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What is everyone working on?

A topic by anonyanony created Dec 25, 2015 Views: 689 Replies: 12
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Just thought I'd do a pulse check and see what everyone is working on. Share a image or link to a WIP. Love to see it all! =)


These days, on a sudden bout of inspiration, I've been working on a game tentatively called Deep Down in Darkness:

Deep Down in Darkness: it's alive!

It will be a first-person rogue-lite with minimal environments, with a sprite-scaling engine inspired by Lords of Midnight -- something I wanted to do for a long time. The engine, I mean, not the game. The latter was chosen so I could make a game based on new tech (to me) without getting overwhelmed (for the first level, I already had the art!) especially that the UI is also a first for me. Yay for something that actually works on mobile. And hey, once I have this down, a more ambitious game along the same lines is only a matter of time.

Cleaning up my Ludum Dare game into something more presentable, hoping to get it out within 2-3 weeks.



still doing lots of work on Joylancer!


we're getting ready for our big release this upcoming January, so we're in the process of cleaning everything up, while i'm designing more bosses on the side to put in the main campaign. i'm very excited with how things have been going!

i'm also writing lots and lots of design documents lately, getting ready for the next projects we're gonna jump on after. aside from that, i'm mostly just doing music stuff hehe.

YAY, so glad to hear.


I'm finishing up production on Tiny Swords! I began it as a print-n-play game on, but with the Kickstarter money I'm actually turning it into a physical game! Below is a mock-up of the near-final box I'm getting made.


This is so cool! Should link to the game. ;)

Thanks! The old Beta version is still online, but the rules and card art are much improved in the final game. You can check out what the final game looks like on the Kickstarter page over here! I'll have the print and play version of that ready... sometime in the near future.


Changing and adding stuff to my Ludum dare rogue-like: Nine till Void. Redoing controls, fixing bugs, adding new items, a highscore table, a tutorial, etc. I'm really happy with how it's coming and it should be done soon.

I am working on an outdoor survival game using Game Maker Studio. Working on the inventory lately and some game mechanics. Still alot of UI stuff to do yet.


I'm making ReOPAF, a game where you fight players by creating bullet hell.

The name's a bit weird because it's actually a sequel/reboot to an old game jam title of mine called OPAF, which stood for Overpowered as F*ck. So now the sequel is called ReOPAF- Really Overpowered as F*ck.

The game is a free to play thing I'm working on and posting new builds weekly. Right now I'm mostly done with implementing real menu UI's and after that I'll probably make more attacks for the game or add some features.

Bringing my first LD up to initial release