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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Tailor Tales beta 1.4 feedback Locked

A topic by Celianna created Nov 15, 2017 Views: 2,324 Replies: 48
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Tailor Tales is leaving the beta stage! :)

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After 3 months, the new update is here! You can finally read Neil's ending (epilogue not included), as well as Dimitri's chapter 7.

Future updates should now happen faster because a lot of 1.4 was coding and fixing things. Next updates should focus more on releasing chapters for the bachelors.

Discuss! What do you think of Neil's route now that it is complete?

Thank you for the update and I love all the added styles but as a minor nitpick, might I ask if you took away some of the hair and eye colors? I was a little bummed I couldn't give my character her purple hair, purple eyes combo that I gave her last time so I'm curious if you did that on purpose or if we can have them back. I thought buying the colors would work but that didn't do anything except for clothes.

Developer (1 edit)

Hair colours should not have been changed - you simply cannot give your character any other hair colour besides brown, dark brown, black, blonde, red or white for the CGs. But changing on your avatar should work as intended.

Do you mean to say that when you click on Outfit, the colours for the hair/eyes is limited still?

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In the last update, their was alot of variety for hair and eye color (bug maybe?). The same colors that were available for shoe or accessory color. I wish I had a picture of it but yeah, I gave my character purple hair and eyes and named her Amethyst.


Sorry you have to be more clear than that:

Are you saying there's less colours available when you're using the Outfit option to dress up your avatar? Because all colours should be available when you use Outfit to dress up.

Colours are only limited when creating a character. Please let me know if when you click on Outfit, you still only see a select few colours for hair/eyes.

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It's no problem, I didn't think anything of it but yes, there were more color options for hair and eyes. When I downloaded v1.4 and answered yes to continue where I left off, I still had all those options. I bought some new hairstyles, went to change my avatar, and poof, the game corrected itself and went to limited amount you said are only supposed to be available. It's only hair and eye color that changed and I didn't know anything was wrong on my end or anything.


If that screenshot is from 1.4 then everything is working as intended, all the colours are available to you for eyes/hair.

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It is a screenshot from 1.4 but that was when I first downloaded it. After buying all the colors and some new hairstyles, I went to change my avatar and my options suddenly reset to these six options (it affected hair and eye color only).


This is important:

Did you click "Outfit" or did you click the "Looks" option in "Profile"?

I realize what error is occurring, I just need to know if it's occurring after you click Outfit or not.

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It's after I clicked "Looks"

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So I just clicked on outfit for the first time and all the correct options were there. I think I assumed that button was only for your clothes (but then I just my clothes in the looks as well, idk. I'm usually playing the game when it's late). Anyways, because I was intending to work on clients and buy everything before working on outfits, I never pressed the button. Anyways, sorry for the trouble but I hope I shed some light on whatever is occurring for you.


Yeah as I suspected, nothing is wrong :p

Everything is working as intended. You get limited colours when you click "Looks" because that affects CGs. But you have all the colours available when you click "Outfits". Changing your looks is for people that want to change hair/eye/skin colour in their CGs.

which pattern is that? i can't seem to find the right one


The pants are black, the pattern is red. Look at the stripes; they're different from your creation :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi love! I was wondering if you had an idea about the estimated time of arrival for the 1.4 Mac version. I love the game and have finished all of Neil's chapters and was looking forward to  having a few more. 

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry, none yet, but hopefully this month still :)

First the current Windows build needs to be stable and without bugs before I can release the Mac version (which doesn't get hotfixes because I'm not the one creating the Mac version). I'm going to wait a bit longer and see if anyone else comes up with more bug reports.

Thanks for the info! :)

I just downloaded this yesterday and have made it through all but two chapters and I have to say I absolutely adore this game. The story lines are addicting and the game play is unique. The only critique I would have is some of the grammer is a smidge off. Otherwise, keep up the great work I can't wait to read more!!!

So far, with the beta 1.4 version, there aren't many problems with the game on my computer :) I love this game btw. I could not stop playing it when I first download it.

I love this game, thank you for creating it and making it free to play for us. I finished Neil's route and am now having separation anxiety (you know that feeling you get after you complete a game and just don't want to leave it just yet).  (^_^)

I only had a couple or so times when the game didn't accept the clothes even though it was exactly the same as the requested image, but canceling it and then re-accepting the request solved the issue. Other than that, just a few grammar and spelling errors. I'm a writer/editor so they can get pretty distracting sometimes, but otherwise not a game-breaker. The story is still awesome! I can't wait for more. 


Oh no ... that's some bad news to hear. That certain clothes aren't being accepted despite you making them exactly as the example. My programmer re-wrote the entire code for that section to fix it, but I guess the bug remains :(

How many times did this happen to you? Do you know if it was on a certain category or not? For example, was it dresses?

And if you find any typos, please take a screenshot, that would most definitely help me out!

It was only a couple of times, I was working on a dress with patterns both times. I canceled out of the task and reloaded it, made the dress again, and the issue was gone. Maybe it had gotten fixed already because it was smooth sailing after those two attempts.

I can definitely take screenshots of any typos. I'll do that when I get to play again soon (after I get work out of the way, haha)!


Do you think you can upload your save file? It would help with bug testing those clients you couldn't finish :) It's in your tailor tales > www > save called  file1.rpgsave.

(1 edit)

Sure thing. I just remembered that the other time was actually a pair of shorts, just plain green shorts with no patterns or anything, just the color, but the game said it wasn't what client wanted. So I did the cancel-reload thing. If it turns out to be a fluke or my eyes just deceiving me, that would be great, hahaha! (Also, I was playing offline when I had those issues, and now that I am online again the game is downloading an update...maybe this update has the fix?)

Here's the link to the save file, hope you can access it.

Neil's passionate ending was adorable and I loved it.  It made me blush and I'm not a blusher.  They were just so adorkably awkward together!  That said... I really need to replay the entire route for the full effect, but poor Neil's lost out big time to the endless glee of torturing Dimitri~  I ended up replaying his route several times.  The bubble bath CG is aboslutely gorgeous, I love how you did the bubbles.  I'd love to use it for a desktop bg.  

I love the autosave!  It saved me big time.  I posted my weird computer/bug/idk crash in the bug thread, but I didn't mention the best part:  I lost nothing.  As soon as whatever it was happened, my heart sank.  I realized I hadn't saved after a very busy session of clothesmaking.  I started the game back up and was thrilled to realize that you'd implemented an autosave feature.  Thank you!  I try to be good about saving, but mistakes happen and it saved me big time.

I *think* it's new that we can use space bar or enter to progress?  I'm having trouble remembering, but I felt pleasantly surprised when I realized I could so I figured it was either new or new to me.

The bouncy ponytail is my new favorite hair, yay!  I really like the other new hair too, but I forget what it's called.  They're both my new defaults.

I feel terrible, you asked about Neil's route and I talked mostly about everything else.  I am looking forward to replaying it asap, and I promise I'll be back to talk about it more then. ^-^ And finally, I'm so excited to hear that you think the chapter releases will be quicker in the future cause I need more cute flustered guys~ 

Cool game. I do have one issue with it though (which leads to other issues).

 I am a guy who suffers from color deficiency/blindness, thus a key telling the exact combination of colors (i.e. yellow 4) for the required outfits would be very helpful. The reason for this is because I need to keep the colors I purchase to a minimum because it is very hard (if not impossible) to tell the difference between some of the hues. This makes the later chapters challenging because the randomly generated outfits we must create to earn experience and coins get increasingly difficult to match. Especially if one factors in the patterns (some of which were not even visible to me on the background color).  I was able to work around this issue via trial and error to play through the current release, but it got to the point that I was not even trying to do any of the non-required outfits by the end due to the difficulty of matching them (it just got way too time consuming and frustrating since I could not tell what was not matching) (this is sad as I rather enjoyed that aspect and would have liked to purchase more prints and the like). In the future releases, I will be forced to simply bank money at the start in the hopes of earning enough for the later chapters. At this rate, I will have to create a new character (if possible,  otherwise I'll have to uninstall and reinstall) between each route because I did the one and a half routes available now and was having major issues by the end.

I doubt this will be a very common problem, as not all guys are color deficient, but I would really like to play each route and keys would really help. 


Hey there! I did try to keep in mind that some people would be colourblind and cannot see the difference between hues as much. That's why I added a hidden element to the colours; they're all grouped into base colours and they're the ones you start out with (with the exception of brown, I believe). Purchasing more colours is pretty much optional.

So you don't need to find the exact shade of yellow, because all dark/light yellows are grouped as 'yellow'.

Of course, if a client generates an orange dress with a red pattern, it would probably be hard to see for you. I can try and exclude the colour orange from ever being used in a random client if this would help out.

Eventually Tailor Tales will be released with a premium option; it will have adult content along with the fact that you start out with all the items and all chapters unlocked so you don't need to grind for money. Of course, the premium version will cost money, but it would probably work out for you since you just want to enjoy the story without all the hassle :)

That is actually a very clever way to do it, especially since those base colors are relatively easy to differentiate, even for me.  I'll admit that some patterns were a slight issue, but not enough to be worthy of complaining.

Knowing that I don't have to match an exact shade really does eliminate the problem. I can't speak for others, but for me personally, there is no need to go in a program the patterns to exclude certain colors. While the patterns may not jump out at me as much as those with normal eyes, I could usually see them when I looked closely (the most difficult to notice were on smaller pieces of clothing, such as certain shoulders/arms) but even if I can't see the problem and I can't get one outfit, I can always refuse the client and get another, thus really no issue at all. 

While it is true I got this game to play the story, I really enjoyed the "grind" (I use quotations because it did not feel like a grind at all). Heck, I only mentioned the color issue because I MISSED being able to make outfits for clients in the end game.  None of the items were excessively expensive (especially at endgame (of the current beta) where I was getting like 800 coins per outfit). The chapters were also cheap, and the payment from the required outfits was very generous. I would actually like to complement you on the integration of it. You obviously put a lot of time into the programming behind the fashion system/boutique and it is fair to make players use it (especially since each chapter only costs like 3 or so outfits to unlock, not some ungodly high number) I was unlocking hairstyles, patterns, and other items not needed to progress the story for the fun of it. If each route has as many chapters as Neil, I'd argue you could charge for the base game, not just the premium option due to the amount of content available. So do give yourself more credit lol, many adjectives come to mind when thinking about this game and the way you implemented the boutique and "hassle" is definitely not one of them :)


Was curious if theres any way you can give the main character a bit of a more confident stance.  instead of the rather pigeon-toed  fluff kind of look she has now.  As the sole owner of a shop she should have a bit more Oomph and Hutzpah, especially after dealing with Neil's silly behaviour.

Thats pretty much the only thing that really irks me about this game, otherwise im really enjoying it.  Its so much fun to tease the poor boys, and while Neil certainly deserves it...poor Dimitri.  :P

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How do I get my previous save data from Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.4?  I want all my outfits, and designs from the previous beta to be in version 1.4 but I don't know how. Is this possible or will I have to start fresh and buy all my patterns and make all my previous outfits with a new avatar?


That's the unfortunate thing with beta releases; you cannot bring over save files. This is because each release has a lot of major core changes, so your save file simply wouldn't work right. When Tailor Tales is out of beta and released as an actual demo, then you can keep your progress and all of your outfits.

Until then, each beta you have to start over. However, I do give previous beta players some starting gold and exp.

I LOVE THIS GAME! Neil route was wonderful and so cuteeee! ill be waiting for the update's,you have my support

Let me start off by saying that I usually don't play visual novels that are still in beta. I hate getting really into something and then having to wait to play the rest of it. But for some reason this one drew me in and I decided to download it, despite knowing that it's still in progress. 

And I am SO glad I did.

Yes, it sucks that the game isn't finished yet, but what you have finished? HOLY SHIT. I'll admit, I was expecting this to be a really cutesy game meant for younger girls (probably because I didn't read the description all the way through...cough), so imagine my surprise when I discover that this game is unexpectedly sexy. Seriously, forget about the protagonist, those kissing scenes in Neil's route had ME all hot and bothered!! *fans self*

It's easy for me to get into games, but it's not so easy for me to get so into a game that I actually feel what the protagonist feels. My heart raced when hers did, I blushed when she blushed, I even got angry when she did! And that's all thanks to your writing. Honestly, I am absolutely head over heels in love with this game, and you have definitely succeeded in leaving me begging for more. I found the clothes-making aspect of it to be a strange idea at first, since I had never come across such a thing in a visual novel before, but that just adds to the fun of it! It's great that I have a little minigame to keep myself occupied while I wait for the next update. *wink*

To wrap up this semi-long review, you are doing an INCREDIBLE job, and you have made a very eager and loyal fan out of me! I await the next update with baited breath!!! <3


Aw thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me. I'm happy you gave the game a shot despite still being in development.

I guess it's a good thing you went in with low expectations - those kissing scenes were probably a very nice surprise ;)

I recently finished writing Neil's epilogue for Tailor Tales+ (the paid portion of the game to unlock 18+ scenes plus the final CG), which is a glorious 13k words long chapter filled with detailed smut (you think my makeout scenes were long? Hah!). Hopefully you will consider supporting me and pay for Tailor Tales+ to read Neil's sexy epilogue :D

The free version gets a shorter and cleaner cut of the epilogue. I can't yet give out a timeline of when this version will be released, as I'll have to make a lot of preparations and work out some kinks with the save file.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Hello, is the paid version ready? I have my wallet ready and I can't wait to support (money wise). I love your game so much and I would love to give money to support the game (Continue the story).

Thank you,


Developer (1 edit)

Hey there! I am hard at work every day (check my Twitter for constant updates), but Tailor Tales is nowhere near done. I am planning to release the next update when Dimitri's route is complete, which also means the paid version will be released simultaneously. No ETA, though it will definitely be this year.

If you want to support however, I am planning a Kickstarter of some sorts in the upcoming months, so just keep an eye out on my blog :) in the meantime you could spread the word of Tailor Tales and get your friends to play it as well!

I'm soo excited to support the Kickstarter!!! I will keep an eye out!!! 

Thank you Celianna for such an amazing and creative story. 

(3 edits)

Love this game! 

Thank you very much for releasing such a great otome! 

It's the best one I've ever played.  Really, I mean it. The men characters are so sweet,  (well, there are only 2 men so far. But I love them both. ^^) even mean Neil is not mean at all.  I love the way you picture guys, they are just honey to my heart, music to my ears, candy to my mouth, everything to everything.... I feel their love, I feel the care, I feel I'm a princess at least  - I miiiiiiised that feeling a lot. Especially, irl. I'm married.) My husband is good enough to be my husband, but if I had a choice I'd like you to set (write\code?) him up.)

I love MC. She is so clever and strong. Just HUUUGE thanks for her.  It's pleasure to play for her. 

I love the writing. I love the storyline. They both goes so smooth and so natural that there is no chance of asking yourself  'what is it\ why is it\ what the the hell is goin on?' like I usually do. And of course your make-out scenes. I fell exact the same as MC. And beg for more. ^^

I love CG. Guys are perfect. Their faces and the way they react to MC are touching. I'm melting and just can't stop looking at them!

I love the whole idea!

And I really really really a fan of yours. You made an incredible job. I can almost feel the heart and soul  you put in there. Thank you so much! I hope the game to be released asap, and I hope you to have a huge success as you deserve. I'm sure to support you.

Thank you!


Aw thank you so much for your feedback, I'm very happy you enjoyed yourself and the romance. 

I'm in a longterm relationship myself, but you know as much as I do that the butterflies and excitement is long gone - but that's why I play otome games, to get that feeling back again! I'm glad you feel the same way and that my game hit the right spot for you.

You will probably enjoy the next release for Tailor Tales then, it will not only include Dimitri's entire route, but also Neil's epilogue and a new kissing CG for Neil (which will show up in chapter 20). Of course, this will take a while to release, but I'm working hard every day! :D

Thanks for playing the game!

I really enjoy this game. Neil made me so mad, but some how ended up getting a relationship out of it. **achievement unlocked!**
Dimitri is so cuuute. I can't wait to see the other types of characters that you have decided to make :)

One thing I did notice is during the gameplay for doing requests when there are new requests the colour needed should be listed on the request board. I ended up buying all of the yellows and a few browns because I didn't know which ones were needed.  This played a problem for me later too when I had all of these colours and started to buy more patterns too. I am not colour blind, but I had some real trouble without knowing the exact colour that was needed.

Also a super small detail is that the lightest skin colour for your character hurts my eyes. I actually find that the colour that looks most coherent with the game is the darkest skin colour which is what I ended up choosing.

Overall though, I am super excited for another update. I loooove your story telling and I laughed so hard at the picture taking CG with Neil. I hope that more will be out soon!


Thanks for playing! :)

A hidden feature in the important clients  is that you don't need to buy any extra colours at all, you can create all requests with the default colours. They're all grouped into main colours, so all reds, greens, blues, yellows etc.  will be accepted. This was put in place for people who are genuinely colour blind.

@Celianna, You've done amazing. I love your stories ;). I will wait patiently for more. Do you have a patreon? 


Thank you ! And no, I do not, but hopefully I will launch a Kickstarter so you can support me there instead :) in the meantime, just spread the joy around <3

Oh I will, you deserve it ;)

I need Dimitri's full route T_T  I loved reading Neil's route. I rarely get invested in VN's and I usually don't react on a personal level when things happen but I definitely did during his route. I experienced every emotion my MC went through and I really loved being able to choose between snarky and diplomatic. I'm so very tired of meek, shy and quiet MC's without any backbone or guts at all, so it's definitely amazing to be able to bite back at Neil and his arrogant comments! I love a strong, sarcastic MC, so kudos for that. I honestly cannot wait for the next bachelors, and the CG's are so beautiful. Your art is amazing. And that bubble CG... oh my god, that was so adorable. I cannot even comprehend the cuteness level. 

Waiting with bated breath for Dimitri's full route! He's such a pure cinnamon roll and I usually don't even like that personality type because I am more of a tsundere girl but he is just so cute! >-<


Welcome to the dark side, Dimitri is best boy <3

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed playing as the MC though! It's certainly something I wanted for sure in my game; being able to actually choose something a little more snappy than what you're used to in otome. Without being punished for it - that's a major point.

You're free to join the official Discord channel as I tend to post my progress on Tailor Tales there, as well as spoilers on Dimitri's route (which is very far in development!).

The next public release should have a few updated CGs, as well as an extra CG for Neil (in chapter 20). And hopefully, it should have Dimitri's full route, though that's still up in the air!

He certainly is very lovable indeed! Such a cute little fluffball >-< 

Oh, definitely, major plus points there! Any time I get to use sarcasm and actually put people in their place in otome games without having to deal with a bad end or wrong choice consequences I feel so satisfied. There's no reason why MC's should constantly have to be sweet, nice, quiet, polite and meek with no real personality and that they should just let anyone treat them however they want without any protest or comeback, it's so hindering and frustrating because I am a very snarky and straight-forward girl myself so that just makes it extra difficult having to bite my tongue!

Oh yay! I cannot wait to romance that tall, gorgeous glass of yumminess ^_^ I will definitely check it out, it's always nice to be updated on games you're looking forward to playing :D 


I feel your pain, that's the issue I have with the majority of otome games coming from Japan; meek MCs with little to no agency of their own. Guys will walk all over them and treat them like dirt. I'm just sick of reading MCs like that, I wanted someone that could take charge of their own destiny, that could fight with people if they felt insulted or slighted. Someone who isn't afraid to voice their opinion. She doesn't need to be a bad-ass and snap at people 24/7, having a witty comeback at everything - but just someone who can say "Hey, you're being an asshole right now, so quit it."

Of course, you don't have to be like that in Tailor Tales, as you can pick the Kind option instead. Best of both worlds :)

That's the biggest difference in the two endings. The passionate ending has the MC take initiative, whereas in the Innocent ending she is more passive and the guy will take the initiative. 

Yep, I post a lot of progress on the Discord, including screenshots of cute scenes with Dimitri! :D

Hi! I think I just found my new favourite VN of all times (no kidding)!!! I swear I'm freaking in love with Neil's route! The plot, the writing, both endings, the tension, his and the mc's personalities... Everything was simply perfect to the point I stayed awake playing until 3:30 am and looked like a zombie the next day! hahaha I must admit that tsunderes are my favourites, I mostly choose a VN based on the personlities of the available bachelors, so it was like the route was made for me and I am really happy that there is another tsundere bachelor to be written *-*

I sure am buying the "plus" version when the game is finished. About this matter: are you planning to public your game on steam too? It would be much easier for me to buy it this way :D if yes, did you set any deadlines for the release yet?

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