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Predation is an adult 2D pixel side-scroller action game in development currently by Horned Lizard Studios. · By HornedLizardStudios, Tib Averus, Samantha Lockwood


A topic by Tib Averus created Apr 18, 2022 Views: 6,924 Replies: 8
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Hey everyone! Since I'm now working on fixing a bunch of bugs and overall making sure things work better, I thought I'd quickly give you guys a rundown on how to use the console in the game, so you can mess around a little more! Maybe find some things you haven't before :>

To open the console, while in game, in one of the maps, press F2.

At this point you can type in commands, I'll list all the important ones here:

  • help (OPTIONAL) "command name" - list all the commands, or give help for a specific command
  • echo "string" - echoes back a string
  • give_item "item name" - gives you an item. Pick from the list the command offers you!
  • remove_item "item name" - removes an item from the inventory. Pick from the list the command offers you!
  • loadmap "map name" - loads a specific map, pick from the list the command offers you, or you might find yourself in an unexpected place :>
  • noclip - Enables noclip, but also not really.
  • exit - Exits the game
  • draw_fps "on" - enable or disable drawing FPS ("on", "off")
  • godmode "on" - toggle taking no health damage ("on", "off")
  • goddessmode "on" - toggle taking no corruption damage ("on", "off")
  • show_gpu_in_use - prints out the name of the currently used Graphics device (eg: NVIDIA GTX 970)
  • hitme - lowers your HP to 1

Meanwhile I'll be cooking up a new patch soon, which should improve stability a lot!

Have fun! 


The noclip easter egg scared the shit out of me.


W-what happens?


Enter "noclip" into the console commands. Best experienced with headphones.

 If you're not a fan of horror, I'd advise you against it. 


Dats why I'm asking you, I like horror, but I like to know what I'm getting into first


I don’t think there’s any way to hide spoilers on here, so… it takes you to a maze with the mildest of jumpscares. Was fun!


Hehe, whoops, sorry~

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f2 isnt working for me


This only works in the versions marked LEGACY, not the new ones ^^