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A member registered May 26, 2016

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What a great concept for a game. I love stealth games, and dogs, and sunglasses.
Though it's frustrating to be spotted by an enemy immediately after 'fighting' them. I just finished convincing them!

Very satisfying

Is anything like LAN coop available yet/soon?

In the large city level, the level ends when I capture 3 reactors, but I wanted to challenge myself to clear the whole map. Could you add an option to continue playing after meeting the victory condition?

I think I understand hubs a bit better now, they are more like organizational tools than anything. For if something could have multiple conditions/actions.

I also remembered another feature I would like to see. Range setting for conditions. Basically replacing the current 0-25, 25-50 and manually setting "20%-50% shields" and the same for choosing range. Replacing "short/medium/long with ranges like, "5 to 15 metres".

That type of thing

PS: I got stuck on "Back to back", glad to hear I'm not the only one!

I think this animation is worth putting in the tutorial of the game.

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Hello! First of all I really like this game and I'm looking forward to future development. It's very fun and rewarding.

I'm still not clear on what hubs are useful for, I'm still just getting good at using multiple conditions and outcomes. Here's an example of what I've made:


My biggest requests all appear to be on your roadmap. Except being able to rename and save different AI setups. And having conditions that compare values, like. "If your health >50% and closest enemy health <50%" or, "If closest ball is closer to closest ally base than closest enemy is closest ally base". That might be understandably complicated, but it would let us do a lot of neat things, like make lower hp bots move behind allied bots with lots of health, etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading, good job on the game. Graphics are great, UI is great, I look forward to challenging my friends to AI robot battles!