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I got it to work finally by re-installing it 3+ times. No idea how that worked, but i'm glad lol. Thanks for the help, can't wait to dive into the game! <3

Here's a 2nd video on what happens when I play the game:

Also that error is not from me launching the game, its from the 1st video when I tried to download the game directly on my pc. It was just a little late popping up.

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It doesn't show that theres a download version for windows when I try and download it directly on my pc and not from

Heres a video on what im seeing: 

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I also re-installed it and it still didn't work. (I've had this problem b4 but it was easily fixed with scrolling back a few pages)

Tried everything listed and it still won't continue.

I've updated my game, but it won't let me continue from 10.0 on human route when I wake up in the van with maske and on the demon route it ends on 11.1, with the only options being to save or exit.

I believe it comes up as the creator (Argent Games) name when purchased.

I see it thank you! I have like 3 endings i need. :D

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I've gotten ending 10,1, and 2 for Moyu's route, I was truely invested it took me many hours. That doctor Chen makes me want to jump into this game and hurt him. Won't say much (don't want to spoil) but i do have a question: Will there be a guide for the routes? For some reason I can't seem to get other routes, with Xinying iv'e tried being friendly and mean (sorta) to him, but I always end up on one of Moyu's endings. Probably, because I can't find it in my heart to not talk to him or do everything in his favor 😹. Even if I hadn't gotten any other routes i feel that Moyu is my favorite story line.

Anyways now I am going to try and get Lian's endings or at least one. I haven't even slept yet....haha its 1 a.m. 

Have a nice night or day!, whenever you guys read this. I hope to see other games written by this team in the future, especially mystery stories, I bet you I will come running to pay any cent its worth. Bye for now!

HOLD ONN I THINK IV'E DONE IT! Maybe i've gotten one of XiuXiu's endings or maybe not, probably a small event while trying to pursue Lili(Lian)(yup they have nicknames😹) But yes small update to where I am, im going places now :D.


Subin (Subin)😹 cause I love that name

Finally I've saved enough money to buy this game, can't wait to unravel the mystery of this game like Mannequin Academy. Your games really have me hooked, its hard for me to even take water breaks!😹

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I can update my game now, but when I loaded into the part I saved on 9.2, it doesn't allow me to continue onto 9.3 it only says 'save' and 'exit'.

Edit: I'm going to try and delete it and re-install it again. (didn't work)

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I am not able to download the 9.3 update, it only shows up as launch game with no update button. i have windows, but i don't think there is a download file for it

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Just played the recent update and i can say that Nor looks so cute when hes blushing :0 n i hope nothing too serious happened w Esha I hope its nothing to do w the (S) word, for now  wont' think its about that until the next update, maybe Vincent and his crew beat him up or something (won't be jumping to conclusions today)....ahhahahaha..i feel like Esha knows about what Nor told Aura and isnce he's been having irregular heats maybe he was wondering around at night and an alpha picked up his scent an did something to him then dropped him off in his room like nothing happen///thats enough w my crazy theories. 

I can't wait until Cami gets back, I love him so much (hes litterally my ideal partner and Julien)so cute, trustworthy AND SMART PACKAGE DEAL///I wanted to go to grammies too ;_;

And headmaster is a getting fishy these days, he really flipped out like that, it makes me wonder how much power Oscar's family has over him. I feel like he (headmaster) knows about Aura's past and doesn't want him to find out. I also notice they always eave out the pro. w(green bluish hair and a kid) out of most ''meetings and priv. convos" he has. 

BYEEEEEEEE LOVE YOU AEDIAN GLAIR UR GAMES R ALWAYS S TEIR FOR ME. this won't be the last u see of me hopefully i get a job and will be able to support ur team in making these wonderful games for us.



Edit: I really jus thought about what I said w the (S) word situation...sorry for jumping on the boat that mind ALWAYS thinks the worst exspecially w cliffhangers like that haha///tbh now that i think about it even if he did the (S) word that wouldnt make sense lolz////nothing in the storyline led him to a breaking point like that. silly me lolz sorry for the troubles... i jus really like ur games so i have to think of every possible cost to a sitution cuz its jus so interesting :D


-Karii, AGAIN



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I love this game, i even have 3 fav songs i like (Grab A Byte / ERROR143 / Only you) Some events in this game happen to me irl which is pretty kool :} I can say that me and the person no longer talks :((, I was like a puppy waiting for a reply and always thought the worse if we didnt speak for a whole hour. It was mainly ''arguments'' cuz it was funny when they'd be mad (lol) but yes this game is very good, so good that i even wanted to hang up the call becasue of how many butterflies ive gotten.

5,000,000/10 BEST GAME


I've fixed the problem now! Thanks for your help, just had to refresh the page 1 million times (lol not rlly).

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Yes i am and i also tried to download it the other way

cant download

it will not let me download the game, this pops up every time

I love this game,(too tired ot go into detailed lol played for 1 day straight thats how good it was) but yeah.....Bill i love him man, i feel for him cuz ik how hard it is being gay and supressing it since its ''wrong'' in Christian terms and since it was a law back in the days. I cried on the 2 bad endings i got. I just wish he didn't get tired to the point where he thought he had to die or kill himself, cuz things like this happen fr, its jus so sad to see. Im apart of the lgbtq community myself, i'd say i got a pretty homophobic (pan/trans F2M) havent told anyone tho, but my momma knwos that i like the opposite gender too, just havent told her about the trans part. What ive learned is to not surround urself wiht those type of people (homophobics) like how i avoid most of my family, (not me getitng perosnal lol) Meh if anyone see this, pls stay alive for me odn't worry what no one got to u, u like what cha like and thats on spongebob :). sorry bout the bad grammar im tired lol.

And devs, i also like the other routes too but this one stooped on a personal level for me, continue doing games like this, i promise did buy them all till im

p.s:Jed made me cry too

goodnight gotta get some sleep (1 a.m)

Mannequin Academy community · Created a new topic Hmm
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I just have this feeling in my guts that the headmaster and Aura are related. Like grandson and grandpa or dad and son idk. His reactions when they are together, makes me think if they had some type of past together before Aura was put into the orphanage. I really think he is his grandpa and was put into care of him, when he got scouted by (i forgot his name) I think the doctor, (he wears this black suit). I don't know if its just me, but they also have similar eyes unless i'm just reading too much into it.  

And about the character named Laurent, is he the same person that in the play (the one Aura has dreams about) or are they two different people?

 I get confused cuz they look alike, lol.  Anyways that's all from me, this game just has a unique story line and its very interesting, I'd randomly think about this game and come up with different theories.

OH yes i forgot, the designs on all of you games are BEAUTIFUL. I was compelled by the art to buy this game and it was the best decision i'v made. Oh btw your game...(not me forgetting the name)(its about a mental health hospital) I want to buy it, but I want to know is it as far as Mannequin Academy. 



This update had me crying, I feel bad for Nor and Esha, its sad what they had to go through as kids and now since they're older and having feelings for one another trying to supress them, i can't imagine how much pain it is. When Nor told their story, I wasn't even disgusted by it, for the most part I just understood their actions to the best of my ability. BUttttttttttt IS IT A POLY RELATIONSHIP IM SEEINGGGGG TEEHEE, CUZ TBH I DID HAVE EYES FOR ESHA BEFORE NOR. Even though they both look alike, idk I guess it was somehting about Esha that drew me to him. ANYWAYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, UHHH AND HOPEFULLY THAT WAS ESHA SPYING ON THEM.

Still being made?

Still being made or nah?

Sorry for the late reply (busy with school), thanks for the help.

On the part where he tells the dark elf his name is Val, I continue to read on to the part where he gets mad at Val for crying, but after that the text just disappears, when I click to read the next line it doesn't do anything.

Okay, I will go and test it out now.

When I download the file I still get the and not the

If you don't mind me asking when is the next update? Also keep up the good work! Don't overwork yourselves and take care of your health.

Is this game still being worked on?? Hopefully it is, I would really like to play the full release

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I was on a part of the game where the character named Oscar was SA the Protag and he said ''Your Mine'' and it automatically brought me back to the home screen. Is that a glitch or is not finished? Edit: Ah never mind I think it was just a bad ending I got....keep up the great work! Some parts of the story really brought me to tears (literally).

Momo is one crazy dude, honestly he's my favorite. His scene almost made me cry :( Nice work overall 2nd fav was the doctor( was my first fav, but its just something about Momo)

Alright Thank you!

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It won't let me download the game it says something about downloading an app with it. I play on windows too. It says this file does not have an app associated with this app.