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that's fair. i have only really had this happen when trying to move it and forgetting it is alt+drag. i don't run into issues with it now.

i wouldn't really try to make minimeters this tall, but i did this to illustrate the issue with the stereometer

the main issue i am coming across comes from resizing. as minimeters gets taller, the stereometer gets larger and larger and shrinks the other modules, including the spectral analyzer which can't be resized. when this happens i have to reset settings and reinstate all my changes. the image is what things look like before resizing. the resized comparison will be in the next comment.

good game! very creepy with good sound design and solid low poly work!

2 notes:
- answering the phone when there is no call has the typo "noone" instead of "no one"
- trying to launch the game from the shortcut it looks for "d:\game_builds\securitybooth\windowsnoeditor\securitybooth.exe" but it works fine launching from the exe in the windowsnoeditor folder

this is great! what's the best way to submit bugs/issues?

this was such an amazing compilation. such talent all around!!

i initially wanted to stream my playthroughs but bad internet stopped that, so i put together a twitter thread with screenshots and brief thoughts on each game:

and now the 'agony of a dying mmo' link takes me to

this may just be an issue on my end.

just a note: on the demo disc 2021 page the link for 'agony of a dying mmo' goes to

this is awesome. great job!

thank you for this game as well as your choice of charity

this was great! i got ending 2/2 and will go back to try to see what 1/2 gets me :)

there was even more to this than i expected. really great!!