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I don't have a really firm idea, but at least an icon on the palette instead of guessing based on blank squares would be nice. :) Maybe an animation when you hover the mouse cursor would be pretty self-explanatory?

I poked around and made a few rooms. This is fun! I love the live editing, it's cool to be able to draw some bits and immediately run around in them. I hit the tile solidity bug a few times which could be a bit frustrating, and it would be cool if the effects etc were discoverable, but this is really great for a first release!

I made you a thing: https://gist.github.com/luser/99c1ff1a6f87e3759ec4

If you paste that into the developer tools console of your browser it will enable gamepad control of your player character. :) (If you're using the embedded version on itch.io it might be tricky to get a console inside the iframe.)

I mentioned this on Twitter because I hadn't yet seen the link to this board, but loading games doesn't work reliably in Firefox because loadDataURL assumes data: URLs load synchronously, which is only the case in Chrome: https://github.com/ResponsiveImagesCG/picture-elem... .

If you wrap the rest of that function in image.onload = function() { ...} that should make it work reliably cross-browser.