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A topic by DeeProbably created Apr 25, 2021 Views: 412,094 Replies: 119
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Are there any cheats in this game? If so, how do you enable them?


Type "iamacheater" into the browser and you will see a page that allows you to add money.


Thank you! The game is great!

I typed that in and didn't work


Try again. You must've made a mistake while typing it.


just asking does it work on android the cheat I mean.




also I keep typing it in the same way you told us to and it says 404 error not found.

nvm was on wrong version

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so what do i type in my browser

like the url 


yeah in the search bar iamacheater 


ah i see tnx

In where of the search bar?

it's on the computer then click on tye internet logo and type iamacheater in the search bar


OMG... I just legitimately grinded my way to being a multimillionaire and had no idea this was even a thing *face palms*


That's the way it's meant to be played!


I say grind but really it wasn't "grindy" it was more like an experience and quite the joy watching that chat fly so fast, and the view count rise. So far my highest view count is 295k... I just can't seem to make it to 300k. I have so much appreciation for the journey in this game... "Ya gone'done did good!" ;)

OH, there seems to be a higher emphasis on followers as opposed to subscribers on the leaderboard... why is that? I feel like I would be crushing these other guys' sub counts.


Absolutely! The game has improved greatly since its first playable iteration and I cannot wait to see where it goes next.


here's the better way: work until 5k (or less if you want). Unlock the casino. Exchange all of your money into a caps. Save. Play blackjack with all of your caps until win. Save. Repeat until another win. 

0 risk and lots of money

For 5 minutes of real time I'm earning 775500$


I just used the stock market and got over 69 mil and could have gone waaaaayyyyyy higher if i waited for it to peak. took me an hour i think XD

I still get the 404 thingy when I type in iamcheater am I doing it wrong?


iamacheater not Iamacheater

What browsers


on the computer you can type into the adress bar

Is there a way to get lots of money relatively reliably without streaming?  Also is there currently ways to add event mods, food mods, and website mods?

Working gets me 300-400$, streaming usually gets me at least 1,000$ a day per stream, and how to gaurentee the most cash is waiting for any of the stocks to reach 1$ per stock (usually bonc.ic) buy as many as ur comfortable I made 50,000-60,000 within the first 20 days doing this, like if rent is almost due save 800 or 900 and check the stock page and save before you spend any amount of time so before sleeping, going outside, doing anything outside, having sex, going through random interactions. The random interactions might be hard to tell so just check stocks and save whenever you enter you computer, if you stocks dip a huge amount while you're away reload a save and sell everything


The stock market isn't fixed between saves so if you have a save for 6:00 and at 8:00 everything rises by a lot reloading the 6:00 won't mean the stock market will rise at all.

Keep 1-2k on you when you can as a safety net If the stock market is still rising while a time sensitive thing is happening like rent or something for your bot is on sale that you want you can sell some stock to buy it be sure not to take to much out cuz the more you take out now means the less you get later

Tldr: buy bonc.ic stoncs at 1$, constantly save while you wait for the perfect point to sell ( just before a big dip)

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I just play black jack in the casino, always all-in. If I lose I just load the game again. Highest you can bet is 100,000 tokens and highest you can win is 400,000 tokens. There is a warning that if you withdraw a large amount of token in one go, the IRS might arrest you, so I only withdraw 50k every third day.

Is using the stock market considered grinding or cheating? asking with my +200.000.000$ bank account 

I did the stock market for a bit 30mil by day8

I became a multimillionaire on day 4 by investing something like 2-3k into twitch, then  it exploded when I woke up I had tens of thousands, sold it as it started dropping rapidly, and bought something like $80k into it at $1 per piece, and the next day, I had $235M to my name.


what browser?


I did a full playthrough and then did the cheat to see how fast I could do it. Had so much fun thx for making an amazing game


Glad you enjoyed it


how do i type it in just iamcheater ?


What about on the downloaded versio

it doesnt works

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wow I just found out what the money I collected was for and it turned out there was a cheats :( 

I can't read cheatcodes cuz only weaklings uses it.


anything for parts?


There is a mod on the official discord, but there is currently no in-game cheat for it.

Where can i download the mod if it is possible in the current update?

I’m not sure if the mod has been updated for the current version, but I think it’ll still work. The mod can be found in the mod section on the official discord.



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bruh i did not know this and edited how much stocks and what their price where in the safe file 

heckr style you know

only pne cheat?


Incontinent cell, I know I just  spawned out of nowhere, but I just wanted to say that I love you game and I want a favor, only if you can do it, in your game there is a feet fetish teasing if you kiss juns feet on doggystyle, could you..... Make it a real thing?, feet job position?, thank you for your time

how do you do that on mobile?

how to let my cum 100

idk how to say it

я скопировал текст и ввёл спасибо!


Any Walkthrough? I feel lost, there are 8 endings.


how i can regen the blue bar?  And for what is that? 


Your blue bar is increased slightly every time you go for a walk.

owh... Okey, but i mean how to increase so fast? 

I'm afraid that is dangerous for me :(

better way is to do "small talk" with jen/(whatever you name her)


i named her shyquisha

You can buy blau brain pills after you talk to your therapist over the phone. They regen like half your brain meter

Is there a way to close the browser on Android?

may i ask.. how to start the stream at the pc?


You can only start streaming from the bot by click/tap on her pussy.


wrong- go into the computer and youll see "cocktwitch" or something like that and you can stream from there

Where are my doll parts?

Your doll parts are with your consumable items and on your pc 


love the game mate keep working hard


How to make the girl do ahegao mode when frick??

You just do fuck her around 2 to 3 days.

Fastest fuck by hand than fast control. I give u for tips, try high sensitivity make easy fuck quickly. 

hey incontinent cell this game is so cool but one do I trigger the church scene and I'm on day 20 or smth nothing has happened so far

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If you reached day 20 then you missed it. You have to start the church events on day 4, or you get locked out of them. there is more info in the FAQ sticky, or you can simply click HERE.

EDIT: corrected the in game day, as I put down the wrong day number initially.

Incontinent Cell, will you be adding a first person option for doggy style? if not, can you please add it? thank you.

how do i collect the parts i ordered?

The parts you have ordered will be automatically given to you in a few in-game days.

is the game completable if i use the "iamacheater" website?

cause i wanna still be able to complete the game without having fat fuck jim take all my money  

Yes, although no endings except dying has been added to the game yet.

thanks i was getting caught up, any new endings yet??

Not that i know of.

how to rise up followers fast?

Try to frick for longer, and in more varied ways.

hey, sorry to post this here, but im not sure how to make my mental health go up..


You can increase your mental health by going on walks or taking the pills given to you by the therapist.


does anyone know the list of websites you got to in the game

how do i use the iamcheater web do i just type iamcheater oris there a certain way

Me too how do you use it


You just type iamacheater into the address bar on the browser then press the button to add money to your save.

I downloaded version 0.75.2, entered iamacheater in the browser line, but I got the error 404. I play on android. what to do?


Spell it correctly. 'iamacheater" That's all the advice I can give you.

how to do it on Android?


This is very long in my opinion.

And when I rolled up and reopened the game, I got this bug(yellow stripes flicker on the sides of the screen):

Looking at your address bar.. You Spelled it wrong. Your missing an "a". With no spaces its "i am a cheater". You skipped the 2nd a

Is there a cheat for increasing the "Mental Health"?


On our discord there is a mod which adds mental health bread which recovers your mental health and you can buy it in the shop.

Oh, so that's mean I can extract some mods on this new version?

hey, I know I'm behind the curve here - but could you renew that invite? It says it's expired or invalid (I assume, 'cause it's a year old)

I gotchu bro:


Thanks, bro. Much appreciated.

Bro how i cheat in this game ?

is there a way to avoid the person who is trying to kill you, because they lost their subscribers?

Can you also put cheat codes in the Android version of the game? 🤔

can you get all the endings if you use 'iamacheater' or is it only one?


iamacheater only gives you money, the endings are all bad(die one way die the other way), it you realy want to know them, check the ending giutes topic

Does cheating have any drawbacks other than being called out for it? like locking off an ending or something?


No. I'm not such an asshole.


W Developer

hey by any chance is there any furry parts that I could find?


1. Wrong chat

2. As of now only cat ears

will there be an update where you can fuck different people?? Like the chick in the store, and the chick in the church 

uhmm if im not late but how can i get my mental health bar full?


I am in Bilibili.I saw a blogger sharing this game on.This is the best piece of "art" I have ever visited.This is a work comparable to art.

The author is a genius.

is there a debug menu cheat instead of the mod for it?

how do i get to 'much cum' ending

I suggest if you put a cheat for the players status like hunger, health and etc...

How do you active the Cheat??

Use the browser. Type: “iamacheater”, in the address bar, then click the money button as much as you want. If you want other cheats, there are also downloadable files for earlier editions of the game on their official discord.

is there  preg mod 


is there any cheats other than iamacheater

Are the cheats disabled? I can't use the iamacheater cheat

Does anyone know if there are sexual scenes with the clothing saleswoman or the nun from the church? 


Been Trina figure out where I can download more cheats, I realized the mods and cheats are separate entities. I checked the discord but as of yet there's mostly things related to character and equipment models. Would be nice if there were a cheat to quickly increase the amount of times you can cum before your dick goes soft. Also an idea would be a cheat to edit the influx of subscribers and viewers