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I bought this game on Steam because loved the art. I was fully dissapointed by the story and background, lack of logic and  inconsistent MC. Although the soundtrack is amazing. 

Not sure if you're referring to this, but the MC is intentionally different in every route. This is explained further in Deluxe. Sorry you didn't like the game though! Hope you find something that better fits your tastes. 

Thanx for the answer! 

By inconsistent MC I mean her behaviour in each single route, fe in route with Takumi she insists to find and fight her mother and minutes after that, while thinking she saw her on the roof, MC tries to escape and hide. Encore, she runs off after spending a night with him with something like "don't want to look him in the eye, it was a big mistake", while hours after that she claims that loved him all the time. 

In the route with Tatsuya she runs after him\ thinks of marrying his frenemy\ runs after him\ thinks of marrying the frenemy etc. 

I found it difficult to understand MC.