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share your work! Sticky

A topic by loren schmidt created Feb 04, 2016 Views: 1,617 Replies: 34
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this is a thread for folks who'd like to share their creations publicly. feel free to post here, or start a new thread if you'd prefer.

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I made a short lil level just now. Six rooms in total, was fun to make!


The screen transition effect is nice, but it can be pretty obtrusive to gameplay, especially when you're going from one screen to the next fairly quickly. I'd recommend either shortening the length of the effect or making it delay and save previous inputs La-Mulana style.


this is beautiful. i love the vertical brick checkerboard.

i agree with you about the transition effect. i think perhaps it could be improved by either pausing slightly at the beginning of the transition, or having a region around the player which is forced to be clear.

on down the road i'm planning to have a set of different transitions to pick from (and the sprites used by the transition will also be customizable).


I made the new downWell game :P I just felt same that Benal, falling is too fast so transitions just made skip some screens. If you touch the bottom of water then jumop, its jumps super high and that's is fun! If player go out of screen there is no paht(map endings) its make the engine block. Really need a manual as you can, but I really enjoy this.

My dungeon

Also some props don have icon (water drops, enemies etc..)


"some props don't have icons"

This makes a lot of sense. Was wondering where the water dripping effect was.


i really like your sensibility. this is neat.

you're right about documentation. i think eventually it should have a built in cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts. i am also considering making a few video tutorials, each focused on one specific concept.

I poked around and made a few rooms. This is fun! I love the live editing, it's cool to be able to draw some bits and immediately run around in them. I hit the tile solidity bug a few times which could be a bit frustrating, and it would be cool if the effects etc were discoverable, but this is really great for a first release!


thanks i'm glad you're enjoying the live edit. live edit is tremendously important to me. i think it's wonderful in terms of workflow and encouraging intuitition + spontaneity, so i knew from the beginning that this would have live options.

i'm sorry about those solidity bugs- sometimes if you switch tiles using the keyboard it messes up the solidity (i have a fix inbound for this). did you find the shift key? it lets you directly edit solidity.

i'm curious about your idea of making the effects discoverable-
how do you envision this working?

I don't have a really firm idea, but at least an icon on the palette instead of guessing based on blank squares would be nice. :) Maybe an animation when you hover the mouse cursor would be pretty self-explanatory?

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nuuuuuuuuuuuuuup all I get is a screen of bricks.

Oh, I get this for every link. Maybe it's a Firefox thing, or I just don't get something.

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I reported that bug, it's related to how it's loading data: URLs (Chrome loads them synchronously, they load asynchronously in every other browser.)

If you reload the page it should work the second time because it'll be cached.



yeah, i broke the player temporarily while fixing another bug! my apologies. it's fixed now. (i'm sticking my new versions in new folders now to avoid such issues in the future.)


(to clarify, the async issue is still not fixed, but another separate bug which resulted in the same screen of bricks has been fixed)


hi! I made a big sky castle filled with lil bug friends! i cant wait to see where you take this tool, its very relaxing and fun

Love the atmosphere of this one.


me too. i really enjoy the organic, rambling shapes in the side chambers. this was fun to explore.

by the way, i like your trick of flipping the sprites midway down a chain to add irregularity!


if you don't mind, i'd love to repost this on twitter (+ credit you, of course)

thank you!

and of course! go right ahead

sorry, but where are the monsters in the editor?

it is a blank, black square on the same line as the player and floating diamond thingy

I think i used the wrong version. Tiles are totally swapped. Anyway this was fun to make. (Where can i find the current editor that works with the current player?)

Very nice and relaxing tool.


apologies, i rolled out some changes to the tileset prematurely! i've reverted the player + editor to the original tileset

the v. 0 editor here will work with the current player

when v. 1 comes out later this week i'll put it at a new address so as not to break anything folks made with v. 0!

Had a lot of fun making this castle, I can't wait to see where this project goes. Link

(it looks like all the rounded corner pieces I used have disappeared)


thanks for sharing! i like the part where you drop down the waterfall.

this is very basic, and - in the end - I couldn't figure out how to ensure that the game starts with the torch mode activated. It would be interesting to see false floors.


You actually can make false floors by holding shift and clicking the tile after you've placed it. : )

perfect. thanks!

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I couldn't share the player version of this b/c it's garbled, but the gif still shows off a little farm I made on a bridge in the sky. : )


this is so neat. are the tile garbling issues still present? my attempted fix is in the verison here:

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Hey I finally finished making my first game!!! Or dungeon I guess?

I'm really happy with how it turned out (Better than most of my games).

Unfortunately chrome says the URL is too big to load :( but I still have the image if you want to try it :)

Map image *must be loaded with this version of the editor*

It's a sort of puzzle game in which you have to find every teapot of which there are 6(you must actually reach the teapot, and not just see it). I hope you enjoy it. I would love feedback and I would love to hear if you beat it :)

PS. You start in the top left on the surface.

PPS. In case it's just something on my end that won't let the game version work here's the link:


it works in chrome on my end (windows 8). this is neat! i found the invisible platform maze pot and the waterfall pot. i'll have to give it another go later. do you mind if i retweet this? i bet other folks would like to play it.

Oh yeah that sounds really cool. I'm glad it worked. I was using my mobile data hotspot last night so I think that was the problem.I got some tile garbling when i tried it on chrome in college today. I think it was trying to run on an earlier version of the player or something.


if it's not too much trouble, i'd love to see the link you used when you ran into the garbling today.

thanks so much for your help testing.

I made a slightly crazy maze dungeon, just trying out all the tiles and trying to make something that's fun to play. The goal is to reach the magic lamp/teapot in the last room.



neat, this has such a rambling, mazelike quality. i enjoyed wandering around in it. thanks for sharing!

Heyyyy! This is my few rooms I made. It has a story to it, thanks to all the signs! :)

Apparently for me it just shows bricks.