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All versions of Poke Abby are on f95zone

A decent while ago their girlfriend wanted them to stop making this kind of content, claiming they'd never drop off the internet but inevitably did and scrubbed it all from itch and elsewhere, but there's still one site it can be had from

That only applies to the switch version, since here on the easter egg in question is playable on its own in the form of Kiwi 64

This is incredible, we need more stuff like this that replicates the virtual museum style for playing games (For me that would be another Namco Museum game that has this style again like the PS1 games this has recreated so well)

50?, I only found 49

I'm confused as to why I can't get any of the games running, do I need something installed to use them or whatever?

So let me see if I've got this right, Siactro makes references to (but doesn't steal actual assets from) various platformers and what not from the N64 era and your first thought is plagiarism?, I'd hate to see how you'd react to fan games that do actually use legitimate assets ripped from games

I know I've already played through the entire game, but with this new update I think it's absolutely necessary to do it again