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Ummm... do you have any previews of the game? Fetish/kink list? Game engine used? ect? 
A little more detail may help people decide to buy the game.  Right now with so little details available it kinda seems like a $5 mystery box.

No Femdom as in, never?

I'll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

As for feedback, the content that is there is good. I would suggest finding an alternative way to delivering that extremely long narrative at the start. Having to read several walls of text before you even know if you are going to like the game or not is a big pill to swallow.

Perhaps break it up into single paragraphs that display over a relatable background image?
... and yes, I know this would mean you would have to make those images yourself. However, this is the foundation of the story, is it not? You'll be very grateful to have something so important polished up well as it sets the tone for the whole game for those starting off in it.

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Well, I suppose you sufficiently answered my question. Thank you for taking the time. I did play the game all the way through. On that note, I think you would get a far larger return with a price point of $12. Not that the quality and body of work is low, quite the opposite. Which is why I suggest a price point that encourages a broader audience

Thanks again, Good luck.

Was hoping to find some role reversal or sissy play of something kind in this one. Will there be plans in the future for such content?

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Your stories are always a bargain for just a dollar. You write fantastic with excellent grammar, perfect sentence structuring and perfect use of capitalizations.

And you were right, that was "kinda" like that. Pretty good and really enjoyed it.

If you ever do another one, I would suggest only 2 things... Slight humiliation, but sensual like how you wrote it in that one, and BIG emphasis on the girly outfits... Something hyper feminine.

Anyways, always a pleasure, Owly!

We'll see. I'll check it out. 

Just waiting for the day you do one where the Futa step-mom or an older Futa sissifies the male and really makes a bitch out of them.

Amazing art. Love the writing and how choices matter. Just wish it was a lot longer. Very good ABDL game. Sadly, no sissification :'(

Absolutely "Exquisite" art, story, and over all body of work... sadly, no sissification though :'(

However, truly one of the best ABDL games out there!

Thank you!

is there a fetish/kink list for this game or is it all vanilla stuff?

Personally, you should just give the boy all the same clothes as the girl... infact the girlier the better!

I'm really interested to see where this project goes.

Love the Character modeling you used.

I ESPECIALLY love the UI and interactive apartment.

I'm so glad they opted to make a game and not a comic book. I love the art and story in this game so much. SUCH a breath of fresh air from all the crap out there. The way the characters are written combined with how they are drawn, is incredible. Most games I play on here will have really great art, but there is such a huge disconnect between the artists and the writers... but not in this game. You guys killin'it!!! I hope this game and story runs for at least 5 more years. So great.

Chalk one up for the moderation team!

Well having options is certainly a wonderful thing. I'm apart of several communities that would probably come running towards a game that has some of those fetishes. If you are curious what they are, be sure to check out my game collection, it only takes two clicks to get to it.

Sad though that none of my kinks will be in the game. :(

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Specifically I'm wondering if there is any chance that Role reversal, strap-on play, humiliation or teasing, or even some femdom and crossdress play?

Really curious if you have any plans to expand the kink list. I adore this game so much and the animation scenes, specifically I love the writing of all the characters especially the older house guest i.e. being trapped by them in the hallway.

Basically, I'd like to know all this as it will help me decide on being a backer of the project.

I see the M2F and BDSM kinks... Is there "role reversal/cross-dress" like play in this?

Doesn't matter, since it looks like the moderation team took care of him.

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Thank you for sharing who you are with us.

Do your parents know you are on adult sites like this?

Is the MC really a sissy, is that kink in the game? I'd rather enjoy playing that. 

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Says the 14 year old who shouldn't be on an adult site.

Awesome, thank you.

Oh, so is this like a sissification game? Do you keep your twig and giggle berries, or do they poof away somehow?

also is the MC male or female?

is there a way to download the game, because playing it on itch is VERY low fps, like unplayable low.

So it's my annual question time: Any word on that Sissy Femdom Route with one of the Femdom students?


What's the Main Characters starting sex, or can you be anything with the character creator?

Is there Role Reversal in this game?

Can the MC  genderbend or be a trap?

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I too, am dying to know this. :D

... Specifically if "Baby Girl" and "Mommy's Baby Princess" or even "Mommy's Baby Bitch" will be a thing.

Nice update, some bugs, but none are really game breaking. Word of advice, when you zip it all together for the players to download, it's nice for it to unzip into a single file.

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Futa is supposed to be a biological female who developed or has a dong in addition to still having their taco... 

That  being said, I don't think this is that.

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Question for ya Adrian.
The walkthrough is a little unclear in regards to the "Chloe's bitch" criteria. I can't talk to her about working for her. I started a new game thinking it had to do with working for Trevor, so this time I'm not working for Trevor and just making my money off of the Memory Game after I took 150 for the adjustable wrench.

However even this is proving to be an issue.

I'm just hunting for that sissy content or at least the start of that path, I had all my hopes pinned on the Aunt or Monique figuring it was a practical certainty what with all the blackmailing going on, I just really figured it was a way for them to get back at you... Which, on a sidenote, would be a pretty cool path NOT resulting in you getting kicked out of Aunties home, because you're her special little bitch..? Wishful thinking I suppose... However, if that's not the case, it seems like one hell of a missed opportunity.

Anyways, what am I missing with Chloe? I've been boinked by her like 5 times now and have had 4 BJs from her but still no change in dialogue options or prompts.

Also, the getting caught after panties in the hamper isn't working,  even if you go on that girls specified day it's still just that usual fantasy that the MC has.

I kinda feel like today is the day.

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Then I shall add this game to my collection of best in class from around the globe. Hopefully you gain a few more players because of it.