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I just want to add that you wrote the romance option I most desired to see in a visual novel with Xander. Not only did you avoided the clichee ''yandere'' trope, and even though his romance with the protag plays a large part in his  character, you managed to give Xander a personality of his own ( in the way he cared for his sister, in interacting with other characters, and in the way he talks  with the protagonist and how he perceives her). 

He is a perfect mix of a villainous man and a caring lover. You really hit the nail on the head with that combination without one quality overlapping the other. He is protective of the heroine but he also admires and respects her. ( his character design was also a nice touch for me: that fatal combination of long black hair and icy blue eyes (/ •́ω•̀ )/ ♡  ). Throughout his route, I felt that they had excellent chemistry, a display of true love at its best.

Thank you kindly for his route ! :'D I wish there were more characters similar to how you wrote him. Cheers!


Thanks! Xander is actually one of my favourite characters too :) There will definitely be someone with similar personality in my next game!

<3 I'm very pleased to hear that your future vn plans also include more of his archetype. Will be following you for updates :D. Take care and thank you again, dear !