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This is amazing! Will use while learn a new engine! Perfect! <3

Awesome pixelart and gameplay as always Crowno senpai! Kill skulls and bats are extremly satisfying! GREAT GAME!

Awesome my8! keep it up!


Why did you create an account just to comment it? Did you read the updates or simply played? Good bye!

obrigado! Tentando um updates mas ta osso o tempo 

oh my bad, thanks!

Amazing game! Looks those charming eyes, so biutiful! <3 Would love to see your babies fetus! <3

its a GMS1 source but yeah I'll. I still working on the pack

awesome! <3

Nice gameplay! Wants more!

srry for the late reply, I'm paking it, give me some more days

well I didn't create a .plist, are you suer you cant generate it? I made this with gamemaker 1 so Idk how to produce one here if not by hand..

thank you

 Srry the late reply

I was wondering if someone wanted the codes but it needs srly refactoring before going public.


You can send me a proposal to or a message on my twitter so we can discuss if you want to continue this project.

hey thanks! Stopped a while to making assets, sprites and code for jojo coz had to work on comissions and other projects, but who knows..

thank you purplebit <3 

LOL! Thanks for playing! <3

gostei da musica, é um jogo basicamente relaxante. gostei das restriçoes do movimento. 

beautiful! love your work <3

THX! <3

Creative commons 3. yes you can share it, given credits or link to me works I'd appreciate very much.

Oh cool, no prob! hit me when you do it!

Thank you! Making a demo with updates soon! <3

I updated controls, nades have ramdom throwing 

I'm the best thief of the city! ..wait.. you made me like sokoban :-D

Thank you for replying it guises! I'm sorry for this lame testing level tho! I'll update soon.
Feedback about control and levels will be considered. Sure need to add gameover screen.

great game! full of Synergy ;) Awesome Aesthetics, relevance and polish!

 Depressed Dave is depressed! lmao! cheers up buddy XD

will work on it so no rush, but I think a player anim sliding wall would be great.

Lot of amazing work you're doing here! Borrowing your font!

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L for light WSDA to navigate on tile textures, X Rotate tile, Ctrl picks a tile, G toggles grid, shift+clic to edit colision layer (pink is path and not colider)

To save, I did it a lot coz its buggy and I needed to refresh page several times (it worked better on chrome). Clic on save icon, rigth clic on image and save it(its your map!) Then you can load it by clicking on top left corner and send your file.

There is no icons for some props like water drops, enemyes key stuff.
I didn't get how to put messages.


If player go on border map its freezes. Careful to leak. Save before cliquing on enlarge screen or click on it when start to make map coz sometimes the game re-sizes strange and canot save/edit or recover it, need to refresh and lose your data.

I made the new downWell game :P I just felt same that Benal, falling is too fast so transitions just made skip some screens. If you touch the bottom of water then jumop, its jumps super high and that's is fun! If player go out of screen there is no paht(map endings) its make the engine block. Really need a manual as you can, but I really enjoy this.

My dungeon

Also some props don have icon (water drops, enemies etc..)

great music and nice voxels