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Ephemeral Tale

An inevitable end. An unstoppable beginning. · By Dawdling Dog, ltd.

Updates not posting to itch?

A topic by dinre created Apr 08, 2021 Views: 206 Replies: 2
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It looks like the Steam early access version has been getting the bi-weekly updates, but itch hasn't been updated this year. I got Ephemeral Tale as part of the racial justice bundle, so I don't have a Steam key.

Do I need to buy the game on Steam to get the updates?


Hi dinre,

Sorry about the delay! I've been swamped at work with a new position (still getting my bearings). I've uploaded the most recent build (1.40.x) to itch a few days ago, but have yet to post the actual text related to the Pupdate (the changelog). For 1.40.x, that reads as follows:

Ephemeral Tale 1.40.1 Changelog
Fixed a bug where Butter Knife wasn’t properly interacting with the damage system
Fixed a bug where (under a very specific circumstance) Alchemist’s Trick could be exploited
Fixed a bug where legacy saves wouldn’t have the player turn into a mermaid when coming into the Sunken Summit
Fixed a number of passibility issues inside of the Sunken Summit
Rare enemies are now tougher once the player has reached the Realm of Shadows

I do see it now. Thanks so much!

For the record, I enjoy the game enough that if I need to purchase it on Steam for the updates, I will.