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o fuck yea!!! excited to play ;_; eeep

whoa this looks rly neat!! so excited tbh ;_; aaa

omg i love this so much ;_; if you ever need playtesting/feedback hmu. i love the cube films a lot and this feels so true to the original ;-; eep

Enjoyed this a bunch! Really good selection of music to go with the visuals and I love a lot of these environments a bunch. Very well done ;_; eek

yes please!!!! ;-;

I love this sm. It's so comfy and I love petting the rats ;_; eep. please stay safe and remember it won't always be like this! feel f ree to dm me ;-; ily

omg i love this atmosphere. pls expand on this ;_; eep

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omg yes i love the look of this and im so excited eek ;_; i love everything you do sm!!! do you have a twitter or anything? ;-;

im loving exploring this atm!! ty so much for sharing it lili ^~^ great job

Aaa this is great!! ;_; backed it now!! ty so much for this! 💜

i love this so much!!! it feels very satisfying and the visuals/sounds are so good. such a unique idea. great job!! ^~^

Rly comfy!! I love the atmosphere and feel of this. Wish there was a full game/experience with these controls. ;-; more pls!!! aa

neat lil game, enjoyed it! i like all the lil powers and the ending boy!!! ^~^

neat lil experience!! short but has a good energy. :)


Thanks for the quick update! Gonna try this now. I double checked and the graphics drivers are up-to-date. ^^

I can't seem to progress aa ;__; i rly want to try but the game keeps crashing on the first tutorial battle. I can't flee because they keep catching up. I managed to snag the crash folder contents before they got deleted from temp when the handler crashed. Idk if it's any help but i'll drop it here FallNation Crash Dump

i love this so much, i will trade my soul for the full release ;-;

Rly neat lil experience!! Deffo nailed the whole corny vibe of most real estate ads/commercials and twists it in an interesting way. ^~^ great job corpsepile

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ye this was very helpful!! tysm. also my old profile is still in my type dreams folder from a while back. i'll try deleting the _cache.dat and seeing if that works now!! ty for the update! ^^


So I deleted the cache file and it regenerated but crashed with the following error:

After relaunching I tried loading into the profile but it gives me the same error as the one above. Strange.. Looks like I can't get into my old profile at all aaaa

Oh wow, that's a much simpler method than mine. I had no idea aaaa. Also the savedata is still there!!! The only profile I lost was the newly created corrupted one. My old profile is there but not accessible through the bug I mentioned ^^ it's okay tho, imma try the game under a new profile anyways. I've attached a screenshot of my old profile and the .dat files. What do you mean by restoring all but the _cache.dat? do you mean deleting? :o

Really great list and well written! Wanted to say a big thanks for mentioning the Demo Disc on here. we love u spencer!!!!!!!

Corrupted Save Files

One thing I've noticed is that you can't load profiles from a previous build (not a big deal). Posted a screenshot below, I'm guessing this has something to do with the new avatars/profile pics.

Also I've managed to get a bug with the profile screen where selecting a profile immediately crashes, stopping you from progressing down the list. I haven't been able to reproduce this bug yet. It seems to be related to newly created profiles and possibly exiting out of the tutorial or somewhere? Not 100% sure. One thing that can be done to fix it atm is deleting all the files related to the profile in "%USERDATA%\Saved Games\Type Dreams" and then editing the profiles.dat in either Notepad++ or HxD. I've attached files below for reference!

Quick overview: Newer profiles are added to the end with each entry starting with 4 bytes (UID? And 3 NULL's) and ends with a NULL. To remove a profile from the list simply delete the beginning 4 bytes all the way to the NULL (make sure the list ends with a NULL). It will give you a warning about changing file size but in this case it's fine.

great job richard!!! ^~^

Such a great art style. Genuinely one of the most anxiety inducing games ever but in a good way. I'm all for unconventional horror and this deffo has things to say about the hells of working in retail!

i rly like to throw boxes into granny's face 10/10

i love the bony boy!!!!!! very good game

Interesting short lil puzzler! some rly clever puzzles here imo. i'd love to see more! especially liked the ending scene it was rly pretty eeek ;-;

Loving this a lot!! It makes me feel really comfy but it also feels a lil ominous. Makes me really want to explore this world. ^~^ I know it's still in dev but I think you've done a good job capturing the general mood and I'd love to see some more lighting possibly/tweaks and some lil details aa

yES please

A very neat lil experience! It feels like a lot of love was put into this game and it shows, it's surreal and goes much deeper than you'd expect. Give it a shot ^~^

A lovely lil widget! Has some cute features like ambience and music! By default feels clunky and impactful but if you're looking to write seriously you can try out the east type mode in the options and type to your hearts content! I love this so much!! aa 

Yeah! That should help a lot!! The warehouse upgrade is a good idea. And yeah I totally understand and considering its in Beta I wouldn't of expected a fully fledged tutorial at all ^~^ still im rly impressed with everything so far. runs a dream too! phew.

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I love this so far! I've played all I could of the beta and I have some suggestions if you'd like to hear! I think it would be neat if there was a guide/tutorial as some of the mechanics are hard to figure out e.g the upgrade system and needing multiple factories to unlock new slots in the engineering panel. Also I'm not sure if it's a bug but when you get to later stages of coal production you can no longer store any TW's as they are all going directly to the city. Even 1 or 2% is too much at that stage. Another neat feature would be the ability to buy resources automatically through some sort of building and/or upgrade! Like a warehouse/import system. Also maybe the ability to buy resources in bulk e.g. hundreds or thousands at a time as it takes quite a while to buy 2000 coal when it only increments by 10 even when holding it down ;-;

Love what you've done so far! It feels solid and looks nice too. It's just a lil hard to figure out at the beginning atm! Keep up the good work! ^~^

Minnie <3

i love this so mUCH eeek!

(see attached: best rat)