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Thanks for the awesome footage, and your kind words! We'll keep working to make the game even better :)

Hey, thanks a bunch for sharing this! We're honored to be included, and will continue to work diligently to prove our worth to you guys by making Ephemeral Tale the best it can be! :)

Preview is up! Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey all,
Just wanted to share the exciting release of our debut title, Ephemeral Tale! Ephemeral Tale is a loot-driven dungeon crawler, focusing on unique builds, quirky enemies, and memorable encounters! We decided to release into Early Access so that we could increase the amount of content on a regular schedule, while also ensuring that we're releasing things that the community wants to see!

We're currently priced at $5USD, but this price will raise over time as we add more content and get closer to the finish line. We hope that you'll give us a look, and wish you all the best in your personal endeavors!


Dawdling Dog Team

Yeah, I'll get a preview up tonight for you :)

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Hey all,

This thread will serve as a central hub for changes that I've committed to making/issues I want to address in a transparent manner. With any luck, this will allow me to not only keep track of what the current outstanding issues are, but also allow you as a player to hold me accountable (and know what's currently on my radar).

  1. Flesh out the world and characters more
  2. Deal with resolution discrepancies (mixing resolutions) by changing face sets in main menu to be more scale appropriate [In progress, first sweep 4/7, second sweep 4/14]
  3. Implement a New Game+ mode that is satisfying and impactful [In progress]
  4. Implement Steam Achievements, + an alternative for
  5. Further implement any accessibility changes that we can for those that are differently-abled
  6. To further clarify on the above, currently unhappy w/ how rarity colors appear to certain colorblind combinations
  7. Do an optimization pass to improve performance on low-end machines [In progress]

This list will fluctuate and grow/shrink as time goes on, and development continues. If you're concerned about an issue that isn't listed above, please feel free to make a post about it.

Hey all,

If you run across any issues during your playtime with Ephemeral Tale, please feel free to post them in this thread and see if they've already been addressed or are on the bug watch list. Really, report them in whatever fashion is most convenient for you: Twitter, email, here-- whatever works.

As I am just one guy, I would ask that you have patience in regards to any bugs that you do encounter or come across. Finding, recreating, and solving these bugs is a time consuming process. With that said, here is the "bug watch list":

  • COSMETIC ONLY - Status effects can sometimes show several times in the combat log
  • Game can sometimes crash if it tries to reference a file that doesn’t exist
  • COSMETIC ONLY - Player portrait can sometimes vanish in main menu
  • COSMETIC ONLY - Opening the save menu and then backing out to the main menu can sometimes cause the main menu to open with the save menu’s backdrop
  • COSMETIC ONLY - Save menu can sometimes show party members from other save files [Investigating]
  • Scroll of Power doesn't properly reflect the statistic upgrade given [Fixed in .99]
  • Lucky Scroll doesn't seem to have any impact on drop rates [Investigating]
  • In certain situations, a controller user will get two inputs from a single button press, causing problems for the Options menu and certain consumables
  • Stuttering can occur on map transfer, as well as momentary hangs when entering/exiting menus on lower end machines in certain circumstances

Anything tagged "Cosmetic Only" means that the bug is purely visual, and that no save data/game state/etc has been impacted by these.

Performance related bugs (like the last one on the list) are currently being investigated, with a patch planned for the future. I'm not comfortable committing yet to a time frame on that, as we want to ensure that we do it properly.

You can use the tileset in Asesprite to get the palette, or extract it using the tileset as a source in GIMP.

Hey man, I would be interested to know how you turned off the text softening built into the engine, if you don't mind sharing that info?

Yeah! Makes palette swapping a bit faster :)

Any chance for a palette? :)