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The Haunted PS1

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Both the launcher and several demos have been receiving periodic updates, and the easiest way to receive these is to download the disc via the itch client for automatic updates. If you uninstall your current version of the disc, you will retain your progress.

The error should be patched out in the latest update

It should be fixed in the latest update

We are experiencing issues with agony of a dying mmo currently, we will look into this as soon as possible

He s hwat?!

Hey there, Thanks Soda for answering but this was also already answered in the issues thread so I will be deleting this post in the next while.

You can find your saved data at AppData>LocalLow>The Haunted PS1>HauntedDemoDisc2021


ARGH! We've been Tonied once again!
I can't believe you'd do this as trusted members of the Demo Disc team!!!

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This topic is for issues you encounter in the Demo Disc, and also any questions you have about the disc.
There is also dedicated topics for Comments and Videos so any comments and videos posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the Disc we suggest starting your own topic.

Before you ask any questions here please check it's not already asked and read our FAQ here


Q: Does this run on an actual Playstation 1?

A: No these games are all built on and for modern hardware. The demo disc will be a downloadable game for Windows PC's and not a physical disc. Unfortunately due to the high development and testing requirements of releasing 25 separate executables on windows we also will not be able to release for Mac or Linux.

Q: Will there ever be a Physical Release of Demo Disc 2020 or 2021?

A: No. While we have received a lot of messages over the last year about people enthusiastic to help us do a physical release of the first demo disc, we have thought long and hard about it and decided that no matter what a physical release would involve money which would inherently conflict with the goals of the HPS1 remaining a free community run for the love of low-fi 3D games. However this year we are looking at providing digital materials for dedicated fans to produce their own DIY physical copies. 

Q: Are all of the demos for full games?

A: While we cannot guarantee all of the games will make it to a full release, they are all currently intended to be full releases eventually.

Q: Do all the demos have PS1 inspired graphics and are they all horror games?

A: Not Quite. Despite the name the HPS1 is a community where we try to accept all low-fi and retro art directions. As such not every game has to be 3D or have the particular visual quirks of any specific hardware. In a similar way we do not require the games to have a strict horror theme, instead they can be atmospheric, have a slight unnerving twist or even just feel so of the era that we can't resist loving them and wanting them in the collection.

Q: Was this a game Jam?

A: No, this isn't a game jam, while some of the projects may have been in development for short periods of time, there are also many that are just neat vertical slices of longer term passion projects from members of our community.

Q: Who is involved in the creation of the Demo Disc 2021?

A: There are at least 44 members of our community involved in the production of the disc and the demos they are all credited in the disc itself and as many as possible are credited in this Twitter thread.

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This topic is for posting your videos of and about the Demo Disc!
There is also dedicated topics for Comments and Issues so any issues or comments posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.

We highly encourage you to make videos and love to see what people think of our work so hopefully we can see this topic full of lovely people playing our lovely scary games!

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This topic is for comments about the disc, post here to brighten the game devs days!
There is also dedicated topics for Issues and Videos so any issues and videos posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.

The audio in the launcher should automatically mute when you are active on a different window. Were you tabbed into the Heartworm window?

Glad you enjoyed it! The menu was put together in unity using pre-rendered 3D animations/objects that were constructed in Blender.

-Bryce B

The controller compatibility varies from game to game.

The controller compatibility of each game varies, as they were all developed separately.

Could you give your system specs we'd love to sort out whatever's happening here?

Hey we just added a disclaimer to the page addressing this and a few other common questions.