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Raises hand* :D 

Thank you!  Can't wait to see what you've done with the  jackets. :D

The game is being very neatly developed , in spite of the major changes it went through. Oh, I will  definitely follow its  progress and try out the updates ! I did got the feeling that you've put a lot of thought and  love in the writing, so I'm really glad to see that you're also enjoy making it complex. The MC merciless teasing Dimitri and him actually liking is truly adorable; I admit it, I am weak, haha (:'> . Keep up the superb work !

1. What is your gender and age? 22, F

2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales? - I actually first knew of this project back on lemma forums. When I found it here on itch, I could not believe they were the same project :D. The game has come a long way, hasn't it !

3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?  - I really like the art style and the whole slice-of -life atmosphere it conjures. The backgrounds are simple yet look perfect with the character designs.

4. Which (available) character is your favourite?  -  Dimitri, he's just such a sweetheart.

5. What’s your favourite scene?  -  Oh man, I would go with the opera and dinner moment  with Angela putting her' parents will meet  the fiancee' plan in action. It was hilarious.
6. What’s your favourite CG?  - The one with Dimitri and the tabby cat <3.

7. Which character would you like to be available next?  - Caine  or Aiden ! Judging from the descriptions their interactions with the MC must be hella fun to read, lol.

8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?  -  Can't remember the number, but with Dimitri  the majority were fierce points, while  with Neil mostly kind points with some fierce points. I took the fierce responses when there was teasing involved.

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end? - Sorry! can't really remember the numbers.
10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy? - It was easy. 
11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients?  - None at all.
I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.
12. Favourite aspect of the game?  - The fierce/kind response system is impressive, reminds me a bit of the renegade/paragon dialogue choices from Mass Effect. - I love the the writing. The characters have lovely personalities and the writing just clicks with them; MC included. 
13. What do you think of Joselina, the MC? - I  dig playing as her. She comes off as being both likable and relatable. 

Thank you for this lovely experience!

I used the sleeves as 'jackets' for mine :'3.  The peach, pink and pastel colours are really pretty in-game.

<3 I'm very pleased to hear that your future vn plans also include more of his archetype. Will be following you for updates :D. Take care and thank you again, dear !

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I just want to add that you wrote the romance option I most desired to see in a visual novel with Xander. Not only did you avoided the clichee ''yandere'' trope, and even though his romance with the protag plays a large part in his  character, you managed to give Xander a personality of his own ( in the way he cared for his sister, in interacting with other characters, and in the way he talks  with the protagonist and how he perceives her). 

He is a perfect mix of a villainous man and a caring lover. You really hit the nail on the head with that combination without one quality overlapping the other. He is protective of the heroine but he also admires and respects her. ( his character design was also a nice touch for me: that fatal combination of long black hair and icy blue eyes (/ •́ω•̀ )/ ♡  ). Throughout his route, I felt that they had excellent chemistry, a display of true love at its best.

Thank you kindly for his route ! :'D I wish there were more characters similar to how you wrote him. Cheers!