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All in all i like it, its a shame that it's censured, and you can't see all the pics and animations like the background ones, bur i still like it. Well worth it 

do the gallery and stage select not work in the demo? no matter how far i get i run out of time to play the game and had to restart.

i cant get anything to highlight, i dont have a cursor, non of the buttons do anything in the screen, i cant exit the game, task manager automatically becomes a background app, and i have to restart my computer to get the game to close. I'm going to try redownloading the demo and seeing if it was an issue there or in the extraction. It looks like a cool sexy game and i want to try the demo to see if i wanna buy it. if you can think of anything to help resolve the issue i'd like your imput.

no clue. I open it, get to the main screen, the chick demo moves, and that's it. i cant select anything.

cant even get the demo to run. I get the character selection screen and cant start the game

up up down left right left right B A in the bedroom to boost your stats. just repeat until your high enough.

so,not sure what's up but ive accepted quests, gone into the maze, done what i needed to but i dont know how to complete them. like the succubus one with the dark elf, i did that 4 times, tried runnig in a circle forever, beat them all and went up both of the stairs but cant complete it. what am i doing wrong? Otherwise i love the game.

i keep getting 2 dm's im active as can be and nothing. i cant click them or anything, what do i do