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It's answered in FAQ:

"missing item" appears if you add a mod and then remove it.  Add all mods you want pass couple of days in game and the items will appear + missing items will disappear.

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Sheep has come. I wrote an official modding guide before that includes more detail. It's for the previous version of the game, but most things are still the same, so it should work.
Check it out here.

That's interesting. We didn't know about it.

Not yet

Depends on the platform, but when you download a new version it will just work.

Link works. Your account must've been banned.


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They appear in shops.

What platform?

Not enough ram!

Not enough ram.

The .mdrg is just the file ending. Inside is text in the json format. That's what I meant by it.

Just open it in a text editor of your choice. If you are on android you might have to change the extension to .txt from .mdrg 

One day maybe if patrons chose it.

She comes if you stream a lot. Try talking to bot more and then you could get away with it. Did you give her a rude name that might make her not talk to you? 

There is one.

Press F that will make game go to fullscreen. Then change resolution in settings.

Visit Annalie and buy more things in her shop 

Yes we are aware of that. It will be fixed.

Will try to add that information there soon.

You need a phone with more ram.

You can't sell it, but there is a way to unlock throwing them out. Try throwing something out then choosing no.

Use "To File" feature. It's gives you unencrypted json file.  Values you want to change are "remainingCum" and "maxCum"

Are you playing in the browser? If so if you use incognito it won't be able to save.

Press F -> change resolution 

Just confirmed it. Because of a bug to access it you need to set your device's time back a couple of days. For example to 29th.

Here are all the requirements:

-Finishing most of the dialogue while visiting clothier solo and buying a lot of clothes

-Met Annalie with bot

-MentalHealth > 20%

-Day above 15

-Bot likes you

-Hour in game 7 to 20

-10 days before or after Halloween in real life

Dialogues are random, so it might not appear on the first click. After this you will get two halloween decorations.(They appear in items->other) Try to put one on and you will get a second dialogue that activates the Halloween event.

Android does delete game's data when you do that 😔

You need to start the Halloween event. For that you need to be pretty far into the game. If Annalie met bot you should be fine. A dialogue called "What's that smell?" should appear.

Get better internet/computer/phone?

Ones that are obviously bad 

Glad you enjoyed it. No need to kiss my ass though.

Middle button while choosing color let's you pick from default presets. There is one called default skin there.

Idk. Install tinder or something. Not gonna give you relationship advice.

Yes. Perhaps yes.

The items will stay after the event.