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I love this game,(too tired ot go into detailed lol played for 1 day straight thats how good it was) but yeah.....Bill i love him man, i feel for him cuz ik how hard it is being gay and supressing it since its ''wrong'' in Christian terms and since it was a law back in the days. I cried on the 2 bad endings i got. I just wish he didn't get tired to the point where he thought he had to die or kill himself, cuz things like this happen fr, its jus so sad to see. Im apart of the lgbtq community myself, i'd say i got a pretty homophobic (pan/trans F2M) havent told anyone tho, but my momma knwos that i like the opposite gender too, just havent told her about the trans part. What ive learned is to not surround urself wiht those type of people (homophobics) like how i avoid most of my family, (not me getitng perosnal lol) Meh if anyone see this, pls stay alive for me odn't worry what no one got to u, u like what cha like and thats on spongebob :). sorry bout the bad grammar im tired lol.

And devs, i also like the other routes too but this one stooped on a personal level for me, continue doing games like this, i promise did buy them all till im

p.s:Jed made me cry too

goodnight gotta get some sleep (1 a.m)