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Incontinent Cell

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Move your game somewhere else. Special characters in folder's name seem to break unity.

That's what happens when you lie to the priestbot before...

It is not. Set your age on discord. Server is 18+

Go make some yourself 

There is a guide on our discord

Perhaps one day

There's a mod for that on our discord.

I've updated the link with download link to 0.87.11 instead of 0.87.10. There was one game breaking bug in 0.87.10, so you should use the newer one.

There was a bug in 0.87.10 that caused some issues with packages. Try downloading the new update 0.87.11. It fixed that

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That's his name. You can only pick what the bot calls you. Not his name.

When it's done.

It does work. Set your age on discord. You have to be over 18 as the server is nsfw.

One day.

Set your age on discord. Server is nsfw.

Here you go:

When it's ready :)

If you play in the browser your data might be deleted by your browser. That's why there's a button to save your saves to a file in the load menu.

You won't ever need this much ingame. You should probably stop before you get

You weren't meant to earn this much money. The game is still in development and that issue will be addressed in on of the future update

if you went to investigate with the priestbot that's the end for now.


Yes it is rare

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Storage isn't ram. Game needs enough ram to store all its data. While it could be optimized further it runs fine on my 100$ android phone.


  • I don't know anything about programming
  • I think I know a way to optimize the game

Pick one

There is a way to make checkpoints it's called "saving"

Game doesn't have a good ending as of now. It is a sandbox and you can continue playing as long as you want.

The loading time is inversely proportional to your device's speed. In other words don't play on a potato.

Some of those things are planned. Protagonist looks like the "doomer" meme.

Move the game somewhere else

Move the game somewhere else

Dunno. I blame android.


It's not expired. Set your birthdate on discord. It must say you are over 18.


Thanks. The translations are done by volunteers. You can read who did them in the credits.

Set your birthday on discord. You must be over 18

Dunno. It works on mac for some people, but doesn't for others. I don't have a mac, so I'm unable to test it.

It's mostly there to give you more money. The items are unique, but they are reskins of normal items. Different partners give different rewards. The only company giving bot parts is the volksauto.

Pretty sure decent is more than normal.