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Thanx for the answer! 

By inconsistent MC I mean her behaviour in each single route, fe in route with Takumi she insists to find and fight her mother and minutes after that, while thinking she saw her on the roof, MC tries to escape and hide. Encore, she runs off after spending a night with him with something like "don't want to look him in the eye, it was a big mistake", while hours after that she claims that loved him all the time. 

In the route with Tatsuya she runs after him\ thinks of marrying his frenemy\ runs after him\ thinks of marrying the frenemy etc. 

I found it difficult to understand MC.

I bought this game on Steam because loved the art. I was fully dissapointed by the story and background, lack of logic and  inconsistent MC. Although the soundtrack is amazing. 

P.S. Is it possible to add curly\ wavy hairstyle? ^^ If not, that's ok. If yes, I would really appreciate it!  

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Didn't figure out how to make beatiful pics as the ones above... sorry for that. used scissors.) 

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Love this game! 

Thank you very much for releasing such a great otome! 

It's the best one I've ever played.  Really, I mean it. The men characters are so sweet,  (well, there are only 2 men so far. But I love them both. ^^) even mean Neil is not mean at all.  I love the way you picture guys, they are just honey to my heart, music to my ears, candy to my mouth, everything to everything.... I feel their love, I feel the care, I feel I'm a princess at least  - I miiiiiiised that feeling a lot. Especially, irl. I'm married.) My husband is good enough to be my husband, but if I had a choice I'd like you to set (write\code?) him up.)

I love MC. She is so clever and strong. Just HUUUGE thanks for her.  It's pleasure to play for her. 

I love the writing. I love the storyline. They both goes so smooth and so natural that there is no chance of asking yourself  'what is it\ why is it\ what the the hell is goin on?' like I usually do. And of course your make-out scenes. I fell exact the same as MC. And beg for more. ^^

I love CG. Guys are perfect. Their faces and the way they react to MC are touching. I'm melting and just can't stop looking at them!

I love the whole idea!

And I really really really a fan of yours. You made an incredible job. I can almost feel the heart and soul  you put in there. Thank you so much! I hope the game to be released asap, and I hope you to have a huge success as you deserve. I'm sure to support you.

Thank you!