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[Feedback] Tell me about your Atomic experience! Sticky

A topic by Timothi Ellim created Sep 08, 2017 Views: 1,266 Replies: 13
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For all those who have played a game of ATOMICA, please post your stories/experiences here! Would love to hear how you felt while playing, why you played it, and what you would like to see in future versions.

Took me about fifteen shots to get the S rank and when I did I passed the threshold by 4000 points? I was expecting to have just barely gotten above it after that many failed tries.I enjoyed the music and watching the gameplay was calming. I'm wondering if there's a way to distinguish the two thumpers, since I turned the camera much less than I would have since I didn't want to lose track of which thumper was which. All in all though I enjoyed playing this game.


Oh wow! Thank you so much for posting this Cregina! I'll add your name to the page. For the prizes, please send me a message at to claim the steam key. (Can't post it publicly here and doesn't have a message system yet) 

Sent a message, account named Jenifer

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Hey, this is an interesting little game! I can't seem to figure out what's going on, but strangely enough, that hasn't seemed to matter. Like Cregina above, it didn't take too many attempts to get the S rating.

Let me tell you why coherent gameplay didn't matter for me today: It's been a long couple of weeks for me. I popped onto just wondering what I might see today, and I found a launch giveaway for ATOMICA. I always like to try games and give a bit of feedback to the developer, so I dived in. My 4yo son sat on my lap as I did a little playtest, and we were both just chilling to the music, randomly hitting buttons and just chatting back and forth. "You got a B this time!" says my son. He's been struggling to learn his letters recently, and that just made me smile! Games that can be played without a lot of strategy or dexterity are things we can do together. Cube and Star has been a recent favorite, and I think ATOMICA may be on the playlist for a little while, too. Thanks for the good moment, Timothi!


Hi dinre, 

Thank you so much for posting about your experience! That little bit about your son really warmed my heart and made my day. You also helped pull me out of a creative burnout too. 

I do apologize for the incoherent gameplay. Much of my daily work centers around making other games coherent (usability wise) and it's an irony that the experiences I create in my free time constantly buck that trend. Many a times, I feel like my brain goes "I spend so much time making games work for others, I think its time I make something that just is...whatever it is".

Over time, I do hope to develop the game more so that it explains itself better. I'm so glad you chose to play ATOMICA! 


This Game is so hard pls help

best score=B HELP


Hi Yeeeee, 

Thank you so much for downloading and playing Atomica! I understand your pain. As a developer, I should have been able to reach max score but really, it took me forever to get to that S Rank (37 tries actually, I counted each one). I had a friend who played it twice and got an S just like that. This is to me reflective on the struggle of life and though this may be a game,  it is a game that doesn't have a discernible system to break as it is quite random, paralleling life's own mysterious  system.

That said, there are strategies that can be employ to get a higher score. Something that is not yet highlighted in the game is the fact that at 10% Atomic Integrity (your health) or lower, the score is now basically double per hit - which means each time the ball hit a purple box, your score increases by 200. Knowing this, a possible but risky strategy is to bunch up the purple boxes with [space] (activating the gravity well] when Atomic Integrity is low. Doing this will allow for a final "burst" of score when the ball hits the core for that knockout punch.

OMG, my boss suddenly came to my desk when I am playing the game!!!!!!! >0<

I send my result later.........

If my boss didn't suddenly come to my desk, I think I will get S. I will upload another pictures and stories about this game if I can get S grade.


Hi dangomountain! 

Thank you so much for posting your score! I've had my fair share of higher-ups walking in on me too. Wish you all the best and can't wait to see an S score soon :D 


Took a bit, but got to S. This is a phenomenal game, appealing graphics, nice music, it does make for a good game if you want to waste some time :P. I tell you what though, when you spawn in and you get that yellow ball flinging around the atom at light-speed, you don't last very long.

Anyways, have a small S class high score:


Hi Lukz,

Thank you so much for posting your score! I've added it to the leaderboard on the page. Really glad you like the game and it's true that the game ends super fast once the yellow ball reaches maximum speed. 


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(・∀・)Ok, it looks like I got a quite high mark in this game. Now, let me talk a story about me with this game.

As you know, my boss suddenly came near my desk when I was playing this game during the work. Basically, it is never happened before even I always play games at office. However, this game can let me have this "first experience".

I could tell you that I heard this game  from the Reddit. The forum member said that there was a giveaway for this game. Since I am a fans for collecting the free games in different giveaways (I got 10 snake revenge in my collection), this attracted me to click the giveaway link. Firstly, this game gave me the feeling that how come its title is so similar the new game "ATOMEGA". I am sorry to say that I had thought this game was another kinds of parody game of some famous or AAA game. Then, this game was really far from my imagination.

In my point of view, this game was a pinned ball type game. Z and X button are similar to the flappers and  Space is used for shaking function. And of course, the central black-hole is the pole position. However, this games really have a new thought that pinball typed game can have a 3D playing method. Unlike the traditional 2D pinball machine, this game really tested our 3D imagination.  We need to use the mouse to imagine how this ball will move, where this ball will move to, when this ball will move to the black-hole. Unlike traditional shaking in other pinball games will make you have random movement, the space here is the gravity, which is directional and predictable. In fact, I often use this space function to get the high mark.

Since this game is really challenging, I forgot to notice my boss was coming and got caught by him. Fortunately, he forgive me and  also let me know that he always play game in office too. This game really gave me a unforgettable experience. Keep going and waiting for your next game!!  (≧∇≦)/ ハハハ

 (P.S. I may have lots of grammar mistake as I am not good at English. Sorry for inconvenience.)