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Just beat the game!

In retrospect, this was a lot of fun! It took about 20 hours to beat and track down the hidden clues. I'm still not sure what to do with the "help me" creepy whisper. That last boss was pretty difficult with the one-hit kill.

Good job, CG!

Oh, well. I guess I'll just do with one slot less.

I found the dude, finally. Thanks!

If anyone can help, I somehow got two copies of the mystery novel, and I can't get rid of the second one.

And where is the dude who wanted these bird mushrooms? I can't seem to find him again.

If you can't tell, I'm really enjoying the game!

Ah. That helps!

I'm finding that I seem to go about things in the "wrong" order, and that sometimes gets me irrevocably stuck. Mostly, this seems to happen when I see the obvious path and think, "but maybe there's a secret over here..." Then, I end up finding what seems like an unintended path and having no way to get back. Save often, people! :)

This is a fun little game. Great work!

My inventory is full of special items that have no apparent use. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

This is a solid little idle game, made great by thoughtful writing. Well done!

Kato el Gato is really excellent.

I do see it now. Thanks so much!

For the record, I enjoy the game enough that if I need to purchase it on Steam for the updates, I will.

It looks like the Steam early access version has been getting the bi-weekly updates, but itch hasn't been updated this year. I got Ephemeral Tale as part of the racial justice bundle, so I don't have a Steam key.

Do I need to buy the game on Steam to get the updates?


I agree with others: custom words would be perfect!

I would love to add department-specific language that isn't understood by others or overused company buzzwords, so I could have a visible reminder whenever I unconsciously use them. That would make this into a useful tool just as much as a game.

Not exactly technical bug but a small user experience glitch:

Clicking the "Restart" button takes you back to the page where you have to click "Start" again. If the behavior is purposeful, you may want to rename the button to "Return to menu". Otherwise, a "Restart" action will probably better match user expectations if it immediately restarts the gameplay.

Neat little game you have here, Timothi!

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Hey, this is an interesting little game! I can't seem to figure out what's going on, but strangely enough, that hasn't seemed to matter. Like Cregina above, it didn't take too many attempts to get the S rating.

Let me tell you why coherent gameplay didn't matter for me today: It's been a long couple of weeks for me. I popped onto just wondering what I might see today, and I found a launch giveaway for ATOMICA. I always like to try games and give a bit of feedback to the developer, so I dived in. My 4yo son sat on my lap as I did a little playtest, and we were both just chilling to the music, randomly hitting buttons and just chatting back and forth. "You got a B this time!" says my son. He's been struggling to learn his letters recently, and that just made me smile! Games that can be played without a lot of strategy or dexterity are things we can do together. Cube and Star has been a recent favorite, and I think ATOMICA may be on the playlist for a little while, too. Thanks for the good moment, Timothi!