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Hi frodewin,

nice and challenging melon jump mechanic. Took me some time to even pass the first three spikes. Somehow I was imagining some visual feedback about when to hit the melon for maximum bounce. Like in a golf simulator.
Anyway, nice entry!

Thanks. After I finished this, I was actually thinking about leaving the notes out and make it just a tap dance simulator just for fun.

Poo Pong! Very Cool. I laught while playing it.

Hi, just played it through. Very nice game. Thanks for the experience.

Just a small problem. On my first run, i missed talking with grandma after found the first mushroom. (I didn't go near here directly after found the mushroom.) Then i picked up the second mushroom, and also don't talked to here. So we reached the end of the first map, but the game then was stuck.
Neither could I talk to grandma about the mushrooms nor changed the scene.

I think i used the wrong version. Tiles are totally swapped. Anyway this was fun to make. (Where can i find the current editor that works with the current player?)

Very nice and relaxing tool.