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The second secret game has to be added in still, sorry about that!

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It might take a minute to launch.

I don't believe we've changed anything that could break a save.

DS4 as in DS4Windows? Try without if that's the case.


Further payment was disabled with this announcement to help cut down on the amount of keys I'll need to distribute manually.

Whoops! It should be fixed now!

Maybe eventually, right now it's a bit hard to manage as I have no way of debugging issues that appear on that version :c


The game is currently pay what you want, so you're able to play it in it's current form for free if you so desire~

In the options menu in game there is a section called Video, go there and click on "Classic" to change it to "Emulated". That should remove 99% of the effects.

I was just looking into it today, and even though I don't list it on the games page or in game for the controls yet, you should actually be able to control movement/rotation with Arrows Keys just like WASD!

I may look into adding arrow keys as an option for movement as well

Sorry about that issue! I've updated the game to change the hints and be explicitly clear about the colors through text wherever relevant for that puzzle. I hope that helps and makes it playable for you now!

Were you using freeplay mode?

unfortunately no :c

..."and other secrets"

There's more than one?



It is likely that the original "Classic" option will come back as a third graphics option.

Have you tried using the Manual camera mode? It zooms in on the character less often, also try increasing the FOV a bit, that might help as well!

disturbingly charming