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Are you going to put this on WebToon as well

You only need to have sex twice. 1st one is scripted, 2nd is if you want to throw out body parts. Just go to work every day, invest in the stock market, and play at the casino. I've done that. Nice little home life. But there has been a few updates since then. So now you can go out with the Jun, which is Awesome. Just make a nice little home for her. Just because she is a sex bot doesn't mean you have to Frick her

You Buy them at the shop. But this a section for Endings, not shopping

As far as I can tell, No. You either have to do them in order so you know what you have, or guess and check

Sounds like you died from too much Endurance X. If you take too many at once or when your not in good heal it kills you

All the Mods I have tried have worked great. But their price points are all over the place. Is there not a list of pricing points to reference. Even if the Modders discuss and come to an agreement would be great.

Nope, sorry. Busy doing other things. I had 2 new ones marked down. Then my file went missing. Kinda got put off after that. But I haven't given up yet. Last I checked the ending don't tell you what they are or if you have reached them, so you have to do them in order.

While naming your bunny, you have 2 sets of capitals instead of capitals and lower case letters. Or 1 set of all capitals 

OMG, You did "Cursed Futana Ring" I Tried playing that once, fallowed a fan made walk through to translate it. If The story was translated the items weren't, if the items was translated the story wasn't. Was all confused the hole time. The story hung off the sides so I couldn't read it. Its very possible that I was just doing the mod wrong. Half the info to translate it was in a poorly made google dos that was unorganized and people would just put random thing in wired places. The game Looked really good and I wanted to play it, but couldn't understand it. If you Decide to translate it I'd like to play it

I would love to see more of your games, but I can only do English. Me Dumb Merican. Lol

They didn't complain about the difficulty. They simply stated that allowing the masses to bully you out of an option will just make it worse later. This time its the mini map, Next time its the easy mode. It was Obviously used as an example, since there is no other modes in this game.

Also there are multiple attacks against the mini map, including, "I'm going to stop following you because you make meaningless suggestions to the game"

I love your game, keep up the good work. I wasn't trying to pressure you into my opinion, was just trying to let you know my thoughts. 

No kidding. The trolls really came out in this update, lol.

Sorry, I must of not said that properly.  The mini map shows a lot less the the big map, but more then what you see while playing. You can see paths that are coming up before they are on screen. Besides you already took the time to make it, why just throw it away

Well I haven't memorized the game, so I don't always re member what way to go. The mini map shows a little more than what you see. I look at the big map and decide what to do, and use the mini map to help me remember what which way to go. But sometimes I'll still have to open the big map. And there are some places not on the big map 

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Maybe a toggle key or in the menu on off switch. I liked it, and used it. But I still pulled out the Big map since the mini map was only what was directly next to you

Ah, the memories. I still have my DVDs of season 1 and 2. Can't find the case for season 2 anymore but thats ok

You have an Export option. Would like an Import as well. But I Guess I can just butcher one that I don't read

Can I add comics to this that I already have. Put pics in a folder and read it in your app

If I remember you have to open the basement room. Then you have access to it. But its been about a year since I've played

I'm playing on Windows 

I think there is should be a timer after you roll the die that auto selects what whatever your on or cancels the roll. The closer you are to the end the shorter it is. Maybe 0.5-1.0 sec per square left.

Also the game closed on me after the snail came out to say hi. No idea what he does. But very interested, I'll try and find him again

I got the Same message in Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge followed by


This game has a good start. Would love to see more added to it. Can't find to many good Futa Games out there. Most are just Visual Novels. I'm a little surprised that Females have been breed out of the Human equation entirely. Maybe they are just rarer then Alpha Futa's and people think they are Traps

You have to turn on the "Furniture Build Mode" Next to the ground floor staircase that goes upstairs. Then there is an option in the kitchen next to the stove for the Health Scanner. It cost: 10 Energy, 10 Iron Bars, 5 Electronics, and 3 Glass

The Main Menu button isn't working for me. If I Maximize the window the bottom have of the game turns black but the buttons still work. But other then that everything is looking great :D

When you load from the main menu it puts your money at 1000 until you buy or sell something. Then it remembers how much your supposed to have. 

The Night and Day visual do not line up with the in game time. It seams to continue to spin regardless of whatever else is going on. If I save in the morning and play till night time, then load the morning save the visual doesn't move. So now my night time is my day time. At least that's what it looks like to me so far

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I can't use the book in the barn anymore

Oh and I think when a girl is in the wash she should have her clothes in there next to her

I put one in to wash and went to the bathroom. Let her out around 1500%. Nothing changes after 180% from what I can tell

I'm thinking we need a day cycle, weekly rent, base and expensive charge (like just wash clothes for $10, Wash and Dry for $15, and Wash Dry and Fold for $20) each with there own timing.

Most definitely need the visitors to be more random, a normie walking in on a hobo in a washer could be bad. Or a cop for that matter. A few meters in the corner. One for the average person knows your there and do good laundry, another for the Homeless to know your there and they can bath (for a fee or favors), and last I can think of is for the authorities to suspect there is something out of the norm going on.

Laundry Mat upgrades, more Units or better units. Maybe a back room so its less likely for your vagrant clients to be found out. I think different set wages for employees, Maybe based on on the charges like before. Half of what is made. $5 to Wash. $7 to Wash and Dry. $10 to Wash Dry and Fold.

If this is now the Old Build, does that mean there is now a New Build

It was a surprise to find one of the homeless you put into the game is Male. Not my thing but I won't complain. You taking suggestions yet. Or do you want to get more of your own ideas out 1st

When I use the desktop app I can't see the main pages for your games. Only the updates that you post. Both and are just blank pages. But when I use Firefox they display normally

I've run through the toy factory 10+ times. This most resent run on the 2nd floor wont let me open the box with the key in it. All the toys are already defeated so I can't let them defeat me. So now I have to close the game and lose my progress

Not the type of game I thought it was going to be. I was thinking more along the lines of a breeding farm. Wish there was a description on the page. much better then I thought it was going to be

I'm glad I could help. Adding in lore like that could explain why the game works a certain way. You Have the "Monster Ranchin for Dummies" In the Barn. Maybe you could put next to it a "Bestiary". Have a Pic of the monster with name, What role it plays in breeding, and a paragraph about it. Right now each monster has only one gender. So the roles would be Male, Female. If you come out with Male and Female versions of the monsters you can remove that piece. If you do make Male and Female of each monsters maybe cross breeding is harder. And Hybrids are an idea as well

There is literately a cheat to give you money