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Cryptocurreny for Games

A topic by George Weiksner created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 462 Replies: 15
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I have created a cryptocurrency for games if any of you are interested in the start-up idea please email me at Also check out the website

Pretty cool idea! 


This looks cool, we've wanted to explore using our own currency for but haven't had the time to properly investigate it.

If you want to see our developer docs they are here  

Also, here's the diff that shows how we integrated Quarters.

How can we push this forward?

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Your own entire currency? Wouldn't simply USD count?

We have special features that make it better. USD has legal problems. Check out

Using blockchains for currency is a horrible idea IMO

We like it because anyone can verify any transaction.


I tried to create my own cryptocurrency. 

Turns out writing "Zachybucks" on strips of printer paper isn't how you create cryptocurrency.

It's a perfectly legitimate way of creating your own crypto, with the unfortunate side-effect that they can only be exchanged for other Zachybucks.


It's a problem people are gonna have to get used to.

Unrelated note: I keep reading your username as "CaptainDisillusion."

Has anyone made a crypto called the Flanian Pobble Bead yet? :-D

CaptianD originally stood for CaptainDisaster, my comedy sci-fi character, but your version could be true at times too.  (When looking at my bank balance for instance!)

Same, on the bank balance thing. 

Captain Disillusion is also the name of a really entertaining YouTuber who debunks urban legends.

You should be careful with this. The US Congress is currently investigating unregulated cryptocurrencies and slowly but surely pushing new ones toward being properly regulated under Title IV. So this means cryptos that aren't Regulation A+ will either have to take the new, legal route of becoming regulated and open up to all investors at low prices (instead of a select few, accredited investors at high prices) or risk getting shut down (yes, this includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many of the other popular ones, all of which were created before).

That said, Quarters is an awesome idea, but I'd hate to see it get shut down because of incoming regulations. I'm up on the news, just not up on the tech, so I can't make any claims about any adjustments you might need to make, but just a heads-up.


We are talking to a great lawyer and we are about to get reg D then reg A+.

i need help

I do not know how to program the game so I can upload it and I wanted to know how to do it and what programming language I have to use and so on it would be very nice if someone helps me
Thanks in advance!