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really cool!!! hope you're still working on this its rly neat aa ^^

any update on this? would love to explore more of this world!! ;-;

ty foto!!! im excited to jump back in ;-;

rly cute lil game!! i love the style and music sm! the levels have a nice variety to them and the girls are top tier. great job on this team! eek

oh on a sidenote players may encounter issues with slopes in this and be unable to progress if they run at higher than 60hz refresh. (managed to fix by locking the fps to 60 using rivatuner). its a pretty common bug with movement systems usually with unity and godot.

Loved this so much!! The puzzles are very neat and the rhythm sections were fun and a lil challenging at points ^~^ Keep up the great work eek <3


hope you enjoy!! ^~^

THIS GAME SO SCAREY!!! let me just say: great game. i loved it a lot but i literally can't stop shitting my pants. its constantly on flow and everytime i see the peebis i fear for the lack of TP im stockin'

love you a lot chief

i love you all and i'm so proud of you!! everyone did such a great job and i'm so happy ^~^

o fuck yea!!! excited to play ;_; eeep

whoa this looks rly neat!! so excited tbh ;_; aaa

omg i love this so much ;_; if you ever need playtesting/feedback hmu. i love the cube films a lot and this feels so true to the original ;-; eep

Enjoyed this a bunch! Really good selection of music to go with the visuals and I love a lot of these environments a bunch. Very well done ;_; eek

I love this sm. It's so comfy and I love petting the rats ;_; eep. please stay safe and remember it won't always be like this! feel f ree to dm me ;-; ily

omg i love this atmosphere. pls expand on this ;_; eep

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omg yes i love the look of this and im so excited eek ;_; i love everything you do sm!!! do you have a twitter or anything? ;-;

im loving exploring this atm!! ty so much for sharing it lili ^~^ great job

Aaa this is great!! ;_; backed it now!! ty so much for this! 💜

i love this so much!!! it feels very satisfying and the visuals/sounds are so good. such a unique idea. great job!! ^~^

Rly comfy!! I love the atmosphere and feel of this. Wish there was a full game/experience with these controls. ;-; more pls!!! aa

neat lil game, enjoyed it! i like all the lil powers and the ending boy!!! ^~^

neat lil experience!! short but has a good energy. :)


Thanks for the quick update! Gonna try this now. I double checked and the graphics drivers are up-to-date. ^^

I can't seem to progress aa ;__; i rly want to try but the game keeps crashing on the first tutorial battle. I can't flee because they keep catching up. I managed to snag the crash folder contents before they got deleted from temp when the handler crashed. Idk if it's any help but i'll drop it here FallNation Crash Dump

i love this so much, i will trade my soul for the full release ;-;

Rly neat lil experience!! Deffo nailed the whole corny vibe of most real estate ads/commercials and twists it in an interesting way. ^~^ great job corpsepile

Really great list and well written! Wanted to say a big thanks for mentioning the Demo Disc on here. we love u spencer!!!!!!!