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Cool game. I do have one issue with it though (which leads to other issues).

 I am a guy who suffers from color deficiency/blindness, thus a key telling the exact combination of colors (i.e. yellow 4) for the required outfits would be very helpful. The reason for this is because I need to keep the colors I purchase to a minimum because it is very hard (if not impossible) to tell the difference between some of the hues. This makes the later chapters challenging because the randomly generated outfits we must create to earn experience and coins get increasingly difficult to match. Especially if one factors in the patterns (some of which were not even visible to me on the background color).  I was able to work around this issue via trial and error to play through the current release, but it got to the point that I was not even trying to do any of the non-required outfits by the end due to the difficulty of matching them (it just got way too time consuming and frustrating since I could not tell what was not matching) (this is sad as I rather enjoyed that aspect and would have liked to purchase more prints and the like). In the future releases, I will be forced to simply bank money at the start in the hopes of earning enough for the later chapters. At this rate, I will have to create a new character (if possible,  otherwise I'll have to uninstall and reinstall) between each route because I did the one and a half routes available now and was having major issues by the end.

I doubt this will be a very common problem, as not all guys are color deficient, but I would really like to play each route and keys would really help. 

Hey there! I did try to keep in mind that some people would be colourblind and cannot see the difference between hues as much. That's why I added a hidden element to the colours; they're all grouped into base colours and they're the ones you start out with (with the exception of brown, I believe). Purchasing more colours is pretty much optional.

So you don't need to find the exact shade of yellow, because all dark/light yellows are grouped as 'yellow'.

Of course, if a client generates an orange dress with a red pattern, it would probably be hard to see for you. I can try and exclude the colour orange from ever being used in a random client if this would help out.

Eventually Tailor Tales will be released with a premium option; it will have adult content along with the fact that you start out with all the items and all chapters unlocked so you don't need to grind for money. Of course, the premium version will cost money, but it would probably work out for you since you just want to enjoy the story without all the hassle :)

That is actually a very clever way to do it, especially since those base colors are relatively easy to differentiate, even for me.  I'll admit that some patterns were a slight issue, but not enough to be worthy of complaining.

Knowing that I don't have to match an exact shade really does eliminate the problem. I can't speak for others, but for me personally, there is no need to go in a program the patterns to exclude certain colors. While the patterns may not jump out at me as much as those with normal eyes, I could usually see them when I looked closely (the most difficult to notice were on smaller pieces of clothing, such as certain shoulders/arms) but even if I can't see the problem and I can't get one outfit, I can always refuse the client and get another, thus really no issue at all. 

While it is true I got this game to play the story, I really enjoyed the "grind" (I use quotations because it did not feel like a grind at all). Heck, I only mentioned the color issue because I MISSED being able to make outfits for clients in the end game.  None of the items were excessively expensive (especially at endgame (of the current beta) where I was getting like 800 coins per outfit). The chapters were also cheap, and the payment from the required outfits was very generous. I would actually like to complement you on the integration of it. You obviously put a lot of time into the programming behind the fashion system/boutique and it is fair to make players use it (especially since each chapter only costs like 3 or so outfits to unlock, not some ungodly high number) I was unlocking hairstyles, patterns, and other items not needed to progress the story for the fun of it. If each route has as many chapters as Neil, I'd argue you could charge for the base game, not just the premium option due to the amount of content available. So do give yourself more credit lol, many adjectives come to mind when thinking about this game and the way you implemented the boutique and "hassle" is definitely not one of them :)