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I found out if your AirWalking you can't collect the power ups. Hopefully it's info you wont need with your work around

Sorry I didn't get back to you. I posted this morning before work, and just got back home.

I have ADHD and I just happed to be mad clicking on everything. But she only moved after I clicked on the snail. Sometimes she would move down after she had jumped if I clicked towards the bottom of her. Sometimes she would turn around and walk the other direction for 1 or 2 steps, the screen would go with her.

But if you found a way to lock her in place I doesn't really matter anymore

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I can still get her to Float. It only happens when I click on the snail then click on her. She resets herself if I close the program

Wow, I don't like NTR either but I'm not going to go off on an NTR creator. Other then the NTR the game is decent.

This work a lot better for me, TY :D

Sometimes if I'm clicking on things Aya jumps then walks on air. I think it has something to do with the snail

You realize there is a pinned topic for suggestions. Also I'm fairly certain that has been suggested multiple times

I'm so excited. I want good things for this game :D

I'm having trouble keeping up with the reading. If it could start on the Order Info that would help. I'd prefer to be able to look at the Data and Order Info at the same time. It would also be nice if there was a marker on the time bar for last call on analysis. Or the bar changes color until its too late

I think it would be nice if even if its not Slay the Queen the Counter still goes in the background and she shows up in the lvl. No big announcement. She just shows up and hangs out with her friends

There is literally an image of a Futanari Rat in the game. Cum off your High Horse, they were just asking a question.

It fills up as she gets closer to climaxing, then empties when she's done

Same place you get her other parts. Bigdaddyhurt's E-Shop

No, I'm sure its there. I've never used it, and didn't consider it as necessary

I should be able to wait a week and a half... Right? I have some will power.. I think. If the link to the AGUI onahole drops I might have to upgrade early

Oh, lol. I found it. A Monster Dong bigger then the characters

So maybe Original Characters and Story line, but same game play and art

That's not surprising that you didn't see much from it. One update then abandoned. So far I've only seen this on and its only popped up 3 times. Release, Color update, Discontinued. Although the only encounter was enjoyable. It was 10 mins of game play then done. I was just waiting for more content. From my side it seamed Barely Working was more complete on its release then this was. And it received way more updates. Each post brought me back to check it out.

Weather it be a story mode or just a chain of bad guys. Just anything to do. Introduce 2 more girls and 5 new guys, they don't even have to be different combat style just recolor them and maybe a change the hair. Let the player pick one of 3 girls then send the groups of 1-3 bads at them for 3 mins. Then send the boss you already have like Streets of Rage or River City Girls. Or put all 9 characters in a grid and do 1v1 through the hole line up like the old Tekken

Are you talking about the one that you have to take the hidden path too. That was the 1st one I found

I found some more
the front page says to find it but not where to post it

Can you give us an inventory. When we take something off of someone we can put it on someone else. Maybe we could have extra items that we can put on them 

Well this post answers my questions. Nice

I tried Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. When it opens its just a black screen. What browser does this work on

Actually Roshutsu Updated yesterday. Which is great. They have a plan and are going to be making a post on it

I'm having the same problem. It's just not extracting the file form the zip. If I go into the zip folder its there, but wont copy over

You must really like this game. You posted this twice on 2 different Exhibitionism Games

You must really like this other game. You posted this twice on 2 different Exhibitionism Games

I was just wondering the same thing

Glad your back

I liked what I saw in the old build. I'm excited to see what the new one is

So you made an account today just to blast this message 40 times? You didn't provide any proof, looks to me like your just trying to mess with people.

The Launcher isn't patching the game for me. I click Check for Updates and it doesn't seam to do anything. If I check Task Manager the patch program is running, but I've left it running for an hour and nothing seems to be happening

Doesn't take me anywhere