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How do I get followers??

A topic by fire_soldier888 created Dec 21, 2020 Views: 1,681 Replies: 7
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I have 7 games on and i want more people to play my games and follow me, right now i have 4 followers.

can someone give me a tip in this subject

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We actually have a guide dedicated to why you should want followers and tips on how to get them. Check it out here:

Also, please don’t use a topic like this to promote your own account, I’ve removed the link from your post.

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Interact more with other people, how else? Do you play their games? Leave comments? Do you reply to topics in the community? That's how you make people 1) realize you exist and 2) care enough to go check out your games, then hopefully interact with them.

I'd recommend probably browsing in the "collaborating"-sections, in case you'd offer coding/translation/animating/storylines or just planning to review someone's games e.g. as playing it / streaming live and sharing your opinion in "let's plays".

Give 100% off on your games, type to follow in the description and comments like in youtube, share with friends and family and join discord servers of game devs or game dev youtubers and there will be a section to promote yourself.


I don't like games being 100% off. Might as well make them free then.

Not permanently, for some time. Human mindset are most of the time behind offers, thats how I got  this much views and some followers. I have followed you :)

growing big on itchio by itself is not a great idea cause itchio is more like of a store than a social media

if you really wanna advertise your games and for people to play them more i recomend growing on social media like twitter, its a great place for indies and socializing in indie communities like indie hive indie world order and indie lover

i have 1.180 followers on twitter and only 40 on itchio

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