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There are a few secrets you can trigger and look at in certain situations if you have a keen eye! In the future we might use this feature more for exploration and perhaps a few puzzles too ^^

Greetings! Thank you for being interested! The combat system is actually being worked on right as I write this! We're still not entirely sure how it'll work, but we do want something other than just "mash button until enemy ded, repeat"

At the moment, we have... uh, TOO many animations for the player already, and we do have a few fun new combat moves

It's hard to give an estimate still, but I REALLY want to put a test build out sometime in the upcoming week or maximum 2 weeks, so we can start iterating over the combat system!

Greetings, we're planning to release a few testbuilds in the next couple of weeks, mainly dealing with Input remapping and the AI!

I'll add a bit more context as the main developer:

Sadly that CPU's graphical unit does not support vulkan at all, and since our game uses that as the rendering device, it cannot run unfortunately. You can try a workaround:

Create a shortcut for the game's EXE file.

Right click on the shortcut, go to properties, and edit the "Target" field by including the following line at the very end of it:

--rendering-driver opengl3

This should start up the game using OpenGL 3 instead of vulkan. It's not ideal, and the visuals might look off, but it will run.

Greetings, thank you for your question, main programmer here. 32-bit is no longer supported as very few players use this platform, and since I'm required to create a custom export template, and all the tools I use only support 64-bit, it is unfortunately not possible to make it happen. I'm sure some ways it would be possible, but it would require a lot of research and work on my part to get it working.

Unfortunately I do not own a steam deck so I can't really test the game, I will be providing a linux version once the game is more finished with the entire first chapter included! Until then, you might have luck using Wine to run the game on the deck.

Greetings, the game states at the very beginning that only the first two areas are finished, the platform is the second area, there is currently no way to progress, as the game is being built constantly! Thank you for understanding ^^

I will be doing a linux version as well once the first map is out and finished with all the content in, as it stands right now, Linux is barely a few percentage of all our players, and those who play on linux can usually get the game working easily with Wine, like yourself! The only reason it doesn't exist right now is because Godot is being updated very frequently, for bugfixes and such, and I need to compile the Encrypted template for it every single time, which would take twice as long if I also did it for the Linux version, but it will happen!

The big text before starting the game states that this is a testbuild, that it only contains those two first areas ^^ I guess I do really need to make the text bigger so people read it.

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what "first ad" means ^^

Greetings, as we explained before in multiple places, we had to move engines because the old one had many problems, especially with code written by people before I joined the project, which I can't really manage anymore. We are doing our best to add everything back in such a way that will make future development of adding new things smooth and fast. Thank you for understanding!

Greetings, I did my best to plaster red text everywhere in the game and on our feed too, including our discord and the version number, that this is an EARLY build of the game. We had to move engines, as the old engine simply had too many issues, especially since it had code written by developers before me, who weren't really careful with future proofing things.
What is available right now, is an early access build that is being re-build on an entirely new engine, and we are slowly adding things back, making sure that what we DO add, is future proof, and can easily be expanded upon later on. We opted to release early so people can see and play the progress, instead of just listening to us say "oh yea we are making progress but you can't play it yet just trust us", as this, time and time again, has proven to be a bad idea, since people don't actaully know if we're just saying things or actually making progress.

In the upcoming releases, I will insert a large text-only screen in the beginning of the game that explains this, as the text I put in the "Start game" section wasn't enough it seems ^^

Thank you for your feedback!

I think there are a few places with weird clipping issues :D but ya I'll get on those soon! Thank you for letting me know!

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The answer boils down to two things.

One, the version of Godot 4 we use (4.1.2) does not support exporting the project to android, because we use C#, the .NET version.

Two, some of the technologies we use are simply not supported on android, and it's not at all worth the extra development time.

Apologies, I'll do my best to explain what needs to be done.

If you're on Windows 10, you can ignore the steps that require you to press "Show More Options"

  • Right click on Predation.exe
  • Choose "Show More Options" at the bottom
  • Choose "Create Shortcut"
  • Right click on the newly created shortcut
  • Choose "Show More Options" at the bottom
  • Choose "Properties"

Here, you will see a few text fields. One of them is called "Target"

Go to the very end of the text in "Target", press space, and copy paste the following at the end:

--rendering-driver opengl3

Press Apply, then OK

Now launch the game by launching the shortcut we just created and modified!

Let me know how it goes!

Have you tried the command line option that the error gave you? It will force the game to use openGL, but keep in mind that it will look entirely different in some places, in ways that were never intended.

Can you tell me what it says or what it's doing, what your PC specifications see and such?

That version is severely out of date, we put up the new engine version today which we'll be updating every week, I'd suggest looking into that one ^^

Can you tell me what version of the game you're playing on?

I think you are playing an older version of the game, did you download the TESTBUILD that is behind the $5 pricetag? We set that for now because we release a week earlier for those who supporter the project, this version will go public after a week ^^

They're in the gallery ^^ Interact with Amber's PC in her apartment.

That serves as both an easter egg and a rather unusual safeguard in case the player falls outside the map.

This is unfortunately a known issue on older / weaker hardware, its recorded as one of the main issues we'll be fixing ^^ thank you!

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I'll look into this, thank you. Could you give me your system specifications?

Unfortunately laptop GPUs are not supported. We'll be using a LTS version of the engine in the next update, and we will do our best to optimize, so that might help with performance issues!

Unfortunately we won't be able to do android, as some of the libraries we use aren't supported on Android since they use DLLs.

Hehe, whoops, sorry~

Fixed, I'm very sorry

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We have modified our discord URL to be a more uniform name, which is now the following:

Someone decided to squat the other URL so now it redirects people to THEIR server.

That server is no longer ours, do NOT join it at all, I will be pushing out a new update as soon as possible to change the URL.

(This is for the Readme file, the in-game button in the main menu should still take you to your server!)

Thank you for making this awesome extension! It's a massive help!

You need to jump up to some platforms and go to a room, there, you'll pick up a keycard, which you can use on the far end of the same room to the left on the lever to open the train cars!

Greetings, I'm really sorry for the very late reply. The project was first started back in 2018 but we constantly migrated to newer versions of the engine, so we are using the latest version right now, and constantly fix issues that come up with new versions, but luckily this is not too common.

I'm very sorry for the late reply! Predation will unfortunately have no translation because the way we handle text here is baked in as Sprites, BUT our new upcoming game will have many different languages, and we'll more than welcome community contributions as well!

Greetings, that's because the new player isn't implemented in the actual game yet. 

Greetings, could you tell me what kind of graphics card you use? Is it an integrated Intel graphics?

Gretings! We're planning to add a small "safehouse" in between levels which the player can use as a hub, this will include a shower scene most likely!

Greetings, this question has been answered a few times, and it's in our stretch goals to release an android version sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. We want to fix the game first and put out new content.