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Screenshot thread Sticky

A topic by Celianna created 37 days ago Views: 130 Replies: 4
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Did you make a cool design in Tailor Tales?

Post your creations here!


I made 3 designs! (The screenshots are pretty big so I just left the link to the album instead of putting the actual pictures here to avoid flooding.) ....I like purple.


Haha, you're not the only one, I love purple as well. Lavander, to be exact! I really like your last design, it's super cute :)

I should really add an actual tie to the game though, hmm. Oh, I just noticed the layering in the first design - that's some creative thinking! You layered things the way I had hoped people would use it (a shirt underneath a dress).

Thank you! 

Also, the shirt under the dress was an accident at first, but I like it, and it works, so I'm not complaining. :P

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My 60s dress, and I'm not even a 60s girl. XD

I like the textures - achieved by patterns.