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Really hope to see these characters again! I love Franky's bi disaster energy ^-^

This is such a cool idea for a game! :D

A horror-themed tycoon game?? Oh this is very much my kind of thing, thank you for this!!!

Just finished Videoverse, and it's easily in my top games of 2023. Thank you for making such a beautiful love letter to online communities <3

Thank you for explaining, I appreciate it! I know this kind of thing happens a lot to indie devs, and I trust that it is safe. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing what this adds to the game's experience!

This occurred when I tried to run the .exe. I am unfamiliar with HEUR/APC programs, and am unsure what to do.

So excited for this!

This looks fantastic!!!

wow this is relatable. I realized I was transmasc through cosplay as well! at first I got the binder and the haircut for the cosplay to be "accurate," but it didn't take long for me to figure out part of the reason I loved the character so dearly was because I wanted to *be* him.

woah, this looks awesome!! I love the art style!!!

I'm really struggling to do anything in this? There's practically no time to take care of my crops before things get dark, and everything is scattered across the island, making it impossible to even get seeds in time.

This sounds awesome! Is there any chance of us getting the scrapped features as DLC if the game sells well enough?

An otome game with Japanese Lolita fashion? I'm in!

I've been hoping for a version of Full Service Shop aimed at transmascs! There's so little NSFW content out there for transmasc folks, so it makes me so happy to see something made for people like me!!

no worries! thank you for being so understanding and quick to respond


for "scary imagery," you might want to specify that it's specifically "distorted faces/imagery." I wasn't expecting that and it was a bit triggering.

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Awesome, thank you! Will be picking up my copy once I have the money, the demo was fantastic!

hi! how long is the game?

it makes me so happy to see another game from you focused on transmasculinity! there isn't a lot of rep for people like me, so it means a lot to see!

Niko reminds me of myself, I can't explain how happy it makes me to see a character like me!!

Thank you so much! I will have to try this out, thanks again!

Struggling with the game, I'm not very good at using WASD controls and it's causing me quite a bit of stress. Any tips?

so, so excited to play this! hoping to pick up the Gold Edition ASAP!!! thank you for this!!!!

HELL YEAH!!!!! I can't wait for this!!!

Any updates on this?

Thank you for the update, I really appreciate it! Hoping to buy the game once it comes out :D

Hi! Any updates on the game?

holy shit! this makes me so happy to hear ^-^ as a transmasc guy, this is one of the few games that's truly made me feel represented. I'd love to get the Super Special Edition when it releases! <3

how do you get the recorder to work? I tried combining items, but nothing happened.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, I hope you are doing alright. It's no inconvenience at all, please take all the time you need. Take care <3

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That's alright, no worries! I'll definitely be getting the DLC bundle once it releases, thank you for the quick response ^-^

Really excited for this! Will the updates and routes be on Steam as well?

This makes me so so happy! There aren't a lot of transmasc games out there, so this brings me a lot of joy ^-^ I love the art style too, very cute!

So excited for this! Will be getting the game for my Switch as soon as possible! :D

Alright, thank you so much!

This looks awesome, I love the style! Are there any content warnings I should be aware of before I play?

This looks awesome! Will definitely be getting it asap, I loved An Outcry's demo in the Haunted PS1 collection. Thank you for making this, I'm excited to play!

Sounds good, thank you so much! I will definitely be checking out its release in September, and thank you again for the quick response!