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kuudere is my second favorite trope lol now that you said it, I do agree he is more kuudere hahaha

I asked about these 3 because of their personalities, they are so interesting, I think it would be so funny seeing how the mc gets closer to them, since they sound a little out of reach when it comes to romance, like it would never in one million years be possible for them to have strong feelings for the mc xD

I am really happy you are considering it!

Omg i love Zeikun (tsundere trope is my weak point) <3333 but I am so interested in roya, kaichi and chain, They are so intriguing! Please make routes for them too T_T I don't care it these routes cost, I just need moreeeeee hahaha this vn is so amazing, congratulations!

Hi! I think I just found my new favourite VN of all times (no kidding)!!! I swear I'm freaking in love with Neil's route! The plot, the writing, both endings, the tension, his and the mc's personalities... Everything was simply perfect to the point I stayed awake playing until 3:30 am and looked like a zombie the next day! hahaha I must admit that tsunderes are my favourites, I mostly choose a VN based on the personlities of the available bachelors, so it was like the route was made for me and I am really happy that there is another tsundere bachelor to be written *-*

I sure am buying the "plus" version when the game is finished. About this matter: are you planning to public your game on steam too? It would be much easier for me to buy it this way :D if yes, did you set any deadlines for the release yet?

I played Azreal's route and got "the end". I really enjoyed it! Can you please make a walkthrough? I prefer to follow a guide because I want to achieve every ending, even the bad ones. I'm really curious about the fairy tale and the abandoned ends, but I kinda grow unpatient if I have to try it many times before I get the right answers for the ending.

Btw I just need to say this: I really LOVE your art style!