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Nah dont worry! Its fine, Iam really open to suggestions, but I was more thinking on NES vania styles and have to match with the Anokolisa backgrounds.

Maybe you’re right and make something different with ‘faster’ pacing, but if so, Iam afraid the low frames count would NOT look good. Also have to think I have other heros to make and match with all that. I have to keep it feasible.

Something you give me an idea is to make wall grab/slide :)

Well its supposed to be a castlevania like style, they don’t have run, but yeah why not? What kind of game you’re trying to make? Aladdin?

just added the slide anim!

just updated version 3, added the 3 attacks combo on separated spritesheets, added sliding move and crouch hithurt. Also updated crouch and jump attack.

my bad, I forgot to upload, also have to modify the crouch and jump atacks

I think I put a sprite sheet named combo with the 3 attacks together. I’ll split it in a separate file and update asap


Hey thanks! Well That’s a good suggestion yeah! I want to start the other character and return on this one to add more anims, but yeah it will depend if people show interest on it. Have plans to add another attack or a combo, a special or throw, and now the sliding ;)

Game updated with simple deactivate objects and activate region, this really added some speed performance and remove some slow downs. At some point the music/sfx start bugging, I don’t know yet but it seems browser related. Plz enjoy

just did it

srry for the late reply, but yes you can!

Congrats for the first game! I love that its all in java! Cute pixelart as well <3

srry for the delay reply, yes you can use as commercial, I think there is a licence file in it? Thanks for asking, what I really ask is if you can, if you want, put my @ or link for those assets in your project. thank you! Also I'd be happy if you show me what you guise are doing with it.

Unfurtunately I didn't get time or enough support to keep this going on, Its on my desire to remake it on GMS2 tho. The old code in gms 1 was done by improving Shaun platform tutorials.

Aaa lindo demais! Adorei o roteiro, as ideias, a arte a musica tudo! que delicinha de jogo! <3

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yeah, I let the project down coz I had too much on my plate, thanks for asking, if people show interest, maybe I can finally gather forces to finish it! <3

of course you can! give me some news then! good luck!

This is amazing! Will use while learn a new engine! Perfect! <3

Awesome pixelart and gameplay as always Crowno senpai! Kill skulls and bats are extremly satisfying! GREAT GAME!

Awesome my8! keep it up!


obrigado! Tentando um updates mas ta osso o tempo 

oh my bad, thanks!

Amazing game! Looks those charming eyes, so biutiful! <3 Would love to see your babies fetus! <3

its a GMS1 source but yeah I'll. I still working on the pack

awesome! <3

Nice gameplay! Wants more!

srry for the late reply, I'm paking it, give me some more days

well I didn't create a .plist, are you suer you cant generate it? I made this with gamemaker 1 so Idk how to produce one here if not by hand..

thank you

 Srry the late reply

I was wondering if someone wanted the codes but it needs srly refactoring before going public.


You can send me a proposal to or a message on my twitter so we can discuss if you want to continue this project.

hey thanks! Stopped a while to making assets, sprites and code for jojo coz had to work on comissions and other projects, but who knows..

thank you purplebit <3 

LOL! Thanks for playing! <3

gostei da musica, é um jogo basicamente relaxante. gostei das restriçoes do movimento. 

beautiful! love your work <3

THX! <3

Creative commons 3. yes you can share it, given credits or link to me works I'd appreciate very much.

Oh cool, no prob! hit me when you do it!