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Just updating stuff in each pack, adding more NPC’s and it will enter on sale!

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Amazing work! Great presentation! I love tiny sprites <3

Thank you! 🤙

gracias! enjoy!

nice call!

addded on the original post and config

Jojo Jambo © 2017 by Didi Gameboy is licensed under CC BY 4.0

yes I did, but this pack is rally old now, but I’ll update soon and will verify all of this licence thing and tags.

I embeded a file, but I didn’t know we have it on itchio config so thanks for that.

cool game! very simple and smart mechanics

Very cool!

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fixed! the internal name of this npc is cape2

Damn thanks for feedback. Will fix this

new updates and bundle with all characters

hmm will remake it with npc pack inside

his name is npc-drunk-talkin-anim.gif ;)

I have failed into the gamejam, but still want to make something with mp. Working on new version of it but have some priorities in making Railgunners come in this year.

aww man, thanks a lot! made my day 🥰😚✨

thanks for de the feedback, will update characters page. Also bundles and sales incoming next month!

gracias! have a nice gamedev! enjoy!

The game runs on mobile but unfortunatelly I didn’t know how to implement mobile buttons when make this game, so no.

Sorry for that, walk and idle are free, and the complete animation package has a diferent prices if you pay $6 USD or more. Send me a email to and I’ll figure out how we can do this.

Sorry it lost in some void, not very diferent what shaun spaulding did for platforming

Amazing as always! RATE! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

very cool!

thank you! don’t forget to rate it! ⭐

amazing work! love this style of games

thanks for the kind words and the support!

Also you can you can suggest new moves, I’m planning a run, a roll, more attacks. Don’t know about a special yet but we’ll figure it out

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Sure thing! Sorry for the wait, working on a multiple projects in my life hehe. Planning new stuff coming by next week! Thanks for the support!

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Oh also forgot to mention I made a collection of your games guise. Games made with jojo!

there are very cool and good stuff, I recomend you guise playing and testing your ideas!

Ahah this was very fun! Thanks! (srry for the late reply comming back sloly after long iatus)

Thank you! I really appreciate the support \o/

hmm maybe, but inst too obvius? Ok I’ll do my take on it

Great game!

Mail Sent!

Yes, can you send me an email to please? I’ll send it there (send with your email or tell me witch one you used to paypal)

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Update, In reason for this sale, who buyed recently this pack for 6usd can claim the double sword for free, just dm Me

really this is so crazy and new bug to me. Maybe I could try changing the fps