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Itch.io stats/Steamspy equivalent?

A topic by Mitron created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 510 Replies: 7
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Hey all,

Apologies if this was asked before, but is there a way to find out how well games on itch.io are doing in general?  (i.e. not your game's stats, other games) 

I've just released a game and really happy with the results so far (700+ downloads in three weeks), but it is hard to gauge if this means the game is doing well, at least in comparison to similar ones!

I can't seem to see info on game pages like number of views/downloads, but maybe this is all by design?  As far as I have noticed, the only way to measure a game success is the number of comments / community posts.  Or maybe I am blind as a bat and there is a download number somewhere, in which case just ignore me!



700+ downloads in three weeks?! All my creations together don't come close to matching that during the most lively seasons. You're doing fine. :P

Thanks - that's very encouraging!  Keeps my motivation up to keep working on the game ;)

I think I've had 400 in a year of games + 1 art pack.

Admin (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback. I think it would be useful to have a page that shows you how you rank against the other games on itch.io with a percentile. It's unlikely we'll ever publish project numbers though, since it's a privacy concern. Even Steam spy only estimates as a third party.

Got it.  I was coming at it from the angle of free games, but now that you mention it I understand for paid games number of downloads would be sensitive data!

How about number of page views, would making that public be possible?  That stat is readily available and a good indication of the traffic for the game - in reality it only correlates to a fraction of downloads so you can only guesstimate from it.  It would supplement nicely the number of reviews stat and isn't too sensitive hopefully?

But yes - a rank would be the icing on the cake!!!  Basically what I'm aiming for is for my game Holey Suit to become the next Right Click to Necromance or RogueLight, it would be good to gauge how far I am from this  ;)


Why not having an option to show game stats publicly so each developer can decide by themselves to share the data or not?

That sounds like a good idea