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Silky Layla

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I Strongly encourage you to play test your game right now. There are quite a few things that are amiss with the "fresh start" and skipping the first week.

I suspect you are true to your name.

On you have this game marked with a "Sissy" in the tags, why is that?

Yo, Kex... I'm pretty sure this is your game (Hen Party), that this person is uploading here on itch...
I'll just leave this here for you.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is in fact true.

Oh yeah, it's dead alright!

Subscribestar please? You must allow me to throw money at you by way of appreciation for all that you have created and have helped create.

Yes that patch seems to have fixed it.

Now if you can only do something for the translation issues. Many of the sentences need editing and full revision.

oh good, I thought it was something with the game engine, and my computer. I will be sure to fire this up asap.

I've been pretty excited for this one. Can't wait to see what's new.

I keep getting...
"Range Error"
"Maximum call stack reached"
Right when the admin dude wants to take us to the hotel after talking with our mother.

How can I fix this?

Every time I see this game I think of this song...

Keep up the good work.

The game looks amazing, shame you are using Patreon. Any chance of getting a Subscribestar as well at the very least?

Any kind of crossdressing or sissy play in this at all of any kind?

This is what we refer to as, a "Milker." I've reported this creator half a dozen times, Itch don't care.

Wants to be called "Daddy" and "Master" and yet they play tons of porn games. You're adorable.

So good!

Well, i did not do either of those things, additionally I came to that conclusion because the game specifically requires 4.7.1.

Ya know, the more you reply to what I'm posting, the sketchier this whole thing is starting to feel. From the Nature of how the game gets installed and boots up, to the other additional steps.

I've posted what I needed to post, good luck.

When you click new game, the game errors into a crash.

.NET Framework 4.7.1 is from 2017, the current .NET Framework is "4.8" which most people have to run current games and other things. 

The issue is those of us with "Current" .NET Framework can't downgrade to an older version, nor play the game as is, as you can see below.

(2 edits)

This is using an older (out of date) version of .NET framework, and thus will not run properly or at all on systems with up-to-date .NET framework.

This issue lies in the program itself. Are you able to fix this issue?

No just way underage.

I've always wanted to try this game, but I can never get it to launch. Windows user btw... I've had a lot of friends who said it was really good.

I envy you because it's very evident to me that you have an very distinct and elaborate vision for this game. That you have a powerful determination... and I can tell that there is a lot of world building you are looking forward to doing in the creation of this game, but are disciplined enough to understand and know what you have to do first in order to get to the fun stuff of creating. 

Honestly the journey you are on creating this game has got to be an incredible one filled with very hard lows and doldrums balanced by amazing feats and accomplishments when you get it right after so much hard work. 

You are not the type to burn out... You take it as a challenge don't you?

I'm with cosmic, a route of females would be a good addition.

or if you prefer her instead...

Great outfit inspiration as well, btw.
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Here is a present for you as well... just in case you are thirsty for some milk...  :DMommyDom desires her sissy baby

"This is your new room, as you can see, it will be very comfortable for you!"
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As always, I love you Davie. Should you ask it of me, I will have your babies, and should you desire it, I will rear these children to rule the world.  :P

Don't listen to him Nick, he's just trolling us. There is plenty of tech support sites to help you down load more ram and make your computer faster, most of which will even do it for free.

something in perhaps silky pastels?

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Any chance of getting a REALLY over the top hyper feminine frilly sissy outfit for Femboy Sparkle? Specifically one that his/her harem surprise-dresses Sparkle up in and makes them wear it?

If your game is running slow than you need more ram, easiest way to fix that is to get more, that is why I suggest to you, that you go try and download more ram.

Have you tried downloading more ram?

First question:
Can you snoop in any of the milf's drawers and play in their underwear?

Second Question:
Any sissification play in the game?

Is there any sissification content in this game or anything remotely close to it?

(1 edit)

Throw in some sissification play and abdl play and I'd say you have a real winner. I would also edit out the type of school the MC is in since it doesn't match up well with him being "18" and all. 
As an example, just say "School" and leave out other details related to the type of school. Just a thought. I know how it can be when writing and you are wondering about one thing while typing another thing and then what you were wondering about is what you ended up typing without even thinking, ya know?

Anyways. Good luck with this.

Really loved "Second Base" even though it was lacking a lot of submissive kink play for male MC.
This game looks interesting. Any plans for Sissification/Forced-Feminization in it?