what to do

also, the white text in the green background is really hart to read, please add some dialogue boxes or at least some kind of drop shadow

this would look awesome in VR ngl

.... are you new?

the installer have installable files used in the installation to install the installation

the same way a box is for a tv is bigger than the tv inside

there is your issue, you'll have to use an xbox xontroller or some software like ds4windows or x360ce

the itch desktop app can't install the game, anything you can do to make it work?

you seem to be using a knock off controller

this happens in any game that's not programmed to suppose any controller and most knock off controllers have generic names with the official inputs

translation, beta fan game can't understand chinese controller's a buttons

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that's in-fact, exactly what I was trying to say, I would prefer to buy all chapters all at once, but truth be told, I personally would be a lot more inclined to buy GT on a whim if chapter 3 already exist even as "half a game" as opposite to buying GT by itself, like you said, it may take 4 years to get to the next chapter or 10 years for the full series;

I would be slightly disappointed if I found a secret hinting towards a third game if I played right now, but would be rather giddy to see the same secret with the knowledge the chapter 3 can be bought

hell, if you look at my own comments you'll see I was pretty bored on my first playthrough and didn't even bothered to get to the second area, but between the second and third post I did down there I was alot more engaged with the story and gameplay, it just so happened I found about GT somewhere in that time frame,

don't get me wrong, I'm eager to play GT as soon as I just have some money for splurging, but I wasn't even compelled to finished CS before stumbling across GT

there's no real perfect solution it seem, I'm not opposite to get each chapter for 10 dollars nor get every chapter bundled inside a 60 dollar pack

I just feel a lot less likely to get half a chapter for 10 and wait that to be updated

if my words even make any sense at this point, I just prefer a fully finished game / chapter before sinking the money

as it stands, I'd be ok to pre-order chapter 3 as soon as GT is concidered finished

had the other, like carpetwurm was doing, he sloppy up an ending in the first game before staring a second, and was barely halfway toward that game and already planning a 3rd game, (not to mention a number of unfinished comics on his FA)

so I would much prefer this aproach

it's more like, I would rather pay 60 dollars for a full game and not 10 dollars for 6 chapters of a single game as they come out

(a bit more like Mass Effect / Dot.Hack and a bit less like Life is Strange / The Walking Dead)

not to be the "I'll not buy because X" but I wish to get the whole game with all chapters in a single bungle, is that something that can be done?

(I never though I would be asking for a season pass for a porn game)

I'm not what epic game policy on adult games, they allow games with adult content and adult themes in their store, but  not sure about adult games with sexual content as the exclusive focus

however, they offer a monetary insentivation to make games exclusive to their store, unlike steam that you need to pay to upload there, epic pays you to  upload on their store and no in steam, and I heard through the grape vines that they waver any fees for UE4+ for the first year of sales if keep as an exclusive

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I'm rather glad to see this game going in the direction it is, either my personal preferences are good or we share them

asides from a few minor things that got misunderstood, the clothes customization for one,  there could be some armor-type that makes grapple harder and slow down the movement speed, or a really durable armor that gives ample time to break free but makes loud noises when moving, is more like a win-some-lose-some so you need to choose what kind of benefit you want and what you want to sacrifice for that benefit, a light cloak that makes you nearly invisible is good, but if you get grapple, it can be ripped from you in seconds, that sort of thing

secondly, please don't use mouse wiggle, I remember the wii doing that in every game and don't think a single person liked it, plus there are touchpads on laptop that will make it nearly impossible to win that, and would you believe some people actually buy a USB touchpad to use on desktop? and also some people don't even use mouse because they have a touchscreen... not to mention the playstation touchpad

and about the stick and firecrackers,, not to be a stickler, but the game is called "running of the wolves" so it is a given that will be the main enemy, I guess is more like a few sound-based distractions, a firecracker makes a much louder sound that would distract the wolves, it could be anything like a water balloon or a piece of meat or even a used and worn underpants, mostly to enhance the stealth, causing enemies that didn't spot the player to either investigate or run away from the source of the sound or smell

and the stick, much like the armor I suggested, would be a risk vs reward item, can save the player from a imminent grapple, at the risk of the wolves coming back to grapple you if you don't throw the stick again, perhaps the stick can be a weak but unlimited resource like the rocks, but a rubber ball could be a single use item that's much more effective in distracting the wolves, but you will need to retrieve it before leaving the zone or need to buy another

and like I mentioned above, perhaps some food like meat, fish or cheese or even acorns, that could draw attention for some species and leave them vulnerable for a grapple while the player sneak by, it would be a lot more interesting if the player could help or take advantage of other contestants to escape the wolves,  I don't think a karma system is viable, but it would be nice if a badger I saved in a prior stage throw themselves in the way of a wolf so the player can run away, or a fox I backstabbed to sneak by a wolf, could be blocking the way, or throw something in my direction to alert the wolves so they can sneak away while the wolves are distracted

and the transmogrification could be a simple accessory like the  "QQ Bang" in Dragon Ball XV, where you combine a set of items or armor and equipments of similar stats and create an item that will overwrite the clothes's stats, I believe that's a simpler way to make a cosmetic system as oppose to a cosmetic and a functional set of the same equipment, I could be wrong

I have a few suggestions I would like to see in the next few phases, and of course they are skewed into my preferred view of the game, bias disclaimer warning

I would like to see some more equipment, perhaps some light clothes like a cloaks that camoflage the character that only let the wolves see them really upclose or a "heavy armor" type that makes really hard to rip them or grapple the character

I'm a little sucker for cloth physics, especially with a long overcoat / cloak in games where I can have  different armour / clothes options for over clothes, having 4 clothes's slots is the standard, but I can think of 8 or even 12 places for clothes's customization 

and any game with clothes customisation and no clothes transmogrification in the year of 2025 and behind should be consider a blasphemy to Gabe Newell and RNGesus

and maybe something like firecrackers, an upgrade to the stones that have a limited use but have a much louder aggro radius + can damage some of the wolves nearby (and the standard stones could damage the single wolf it manages to hit)

or perhaps a stick you can throw, it will make very little noise, but any wolve that sees it will chase after the stick instead of the character, with the penalty they will bring back to you and you have only a few seconds to throw another stick or they will grapple you instead

and also I would like some way to struggle and escape, not fight back necessarily, but sometimes seeing the same animation for 5 times in a single sitting is tedius when I want to progress the game (yeah, I'm one of those weirdos that likes the story in a porn game)

and on top of that, I wish there were other participants and more interactions among NPCs, some male/male wolves hidden behind some bushes using the event as a distraction for gay sex, that could be a fun easter egg by itself, but there could be some other participants in the event that could get grappled by the wolves that the player can run  into during the race, help out or "throw them to the wolves" for their own safety and slip by in the distraction

I know some of those would probably already been considered for the final release, but still want to give my 2 cents

the amount of people asking for "when is the update" and not reading the devlogs is saddening

true,  the game is barely playable on windows 11  in the last public release literally 5 years old since any updates

but this is, not steam, this site is to make easy for the devs to post small updates and find out how players use their game, such as hardware requirements and small updates that 99% of players will not see

much less a huge content update like in steam, a game in version 1.0 in steam equal to  v7.25.017.554893-b in and a game might be updated years after the last release or seconds after the last update because the devs noticed a typo on a tutorial after uploading that version

so please treat this game and this site a school project you have the semester to make, and not like a business deal that needs to meet an impossible deadline to appeal to the buyers and appease the investor

find better games on steam or xbox, here is mostly for indie devs to post work in progress, most games that are completed are moved to steam, if you don't want to acompany the devs into finishing the game, itch io is not the place

and you seem to be corrupted by the corporate greed, I never imply that free and paid are linked, this poor state of society

I already reported on discord

if you don't know about that bug, it means it's still present

any way to add to my custom model? (not from any base)

what "paid version"? I said "latest" not "paid"

message Urielmanx7 in discord and ask to beta test or something

he's been posted some devlogs every few weeks, that's all I know, of you just see the front page and click off when there's no new release, itch dot io is not a good place to find games, this place is better to find indie game and work-in-progress and other projects

you know the free version is (literal) years behind the latest version?

is the weird bug with windows explorer minimizing the game every few second already fixed?

you may have seen me somewhere else too, probably this? since it's hypnoses and all

yeah, I don't know what I did to cause this bug, but I tried to unequip the clips after the second, and Mezz said that about not being that confident, but the roars still were still able to mind control him

also, I only remembered now, when this bug happened, a 4th skill was in the menu, sometimes was struggle, sometimes was submit, and sometimes was persuade, I'm pretty sure it was the last skill used during a sex scene

sorry, I was not able to try to reproduce the issue yet, I'm starting a new playthrough to try to reach it


yes, that's what the issue was, I removed the clip after the second defeat, and the option to remove the jacket was not available yet, the boars were still able to use the mind control, I did notice mezz was doing a lot less damage in every attack, and the status were lowered in the menu, I can guess that's a different character in the script because of how RPGMaker works

and that made me think some flags were set incorrectly, maybe the masher boar is set to fight the second version of Mezz, or the second version of Mezz is set to always be zapped by a masher boar in the second area even without the clips

I can try to reproduce the issue tonight, but I know I was fighting the boars with the X on the baseball bats when this occurred

do you know me from somewhere else? if so, I'm sorry, I'm forgetful

(2 edits)

I'm not complete sure either, but I was able to remove the ear clip but not the jacket, but the next fight the boar were still able to zap his mind and the ear clips were still on his ears in the sprite animation, but I double checked after the battle, and he was not wearing them, it was not equipped in the menu

I know that is a different character in the script, so my best guess is somehow the characters got swapped in the wrong order, unless there's 3 or more versions of mezz in the script, if that's the case, whatever flag or variable that let the mind control happens is incorrect set to a different version

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but after the 2nd or 3rd defeat (not sure which) mind control effect became permanent, remove the ear clips no longer prevents mind control, but still doesn't allow the jacket to be removed

(1 edit)

I looked at the menu and unequipped the earingzzzzzt clothes willingly because I knew what would happen, and still wanted to see it

this is so sad... his mind breaking is worse than if he did unwilling... poor and sad thing...

it's not running, i see it on task manager with 0% CPU, disk and RAM

rest in peace brave companion, the adventures you had will never go forgotton

oh... so all the way back at the start? I looked at the top of the hill and at the barn on the side, not back there

I can't find a place to rest after registering for the event, where do I go?

this looks awesome! I'm glad it's getting progress

a little suggestion: I love how the shark tail moves in the second image, perharps more clothes / armor could move the same way?

long capes flowing when you move? open jackets that flaps when you turn? slightly showing their butts when the clothes move the right angles? 

maybe different armor for full body that takes over chest, leg and fett slots?

screw sidequest and all these mobile vr 

I got a real VR on my PC, why so many people want to put phones on their faces

I'm disappointed, but not surprized, very often when a small game tries to have a bigger scope that money or devs can spare, it's not very good to hear about  long delays that take 2+ years

I'm sorry you were having such troubles, I was in the same position when trying to make a game 5 years ago and again 2 years ago, I wish you better success in your future projects

I know what's the asthetics are aiming for, and I love me a throwback like that

but's it's giving me a bit of a headache, and creeping me out a little as well, and I trun around any any noise I hear, and that worsens my headache,, could there be a option to turn that off?