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As a YouTuber and Blogger, How Can I Support Your Games?

A topic by PixLiz created Oct 07, 2020 Views: 1,172 Replies: 35
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**Do not post games to this thread.**


I'm PixLiz also known as pixlizgamer. My goal is to share quality, free pixel art games and demos from Itch.Io. In doing so, I hope to connect gamers with games and their developers. 

I'm a new channel. Planning to make Let's Plays and Reviews. But, I know that more can be done to help game devs and their games.

Are there resources I can make for developers, like a blog post depicting the criteria I used while searching through itchio pages? Or, are there specific things you'd want included in videos and blogs? Is there something you want included in the comments of the page?

Edit: I'll be watching this thread. So, if you post, I'll read it. :)

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I do not publish any games on, but I’ve seen a video or two on the YouTubes… here are some of my thoughts on the matter:

  • A link to the respective store page in the description (as well as the name of the developer) would be a good first step.
  • If you’re including multiple games per video having the title of a game displayed within the video itself would be incredibly helpful. Some YouTubers only say the name of a game, which has multiple potential issues: The YouTuber might have a clear pronunciation, listeners might not get what that name would look like when spelled out (maybe due to language barriers), YouTubers might leave out the developers - always fun when there are multiple games with the same name…
  • Nobody expects you to brand you channel, but if you got a game on itch, you should mention it, so your viewers don’t search Steam or GOG for a game that doesn’t exist there.
  • This will be kind of a big ask, but: Consider staying honest when you have a critique. I have seen too many videos where glaring issues where glossed over because “I’m sure they’ll fix it in the future.” - and trying to hide their disappointment while not doing a good job of it. This helps nobody. Saying “I’m sure they’ll fix it in the future.” is fine, but if you think something is an issue, don’t act as if there isn’t an issue at this point in time.

I also have some general advice:

  • Since you didn’t link it, I have not gone hunting for your channel, but: Always invest in a good microphone situation! Even if you take nothing else away from this, buy a microphone, a pop filter of sorts and an arm to mount them on. Human ears are way easier to upset than their eyes. This is one of the big things that keeps certain channels from growing. (The other one being YouTube itself.)
  • Don’t pick red as a team color on streams - it blurs more.
  • The terms Family Friendly and for Kids are two very different things that get thrown together by stupid people. Make sure to point out the difference every once in a while if you happen to make “Family Friendly” content.
  • YouTube makes everything you upload darker. There is better advice available, but you can record on slightly brighter settings as a hotfix.
  • YouTube is broken - and has been for a rather long time. If you notice a new video hoster cropping up, try to make time to upload your videos there as well and tell your followers about this both in your videos as well as on Twitter. You never know when YouTube might finally collapse in on itself. Google is not a company known for caring.

And that is all I can think of off the top of my head. Best of luck. :)

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Thank you for your insightful response, Wechenbetelly. I'm taking notes.

I didn't link my channel because the channel is so new I don't have anything up yet. I'm in the process of planning out my content before posting anything. I want to produce the highest quality videos and blog posts I can. However, I do have my website setup at 

I did have a test lets play channel for a while so I could figure out things before launching my official channel. Like, what kind of software to use, equipment and my capabilities. I now have a recording studio setup with sound dampening foam and a couple of different microphones. On my site I listed the Snowball, but I also have a phantom powered mic that I'll probably be using for most of my work.

Sounds delightful. :)


You've probably already considered this, but I think demos and completed games should have different rating criteria. A demo should be expected to have some bugs or flaws while a finished game should be polished throughout.

It might be good advice to play the game a little before making a video of it. On the one hand, the viewer won't be able to see or hear your very first reaction, but on the other hand, I've seen some YouTubers fumble around the game/interface not knowing what to do which results in a lot of silence or assumptions. This can inadvertently reflect poorly on the developer when (sometimes) all that is needed is just a little more time getting familiarized with the game. If you play a little ahead of time I think it can give you better commentary for the actual video.


Thanks for the advice 40wattstudio.

You're right, demos and completed games should be rated differently. Although, I'm going to make sure that my let's plays and reviews of games are two separate videos. One geared for entertainment with special effects thrown in (like graphics etc). The other is more educational or discussion oriented.

I'm not really sure if I want to use a rating system like 9/10. It's limiting and sometimes difficult to use with unique indie games. I'm considering making review videos more about constructive criticism or critical analysis as appropriate. This is partly because I want to specialize in demos and free games. Partly because I don't like the classic "blank/10" scoring system. 

What would be a better style of review commentary for indie games, demos and free games? That's fair?

I'd like to comment about what I felt worked and didn't work in the game. But, I don't want the negatives to discourage people from playing the game. (In the case that there were a lot of bugs, I'd probably choose not to upload the video and instead contact the developer.)

I'll also make a note to edit or replay sections as appropriate for Let's Plays.


Ditching the numerical rating system is a great idea since actual commentary and feedback is ultimately more valuable.

In terms of review style, if you're aiming for a more positive atmosphere than maybe use "Likes and Suggestions" instead of "Pros and Cons" or "Likes and Dislikes".

If you're able to compare the game to other indie and/or AAA games that could be helpful too. Like, "This game is like a mix of Undertale and Halo." The potential player will have a better idea of what to expect and it can help the developer in formulating their elevator pitch.

Thanks for your input. 

I think the "Likes and Suggestions" may be a good fit. It allows room for constructive criticism while still keeping the positive atmosphere I'm looking for.

When I can, I'll try to compare to other games. Point out the specific similarities I notice such as art style or mechanics.


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Thanks for your response! :D 

That's good to know. I wasn't sure if game devs actually subscribed or just watched the videos for feedback.

If I play your game I'll be sure to comment on the Itch.Io page of the game with the video link. 


I think it's important to find your niche. If you put out a post saying something like "I want to play your games", you're going to get bombarded, and most of the people, you'll never hear from again even if you do play their games.

I've checked out your website and it seems like you're trying to do a lot. If you can do that then cool, but I think a lot of what you'll end up doing is filtering, so you don't end up constantly streaming minimal effort platformers, or whatever. I'd always suggest finding the games that interest you first and foremost, and just chatting to the devs a bit beforehand in general. The streamers I get on with are those who take an interest in my games, and who I like as people, and often this forms good lasting relationships which help both sides.

I notice you're into pixel and retro games, so mine probably wouldn't be a good fit for you (I do visual novel style adventures), but there will be plenty of devs who are. So, yeah, first of all, I'd concentrate on finding the games and devs you like and are comfortable with, and then you'll have a much clearer idea of what works and what doesn't. A lot of planning's good to do, but you might find your channel naturally finds a different form to what you anticipate.


Thanks for the reply. And it's good to think about the niche I'd like to do.

I've been compiling a list of games that I think are high quality, free and usually use pixel art. I listed about 117 games and demos so far and now I'm going through the process of narrowing the list down to the most polished works. May end up going out to find more games after that depending on how the list looks when I'm done.

I think you're right about reaching out to game devs before making the videos and streams. I'll add that as a preliminary step.

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As a new developer, I'd like to reinforce what a couple people here have already stated: the value of good feedback. Good feedback is really really hard to find (at least for me at this stage in my development). As an example: I have several small projects on my itch page, and a few works in progress that I'm always working on. In total, between all of my projects I've had 364 browser plays - not bad for a newbie, right? And a little less than half that of downloads. And yet, excluding my game jam entries, I've had 1 rating, and only 2 persons give feedbacks.If you include game jam entries, I could add a few more... still,  less than 2%. A few weeks ago I found out that one of my projects was bugged and unplayable via browser - I quickly fixed it, but it was on itch for over a month and had numerous people play... no one bothered to tell me it was broken :(

It's one thing to say "I like it" or "it's fun", or on the flip side "I don't like it" or "it isn't my type of game" - but this isn't really valuable. If you can add a little extra detail, it makes a huge difference. Such as "I like this because..." or "This felt unnatural to me because..." or even "It was okay, but it I'd like it much better if you did..."

This way the developer can keep the game going in a good direction, or possibly change gears if something isn't working. I don't think we have any telepaths here. How can you expect a developer to make a good game if the developer doesn't know what you want? If it happens, it seems almost a small miracle.

In closing, you or anyone else is more than welcome to review anything I've made. I make no promise that any of it's any good, but if you use it in a video drop me a line, make a comment on one of my posts somewhere, etc, so I can see what you think about it. I'm not hard to find with a little effort. If you leave me valuable feedback (note I said valuable, not positive or negative) I'll surely give you a like. If you provide me with consistently valuable feedback, I'll joyfully subscribe.


Thanks for the  response.

It's good to know how game devs feel about feedback. I'm thinking about doing a review type for games and demos called "Likes and Suggestions" (as posted earlier in the thread discussion). I'm hoping to give productive, specific feedback without being negative like "pros and cons" can be.

However, as I learned from a previous response by Krunchy Fried Games, I'll probably ask the game dev if I can make videos of their games and what kind of videos I can make. And if they want a review of their game or full lets play etc. 

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Don't know if your still reading replies from this post, but I would suggest ignoring big games and or already popular games, and focus on the small community. You never know if there is a small game developer out there that's currently making a really nice game but is struggling to get attention.


Thanks for the post. :D I'll be keeping my eye on this thread for more ideas by other game devs.

Man, I had no idea how many great games and demos were being made until I really started hunting for these games. Some have amazing, unique, fun game mechanics. Others are absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to finding more games. :)

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Hi It would be a good idea to show off  there games talk about the pros and cons what should be improved and things like that leave a review or post the link to the game.

Also discussing in detail these pros and cons could be a big help

If you don't mind check out my game it is my first game

Thank you for replying.

Asteroid Dodger looks like a cute game. Something that makes the images stand out from other games I've perused is the use of light surrounding the playable character and dangerous objects. 

I also see that you submitted it to the Spooky "Revival" Jam. I'd be curious to see what the others think of the lighting effects during the discord portion of the event.

thankyou for your feedback on my game I really appreciate you checking it out!

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I can see what you think about it. I'm not hard to find with a little effort. If you leave me valuable feedback  I'll surely give you a like omegle tv


 Thank you for your reply.

But, I don't see how this helps to answer my question.

I'm looking to see if there's any kind of specific content developers are looking for that would help them. Or, if there are any kinds of techniques or specific practices I should take into account when making videos.

For instance, someone responded that it would be helpful to display the name of the game in my videos and the name of the creator. 

Although I'd appreciate a like, I don't want to exchange services for likes or watch time. I want to create content that earns those interactions from its consumers.

If you end up finding my content and liking it, please watch the video or skim the blog post all the way to the end. This is one of the things Google really values and rewards its content creators for achieving. 

Hi! If you want to support me can you make a let's play on my games? Now they are in bundle: that can help me a lot, thank you very much in advance!!!

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Hey Mystic echodsassasa,

This thread was made with the intention of helping game developers as a youtuber and blogger. Not for self-promotion. Please, remove this comment. If you wish to contribute ideas to the thread, please do so.

However, if you want to contact Unitech through twitch whisper please private message me on twitch at pixlizgamer and I'll give you the info I have.


Please review the rules for “General Discussion” before posting, especially this:

Advertising links to your discords/twitch/etc. not allowed

here is my game :)

you can help with making a video of the gameplay and giving me feedback!

i will subscribe to your youtube channel


Thank you for replying.

Ousama Plays looks like an interesting game. 

However, I was looking for some advice rather than a game submission. Like, I've had someone post that adding the names of the games and their developers on the video screen would be beneficial for helping gamers find the game.


Thanks for replying, the game is called escape from him, you can always tell the developers where you found the game it will help them focus on that more and get more attention!

Oops! Thanks for the correction and the tip.


No proplem!


For me, I would really appreciate honesty and integrity. If something is bad or good, just give your honest and polite opinion on it. You do however need to be tactful and specific about what exactly the problem areas are. "This game is bad" isn't helpful, "the controls feels clunky/unresponsive" is better as it gives an indication on how to resolve the issue.

This aligns well with you viewers expectactions, they want to know if the game is good or not and they need to be able to trust that what you are saying is the truth.

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Thank you for reading and your feedback. :)

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Hi, I'm Ofihombre. If you want, can you post a blog or gameplay & support my game?
Any of these options would go a long way in development.

Thanks for reading and replying.

The same for me. Until when will you have a complete answer about my project?

Thank you for your inquiry. At the moment, I'm concentrating solely on free pixel art games. Since Randy & Manilla is a mixture of 3-D and pixel art, I won't be making content for the game at this time.

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Ok, since for the day that you have managed to make a publication about my game, let me know.