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The game is so awesome

PROS : Arststyle
           : Story 
           : Particle 
           : Music |
           : Ambience
CONS : Too hard 
            : UFO looks weird

So, Hi
The rules have been updated so that : Now you can upload a game you have started making some days ago

Thank you, I would be real happy to credit you (should I credit as : muratcansz)
Also, there is no problem in your english :D

Hi, the models are so COOL, I love it as do my level designer friend...
Can I use it for a game that is 'Free or Donate' ?
Crediting will be of course given :)
if earned, I will donate for this asset also...
Thank you, for helping us and other too :D
Keep up the great work

Yeah, you guessed it nearly correct, it has many reasons player backstory, place being cold, the name feels COOL :D

Hi, Thank you so much :D
Also, it is not a typo, COLDHEART is the game name, but the games takes place in a Fictional town called Coldarth.
Thank you, I will make it more clear :)

I have downloaded, will play :D

The graphics cool, my young bro like these types of games :D

yeah thanks :D My father is managing it. I just asked if I could directly get to my account, due to my cousins' fear of Scam / Fraud. I know itch policies and all. Thank you 

No, I have an adult operating it.

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yeah thanks, I have uploaded it some days ago :D
also, sorry I am not good in German. But I have studied German for 3 years :D
If you want, then I can help, but better if you take someone better :)

so, the game in in Unity or UE ?

thank you. This might help me out :)

yeah that's a point, I though of collecting for 1 year for future projects and PC upgrade etc. I will look into it, Thank you :D

Stripe ain't available. Payoneer also age limit. This is BAD :(
I can't wait 4 more years for this

Hi, I am under 18 and has received payment. I don't have paypal and can't create one till 18. So what should I do ? Stripe ?

Hi, thanks for checking out. The game is FREE for permanent. Also, the game is not available in Steam, just over here in 
Hope this helps :)

eMerald Games HQ will be able to make a 3D Cory game, but needs to have a business chat. eMerald Games North Division might be able to make a 2D version. Anyway both aren't ready at the time. HQ is having exams and North Division is still Learning 2D engines.
I will delete this comment after you read this.
Please join Discord, we can talk bout this over there, in SECRET

ah ok :)

thanks :D

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this is great, but it is tedious to download these much times :(
in future, can you make em all together as a RAR :)

BTW, cover art is great, the shadow and depth attracted me

You did all this in paint ?

dude, you were the inspiration for eMerald Comics :D
Thanks to you 

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it's long talk and it is also good for The Sodium Studio, as you are a game dev and if above 12 and is aware of internet safety, You don't wanna missout discord, it's easy to setup. I thought it was hard at first, but was a piece of cake :D

dude, please DM me in Discord, professional talk.
For ease of access : my server link is in my itch profile 

can anyone say how to upload as a web game from Ren'Py ?
Thank you :D

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v3 had been released : minimap, bug fix, easier monsters :)

Love this game, played in browser, now downloading :D
I recommend playing Gravity Swap, a different experience.
Thanks to Ellis James for this great game :D

Thank you very much for your Feedback :D

Feb 6 2021, that is tomorrow :D


Merci beaucoup

I used G translate, I ain't French :D

also, arekku, I have done all things mentioned in the docs, then used compact GUI to reduce size, but it was not very effective in COLDHEART. I spent hours for this. But this was the final result.

PS : The project size is 69GB

thank you for the feedback :D

This was the first game I started to make.

When I started, I was just starting 13's


hi arekku, itch has increased my upload size limit so I could upload directly, today onwards and I have done it :D

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this is my game, an open world action medieval game my by a 13 year old, SOLO, with 0 dev cost, but tbh, it's great :D

what happened ? it doesn't work ? please use browser :D