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A topic by The Haunted PS1 created Mar 24, 2021 Views: 1,686 Replies: 9
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This topic is for comments about the disc, post here to brighten the game devs days!
There is also dedicated topics for Issues and Videos so any issues and videos posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.


i love you all and i'm so proud of you!! everyone did such a great job and i'm so happy ^~^


positively boggled, cant wait to play all games till next year




Noice. Love the new interface.


I'm impressed by every haunted PS1 compilation and this one is no different. 


this was such an amazing compilation. such talent all around!!

i initially wanted to stream my playthroughs but bad internet stopped that, so i put together a twitter thread with screenshots and brief thoughts on each game:


I have really been enjoying myself so far! Thank you so much to all the devs, you're all super talented!!


Great job guys! I really enjoy these games. Keep it up.

This is incredible, we need more stuff like this that replicates the virtual museum style for playing games (For me that would be another Namco Museum game that has this style again like the PS1 games this has recreated so well)